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Easy1Up Login: Looking for a networking program that is just like Ultimate Cycler? or you're tired and growing impatient with the unending updates on Ultimate Cycler? Then Easy1Up is for you. It is a also owned by Peter Wolfing of Ultimate Cycler and is quite similar to the former. One would agree that Ultimate Cycler has been down for almost a week now ( and at the time of this post) and that's long enough to hurt your bank account. As at now, users can only login but registrations cannot be carried out, hence no flow of income.

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We've heard enough promises and excuses from Peter Wolfing ranging from " 503 error, we'll be back shortly, see you in 6-12 hours from now, Ultimate Cycler will be back tonight or in 7 days time", reasons that has led many to think it all boils down to an admin fee that might be made compulsory on registration. If you want to still get a steady flow of Income, then you should try Easy1up while waiting for all the features of Ultimate Cycler to finally come back on. Easy1Up is almost like Ultimate Cycler, if not better.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: 12,500 (25$) Confirmation Fee to Upline or Matched Recipient
  • Like Ultimate Cycler, you cannot register without a referrer, someone must benefit from your participation in the community. You join with an activation fee of ₦12,500 (25$) which will most likely be paid to your sponsor or your referrer. When your payment has been received by your sponsor, it will be confirmed by them. 

Step 2: 3,000 (5$) Admin Fee for Account Activation
  • Next, you have to pay a compulsory admin fee of 5$ that will allow your account to be activated by the Admin. This payment can be made either using a credit card or bitcoins. Although you've made a first payment of ₦12,500 to whoever you were matched to pay to,  and confirmed by them, your account will not be  fully activated unless you pay the 5$ fee.
  •  If your account is not activated but you begin to refer, you will not be able to receive payment from your referrals as your bank details will not be displayed to them. Instead, the bank details of whoever referred you will be shown to them. Unlike Ultimate Cycler, In Easy1Up, whoever is ready gets paid. No one slows down the progress of another.

Step 3: How do you earn From Easy1Up?
  • Each person you refer to join the program except one, will  pay you ₦12,500 (25$). That is, if  you refer 2 people, 1 will pay to you and 1 will pay to your referrer. If you also refer 20 people, 19 will pay to you while only 1 among them pays to your referrer. The one person that pays to your upline is what is called PassUp in Easy1Up. It's like you donating one person from your referrals to pay to your upline. The system automatically does this.
  • Secondly, for everyone you refer, one of their referrals will also be matched to pay you ₦12,500. For e.g, of the 19 people that paid you ₦12,500 in the first example above, if those 19 people also refer people, one person from their dowline will still be matched to pay to you since you are their upline. So, the first step has repeated itself , it is like a cycle (One of your referrals was passed up to pay your upline, and one person from each of your referrals downline will also be passed on to you.
  • Thirdly, For every person each of your referrals passed up to you, when that particular person also refers, you get paid by one person in their own downline. Hence, they have also passed up one person to you who will repeat the cycle. This person that was passed up to you, when they also refer, one person must also be passed up to you to pay you ₦12,500.

Take a look at the image below, it explains all the long write up. Everyone in Orange colour pays to you. the person in blue is passed on to your upline and those in white are the ones that pay directly to your downlines.

Note that you only pay the 12,500 once, there is nothing like paying again to unlock matrix as in Ultimate Cycler. With your one time payment and admin fee, you can receive 12,500 from over 50 people.

Easy1Up Payment System

So you see, this is way better than Ultimate Cycler.
  • Logically, you only need two active referrals to bring you steady income when they also refer. Hence, you can just sit back after bringing your first two. But then, if you want to earn fast and more, you need to bring as many people as you can,  depending on how many figures you want in your bank account.😋

Here's my payment proof after being on Easy1Up for just 72 hours, I made ₦175,000

Easy1Up Payment

How to Register on Easy1up

  • Click here to visit Easy1up
  • Enter your details in the fields required, details like Name, Surname, Phone Number etc.

A welcome message will be sent to your email, you can login after registration

  • On your dashboard, select the Elevation(30$) Plan, you will see the payment details of who your are to pay to. The ₦12,500 payment you will make is for your activation fee. On completion, your account will be activated. Pay to the person whose details you're shown and ensure to call them before and after you've made payment.
  • Still on the Payment Instruction page, you have to also pay an admin fee of  ($5). This admin fee will enable you to receive payment from your referrals. You can pay via credit card, payza or bitcoins. For Nigerians, I'll suggest you use bitcoins to pay the admin fee or your master card. Check the steps below on how get bitcoins and make payment if you opt to pay the admin fee via bitcoins. 

  • On completion of payment, send a screenshot of your payment to the admin via the admin's email which is also shown on the payment instruction page. 

Click Here to Join Easy1Up

How to Get Bitcoins

This section was included for those who opt to pay the admin fee on Easy1Up via bitcoins. To get bitcoins, you need to open a bitcoin wallet. There are several platforms to open a bitcoin wallet, but i use Bitx and Blockchain.

If you want to open your wallet on Blockchain, follow the steps below:
  • Click here to goto Blockchain
  • Click on the 'Wallet' tab, then create an account.
  • After your account has been created, sign in
  • Click on the 'Receive' button on Block chain. A unique bitcoin address will be generated for you. This is the address you will use to receive payments, COPY THE ADDRESS. (It is a set of string that looks like this 1HRYFtdyB7MbjbcjsbjHJHHAU ).

Next, you need to buy bitcoins which will be saved in the bitcoin wallet you just created. There are several places to buy it, including Bitx.

  • Goto Bitx.co. (You can also buy form Nairaex.com or call me on 08110264906, and i'll sell you mine)
  • Signup and then Login, you can also download the Bitx app on Google Playstore to make it easier for you
  • Next is to fund your Bitx account by paying a certain amount of money. The money will remain untouched in your Bitx account until when you want to use it and buy bitcoins.
  • To fund your account, Pay to the bank account details your'e shown.
  • Your Bitx bitcoin wallet will be credited with the amount you paid within some few minutes or hours once they receive your payment.
  • Use the money you were credited with to buy the bitcoins right from Bitx.
  • When you have gotten your bitcoins, you can either transfer it directly from Bitx to Easy1Up Admin or send it to your blockchain wallet (using the bitcoin address you copied on blockchain).
To make the admin fee Payment,

  • Copy the admin's bitcoin address which is provided on the payment instruction page ( (It is a set of string that looks like this 19GH---------X1-------Mpn ).

  • Login into your Bitcoin Wallet,
  • Click on 'Send'
  • Enter the bitcoin address of the admin you copied,
  • Enter the bitcoin amount as 5$.
  • Then send.

  • Take a screenshot of the transaction, you will attach it to your email as proof of payment for confirmation.

I can help you go through all these processes if I'm your referrer, and also pay the admin fee for you. Either send me a mail @ detutor8@gmail.com or call me on 08110264906 and i'll personally guide you through. You can also join our Easy1UP Whatsapp group or comment below if you have questions or encountered problems on Easy1Up.


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