Remove Du Quick Charge Lock Screen on Android

You might have a need to remove Du Quick Charge lock screen on Android like I did.

For some weeks now, I've been seeing different Ads pop up on my locked screen with a 'Slide to unlock' message, especially when my internet connection is on.

At first, I didn't give it much thought because it didn't happen frequently.

But then,

It got to a point where I got tired of seeing Ads every now and then.

I mean what the heck?

 I see a lot of Ads online, but my phone is my personal space, can I just be free of Ads?

Yep, that was definitely a bad day for it to have finally ticked me off.

So, how can you Remove Du Quick Charge Lock Screen on Android if you're currently experiencing this?

The sections below will show you.

But before then:

What Causes Ads to display on your Android's Lock Screen?

I'll tell you!

Du Quick Charge Malware/Adware and DU services installed on apps are the culprits.

du battery saver malware

What is DU Quick Charge?

You may be wondering.,

What is DU Quick charge, what does it have to do with the all these Ads I'm seeing, and how can I remove ads on lock screen Android?

DU Quick charge is an Add-on or Extension that comes pre-installed on an app.

Like its name, It claims to improve the speed at which your battery charges especially if your device does not have a fast charging feature.

It is also a charge locker that puts a lock on the screen while your Android is charging.

Since this app cannot be downloaded online,

It is either a Malware that infects other apps or a DU services Adware such as such as DU Battery Boost and DU Speed Charge, employed by Android App developers to earn from their apps by showing Advertisements.

Whether it is a Malware that copies itself automatically on an App or an Adware that has been intentionally installed, when that particular app is on your phone, the effect of the DU Quick charge malware can be seen.

Other than the DU Quick charge made by DU Apps Studio, other Add-ons by the same developer are DU Speed Booster, DU Battery Boost, DU Speed Charge, and DU Boost Charge, each of which performs functions similar to the Du Quick Charge.

Effects of DU Quick Charge Malware

A Malware is a malicious software program that causes a Computer, Phone, or Tablet to malfunction.

Malware includes Viruses, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Trojan Horses, Worms etc. whose effect on your device can make you lose files by corrupting your system.


The effects of DU Quick Charge Malware on Android is not one that calls for forceful action.

This is because it neither corrupts your data files nor steals them, hence it is not entirely malicious.


Du's Battery Saver, Android Smart Charging App, or Charge Speed Booster for Android displays Ads on your device's lock screen.

While these Ads may not be draining much of your battery power and internet data, they can still be a nuisance.

Look at it this way:

You don't benefit while the Add-on is on your phone because the battery life of your smartphone depends on:

  • The phone's battery capacity, 
  • The device's processor,
  • How often you operate your phone, and 
  • Android operating system (Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo) battery saving features.

On these accounts:

Techlass can say, it is how well your device is optimized to manage its battery power.

You're only helping these developers make money off their Apps each time the Ads are viewed or clicked on, whereas you get nothing except a pretty picture to stare at. Techlass.


If the Advertisement you click on leads you to a site with Malware/Viruses, then you may end up losing your valuable files as well as an Android phone that hangs and lags with time.

For these reasons,

Will you like to get rid of intrusive Ads from DU Quick Charge hijacking your Android Lock Screen?

Then here's how to remove DU Quick Charge and turn off Smart Charging.

How to Remove Du Quick Charge Lock Screen on Android

In my own experience while trying to uninstall DU Speed Booster on Android,

I assumed that these Ads were caused by one of the Apps installed on my phone.

And boy, was I was right!😳

But the problem was, I didn't know the particular App that was infected or came pre-installed with DU Services, so I began uninstalling recently downloaded apps from Google Play Store.

Worse, I even installed an Android App Blocker like AdBlock Plus.

Did any work?

No, neither did!

Even after uninstalling 4 to 5 Apps, the stubborn Ads kept on showing and I just accepted my fate hoping on whenever I'll get the chance to do a device Backup and then reset my Android to Factory settings.

But the same won't be the case on your own part where you'll have to use Malware removal tools or Android App Blockers.

This is because there is a list of Apps with DU malware pointed out by Spincone, a user on Reddit Forum, as well as those Techlass has garnered from user queries and reviews on the net.

The Apps with DU Quick Charge Malware are:

  • ES App Locker 
  • ES File Explorer Pro
  • Xender
  • Touchpal
  • Amber Weather
  • GO Weather Forecast & Widgets
  • Z Camera
  • Kitty Play
  • Locx App Lock
  • Peel Remote
  • 360 Security
  • Amber Weather Wiget
  • App2SD
  • AppLock
  • Flashlight & LED Torch
  • FotoRus - Photo Editor
  • GO Weather
  • HiFont
  • iMuslim
  • InstaMag - Photo Collage
  • KittyPlay Wallpapers Ringtones
  • Next Browser
  • Photo Collage Editor
  • Photo Editor Pro
  • PIP Camera-Photo Editor
  • Sharecloud
  • Solo Launcher
  • TouchPal Keyboard
  • TrustGo Ad Detector
  • UC Browser
  • XBrowser
  • XBrowser - Super Fast & mini
  • Z Camera

Having gone through the list of Apps responsible for DU Battery Saver lock screen, you'll realize those essential Android apps like File sharing Apps (Xender), Browsers (UC Browser), Android App lockers, and Rooting apps (App2D) are part of this list.

Some of these Ads are not as a result of the DU Malware, but the Apps come with DU services;

 For instance, Xender, ES App Locker, 360 Security, and TouchPal Keyboard.

Does it mean you should remove Xender, ES smart charge, and 360 Security charging screen as well as other Apps given on this list?

Wait a second:

1. If the DU quick charge feature is inbuilt into the app, where it installs a lock screen when a charger is plugged in the case of TouchPal keyboard app.


  • Launch the TouchPal keyboard app
  • Click on the Hamburger menu button
  • Navigate to the App's 'General settings'
  • At the bottom, is an option, 'Boost Charge', Select it.
  • Deselect the checkbox for Boost Charge 

And that's it.

To remove ES Smart charge on ES File Explorer,

  • Goto the App's Settings
  • Deselect the Gear Icon 'Charging Boost'

You can try this for individual apps first and see if any has a fast charging feature you can disable.

If this step does not still resolve the issue, then you can now proceed on uninstalling malicious apps.

2. If the charging lock screen feature is caused by DU malware in Apps,

Then, you need to uninstall these apps.

 Even though it might not be the best thing to do, it is a step in the right direction.

To begin,

  • Uninstall the most recently downloaded or updated app to remove DU battery saver from your lock screen.

If you can't  uninstall the app directly from your phone, then,

  • Goto Google PlayStore,
  • Navigate to your installed apps section or search for the App on Google Play Store,
  • Finally, Uninstall it.

Other apps with DU malware include yellow flashlight app, CM Security, Best Me Selfie app.


Either step above will help you remove DU Quick Charge lock screen as well as DU speed booster from Android phone.


Which step worked for you and which app did you have to uninstall to remove this screen locker?

We'll like to know by your responses in the comment section below.
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  1. Hello Grace!

    Thanks for this amazing guide on how to Remove Du Quick Charge Lock Screen on Android, this guide will surely help many people to opt out from those annoying Ads, and as well protect their devices from malware attack.

    Me as a person I don't fancy all those apps, cos I know the implications right from my day one of using android device.

    Your steps are straight forward! Keep the good work

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      You're welcome and thanks for dropping by.

      It is true that some of these apps come with malware and the funniest part is that you may not actually know the exact apps.

      But a solution is not to entirely avoid downloading them, as you may be missing out on the best ways to optimize your Android smartphone to enhance its capability.

      There's always Android Malware Tools to help you out.

  2. Du battery lock screen is one of the irritating thing i hate seeing on my android phone, its so boring.

    Am so happy when i saw this tutorial, cos its really gonna help me alot. Now i can now get rid of DU battery lock screen thanks to the admin of this great blog Techlass

    1. Hi GistFan,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      About DU Saver Lock Screen, don't we all dislike it?

      Maybe that wouldn't be the case if we were actually seeing positive effects in our battery's charging speed and most importantly, a longer battery life.

      Best regards.

  3. Hey Grace!

    Honestyl I most commend your effort on this post... Thanks for this amazing tip up there on Removing Du Quick Charge Lock Screen on Android, this tip will surely help lots of people to opt out from those annoying Ads, and as well protect their devices from malware attack.

    Nothing much to say than thanks... Keep it up... You have a great content up ☝ there.

    1. Hi Abdullahi,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Malware on Android is inevitable as log as one constantly downloads, but it can definitely be controlled by monitoring these apps with DU battery saver features.

  4. Hello Grace..
    I have always hated du battery is kind of irritating sometimes if I see d lock screen disturbing me...
    This article is great solution to remove it.. This will help me and my friends..

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad i could be of help.

      Stick around for more tutorials like this, they'll certainly be worthwhile.

  5. Can you imagine??? I use to think this stuff is just normal.

    There is nothing as crazy as seeing your phone lock up with some ads displaying. Grace you've really outline the apps causing this and how it works.

    In as much as I don't like it, I'll follow your tips to fix it on my phone. Thank you so much for this eye opening article.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      I understand you as most people usually think the same.

      But then it comes to a time when the Ads get offensive and then drastic measures have to be taken to remove DU quick charge lock screen.

      Thanks for stopping by, we'll like to hear from you again

  6. Du battery lock screen is also one of the best way to boost your charging speed level but the only thing I hate about them is this Ads of a thing that pop up any how with permission and I have tried a lot of means to take it out but no... But with this article I think it can help me and other people on how to block or remove it

    1. Hi Johnson,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I hope these steps work for you in disabling Ads from DU services like it did for me.


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