15 Dofollow High Authorithy Backlinks List 2017

Dofollow High PR Backlinks 2017 and high authorithy backlinks list [link:www.articletrader.com]:  The importance of backlinks for search engine optimization cannot be over emphasized. Asides ranking post with keywords, another effective way of making your blog posts rank high in search engine result pages is by building backlinks either to your site's homepage or individual pages on the site. Usually, the main work is how to get quality backlinks to one's site and  from where.

Since Google frowns at paid links, which is considered as one of the black hat SEO techniques, one has to manually build backlinks on sites with high reputation. This is where the dofollow high PR sites for backlinks 2017 comes in. Although a link is not totally irrelevant if left on a webpage with 0 page rank or if it is nofollow, but one will need hundreds of such links to finally see any meaningful change on their site in terms of high ranking on SERPS and traffic.

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The sites given below are mostly dofollow, and all have a high page rank of 2 through 10. By dofollow, it means that the link juice is passed and search engine bots won't ignore the links. Since it is always advisable to build nofollow and dofollow backlinks hand in hand in order to make the link building process look natural, you can also check this post on high PR forums for backlinks 2017. It has a combination of sites that offer dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

High PR Backlink Sources 2017

The high PR backlinks sites list given below will allow you include your site's link to it, either insert your a naked URL, or use an achor text. I suggest a combination of both and probably more of an anchor text in link building. Keep in mind that your anchor text is the keyword you want to rank high for in SERPs and a thoruough keyword reasearch would've been done by this time to check the high ranking keywords in your sites's niche. After building the backlink, do not leave it and just walk away, Copy the url of the webpage where your site's link is included, this webpage will have to be indexed on time.

1. Microsoft Office: This website has a pagerank of 10 and domain authority of 100 which high enough to influence your site's SEO. To get a backlink from microsoft, visit Microsoft's webpage  and login or sign up. Insert your link where it's specified, 'Link URL' and your anchor text where it's specified 'Link title'.

2. Storify: This website offers PR8 high quality backlinks. You can get a link by simply entering your site's url in the website section. Goto storify.com and create an account, then create your backlink by updating your profile with your link.

3. Copyrighted: This is a PR 1 website with a Domain Authority of 60, You can get a dofollow backlink from copyrighted by visiting copyrighted.com. The idea is to add a copyright to your site's content, hence links are allowed. With just one registration, you can add as many links as you want on this site. Visit copyrighted.com

4. ImfacePlate: This site has a PR of 5, domain authority of 35 and can be used to get a dofollow backlink. Visit http://imfaceplate.com and register an account on it. Then publish an article with your url inserted in it. Your url should either be a naked url or anchored using generic text like see more, read more, source etc.

5. Cheaperseeker: This website has a PR of 2 and domain authority of 36. You can build a backlink on it by inserting your URL in the website section. Visit http://www.cheaperseeker.com, then register an account to proceed.

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6. List.ly: This site has a PR of 5 and domain authority of 30. To get  a  backlink from it, enter a short text, then publish it. Edit the text after publication and insert your URL using the hyperlink tool that is provided on the text editor in list.ly. Using HTML link tags will not work, hence try inserting links during post editing.

7. Trello: This is a management task tool website with a domian authority of 68. You can get several backlinks from this site with just one registration. Visit trello.com, and register an account. Enter your URls in the bio section with some text included on it.

8. SplashThat: This website has a PR of  5 and DA of 63. It is an event sharing webite which you can get several links with just one registration. To do this, goto http://splashthat.com/ and create an account. Next, create a event and create a backlink using an anchor text.

9. Deviantart: This is a photo sharing website with a PR of 8 and DA of 82. Goto deviantart.com and register an account. Then in the URL section for the image, include your site's URL.

10. Dropshots: Like Deviantart, this is another photo sharing website. It has a high PR of 5 and PA of 50. Register an account at https://dropshots.com/, then upload an image. In the comment section, include your site's link.

11. Wikitechguru : This website has a domain authority of 37. You can get high PR backlink from it by sharing your post URL. No registration is required before sharing, hence head over to http://submission.wikitechguru.com/ to get your high quality backlink.

12. Newsvine: This website has a high domain authority of 91. You can  use it to acquire a link back to your site by either sharing your articlewith the link included or just a link. Visit https://www.newsvine.com/ and create an account.

Other sites you can use are:

13. http://www.howhacktricks.com      Domain Authorithy 82

14. http://www.paisekamaye.in      Domain Authorithy 78

15  http://www.hastmethun.in DA 64

How to Index Backlinks Fast

It's not enough that you have created these backlinks, they need to get indexed on time since it usually takes search engines bots weeks or months to find them, that's if they eventually find within that time range. 

To make the links you created have an impact in your site's SEO on time, you need to manually ping the backlinks. This allows the links to be submitted to social bookmarking sites and RSS feed aggregators. You can use the following sites to index backlinks fast.

  • Pingfarm.com
  • http://bulkping.com/
Submit the web pages's link to where you built your backlink on either of these sites.

As long as it's from the right source and reputable domain, high PR dofollow backlinks are easy to acquire than you'd think and will definitely optimize your site for search engines.


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