Top Sites For Free SEO Site Audit

A list of sites for free SEO Audit analysis of your website are listed in this post. To rank higher in search engine results, optimization of a website for search engines is a requirement. In the report generated by these SEO Audit sites, analysis of your website's domain and page authority, google pagerank, meta tags description and keywords, Sitemaps, broken links/dead pages etc are carried out. Also included in this report at the end each analysis are suggestions on where improvements are needed on your website. You get to see your site's performance in Search results and how to optimize it effectively to obtain better results and most especially, increase your website's traffic.  Generally, the SEO Audit Analysis provides information on:
  • The Accessibility of a site by search engines.
  • The number of indexed pages by search engines.
  • On-Page Ranking Factors( title tags, meta description, keywords, image optimization etc) that influence the site's search engine rankings.
  • Off-Page Ranking Factors and
  • Competitive Analysis

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Seo Site Audit tools

    • WooRank (

    Woorank free trial performs an SEO review of your website. In the review, errors it found on your website, how optimized your webpages are, mobile load time and usability are shown.
    • Google webmaster tools ( 

    You can use Google webmaster tools for the SEO analysis of your weebsite. On google webmaster tools, your site's performance on search engines, the total links to your site and most linked content, internal links, search queries as shown, can be used to properly audit your site for SEO.
    • MySiteAuditor (

      For SEO audit analysis, you should try mysiteauditor. Some features you'll find are:
    • Competitor Backlink Analysis
    • Competitor Keyword Analysis
    • Competitor Link Metrics
    • Domain Comparison
    • Number of Competing Sites
     Other free SEO site audit you can try out include:
    • Zadroweb (
    • seoptimer (
    • BrowSEO Spider Simulator (
    •  SEO Audit Tool (
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      Use the Free SEO Audit Sites listed above to start analyzing your site in order to identify common SEO errors on your website,  potential problems and get solutions.

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      1. Helpful article. Thank you very much. Did you know that Rank Tracker Tool is another great tool to help optimize the SEO strategy? Here it is:

        1. This comment has been removed by the author.

        2. Hi Lee,

          I checked out the tool and it's a good one. I'll include it in the list above. Thanks for your suggestion.

      2. I would also add some tool for content checking, like which is able to detect any duplicate content on a website.

        1. Thanks for your suggestion Jason, copycat can also be a helpful tool for SEO site audit. As you've suggested, tools for content checking will be included.


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