Best Site to Stream TV Series Online is one of the best free sites to stream Movies and TV series online.

If you were wondering, "is there a website to watch tv shows for free?"

Then good thing you stumbled on this post!, also accessible with the URLs,,, now redirects to, but it is one and the same site.

On this site, you can watch popular TV Shows such as thewatchseries Game of Thrones, The Flash, Riverdale, Grey's Anatomy, and 13 reasons why just by streaming online.

Each of these TV series is frequently updated with new episodes as they are released, thereby providing you with freshly updated content to keep you entertained.

With entertainment, comes a less boring day where you now rely on your internet speed to determine how fast and stable your connections will be to keep you tuned to the streaming site.


If you're tired of visiting the same sites for Movies and TV shows, ones that give a bad user experience by bombarding you with lots of  Advertisements before you even get to watch your first video, or you want free TV shows online full episodes without downloading,

Then you should try

Not only do you get to watch the latest TV shows online, you can do it more conveniently and download TV series in HD quality when you Install thewatchseries Chrome extension called MediaTabTV Search to your web browser.

This makes it easier for you access to this site's features, stream movies online and download them.

Not limited to these, other web features that make it the first site you should go to Stream and download movies for free are outlined in this post.

But before then,

What are TV series?

A Television Series or Television shows consists of segments of a film with a different storyline that is still related to the movie.

Look at it as chapters in a book where each chapter focuses on a different event that will ultimately lead to a full story and the end of the book.

Instead of Chapters in the case of books, you get episodes in TV Series.

Each episode carries a different idea but one that is still inline with the story, and it might feature some new characters.


A collection of episodes make up a Season of that TV Show.

Depending on the TV Series, a Season can contain  5 to about 20 episodes, each of almost the same duration.

Examples of popular TV Series/Shows in 2018 include Shameless USA, Star Trek, Arrow, Vikings, Altered Carbon, Peaky Blinders etc. each of which can be streamed and downloaded from thewatch series.

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Site Features of Thewatchseries

Here are some features you stand to enjoy by accessing this site:

  • Registration of an Account

You can join by registering an account.

Although registration is not compulsory before you can watch and download thewatchseries new releases and Shows, it gives you access to more site features.

These include the ability to save your favorite TV series to your WatchList and bookmark your unwatched episodes.

  • TV Shows Genre

TV Shows Genre on this site includes Animation, War,  Japanese, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Action, Science Fiction, Sport, Thriller, Crime, Family, History and many more.

This makes your chances of finding a TV series in your favorite Genre of movies very high, thanks to the large collection of videos on this free movie website.

  • Popular TV Shows and Episodes

dwatchseries homepage categorizes its TV series into tabs such as Popular TV shows, latest popular episodes, newest episodes added, and TV schedule.

This allows you to know the most interesting TV series to watch because a TV series in either of these Tabs is a trending one with several reasons for its popularity.

Currently, these are the popular TV shows on the

  • Mary Kills People
  • Super Natural
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • Britannia
  • Nashville
  • Impractical Jokers,  
  • RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race.

Now all you need is free time to watch these movies, as new releases list has got you covered! website

How to Watch Most Popular TV Series on

To watch and download popular TV Shows on thewatchseries, follow the steps below.

  • First, access the site by visiting
  • Register an account (Not mandatory, but having an account on the site allows you to bookmark your favorite TV Series to watch them later)

  • Download MediaTabTV Search extension from Google Chrome Store, then install it on your web browser. This search engine allows you to stream videos which without you won't be able to
  • Next, search for any TV series you want to watch or scan through popular TV series on the homepage to begin live streaming or download in HD video format.

Note: After Installing MediaTabTV Search extension, keep in mind that this Chrome plugin will control your searches where Yahoo is used as the default search engine.

To disable MediaTabTV Search Engine on Chrome,

  • Click on the 'Customise and Control Chrome' Button
  • Scroll down to 'Settings'
  • Navigate to the section 'Search Engine'
  • Finally, click on 'Disable'

You will have to enable this extension each time you want to watch or download TV series from dwatchTVseries.


Top sites like list where you can also stream and download TV Series for free are given below.

Alternative Sites like List

Given below, is a list of the best alternative sites to thewatchseries for Streaming and downloading Movies Online.

While the former can give you the best TV shows, there is always need to diversify.

These free TV series download sites also offer an acceptable level of user experience with an easy to use Interface and also contain a large collection of the best TV shows in their database.

They Include:

  • Rainierland.Pro


The first free TV series download site you might want to visit after thewatchtvseries is

Why is that?

Good user interface and nicely categorized movies into Country and Genre.

In terms of Genre, you can get Horror, Action, Romance, Adventure, Thriller, and Sports movies and TV Shows from this site.

It also includes movies for individual countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, France, India, the US, and the UK.

This means that if you are a lover of Chinese or Indian movies, you know where you should head to.

Not only do these categorizations make it easy to find your favorite movies, there is also an A to Z tab consisting of movies and TV shows listed in an Alphabetical order.


You can find Top IMBd movies on this site, hence if you're looking for the most popular and trending movies in 2018, you can trust this TV series and movies ranking list.


What I love best about is its mobile-friendliness.

This means that whether you're on PC, Android phone, iPhone or Tablet, you can still stream and download the latest TV series.


You get to choose the video quality of movies you download on this site, thereby ensuring that your get videos in the best quality possible (HD)  or the least video quality to save download time and data.

You can search for TV series, go through the A-Z movie listing or choose a one from the list of daily updated TV shows.

Latest episodes of TV shows like The Blacklist, Law and Order, Scandal, Channel Zero, The Librarians, Strike Back, Cardinal, and The Magician can be found on this site.

3. Rainierland.Pro

Rainierland allows you to stream movies and tv shows online without registration.

These movies are stored on file hosting sites or third-party servers and are classified according to the years, Genre, most viewed and Top IMBd.

The huge movie Genre collection you should look forward to on this site include Animation, Documentary, Western, Horror, Music, Comedy, Family, Drama and Sci-Fi.

You can also carry out a quick search using the search bar on this site to find episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Looking for the latest TV shows online?

Then try this movie website.


Toptvshows TV Series are either Canadian, American, Australian, and British based TV shows.

You can get 2018 TV Shows free for download or stream them directly from this site without registering first, which is usually a pre-requisite on some movie downloading websites.

This site is updated on a regular basis in different categories such as Documentary, Comedy, Detective, and Action, hence you get to see the latest TV series in the world.

Also worthy of note is the different video quality formats offered for downloads on Toptvshows.

This allows you to choose between high and low video resolution formats like mp4, .mkv, and .avi according to which is suitable for display screens on smartphones, Tablets, and Computer.

5. TrackTVSeries.TV

Here's one more site, and its TrackTVSeries.TV

Although you can neither stream videos, Movies, and TV series nor download them from this site, it helps you monitor which TV series have new episodes or Seasonal movies.

It also acts as an online diary where you can mark the TV shows you have watched, and select those you intend watching having read the movie's review.


TrackTVSeries.TV to allows you to keep track of the latest TV series releases and also follow them.

You get to know when the new episodes will be aired on TV, and be among the first to watch it before any suspense killer does.

You may also find this site useful in knowing the Year your favorite TV shows and their Seasons were released, and how popular they are, based on the number of follows and views they have gotten over the years.

You're not a movie freak if you don't add this site to your collection.


And there it is folks!😉 as one of the best sites to stream and download TV Series/Shows online and other sites similar to it.

One, the other, or a combination of several of these top free TV Shows sites is enough to keep you entertained and liven your mood especially when you need it.

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