Google Adsense Ads Showing On Opera Mini/Browser

Finally, google adsense ads are now showing on opera mini browsers, both on the mobile version and web version of blogs. Still doubting? check out your blog! Goodnews to all bloggers, since this will increase the earnings they make from google adsense. Bloggers/webmasters can now convert the traffic they get from opera mini users into impressions and also get clicks on their ads especially those whose top pageviews by browsers is opera mini. Most people who surf the net use Opera mini as their preferred browser because of its ability to render web pages fast and in a way that is efficient, so it makes sense why one should try to also make money from Opera mini traffic.

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Before this time, google ads could only be displayed on browsers like mozilla firefox, UC web browser, bb10 default browsers, internet explorer and the rest. The mobile Adsense units (300x50 and 300x250 ad units) when added to on custom blogger mobile template, could not display on Opera Mini browsers. No need searching for blogger tricks to get this done or paying other sites to display a compatible mobile version of your blog showing adsense ads, since the ads can now go live automatically.

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But has this come to stay or Is it just for the festive period? Could be days, weeks, or months before the ads stop showing on opera mini. A post I stumbled on from 2011 says adsense ads were displayed on opera mini browser around June 2011, but disabled on the browser ten days after that post. Anyway, now that google adsense ads are now displayed on opera mini browsers,  all webmasters/bloggers should seize this opportunity to increase their total earnings.

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  1. Hi Gracia,
    I woke up this logged in facebook only to find this wonderful news, I thought it was a joke I checked and saw it myself. But the wuestion is, who knows what google is upto? The mobile ads might have low CPC although it's better than not monitizing your mobile at all.

    Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful day ahead.


    1. Thanks Larry, wish you a good day too. As you've rightly said, it's better than nothing which was the case than before.

  2. shit. did you just say seieze the opportunuity. the ads on operamini sucks and my rpm has reduced by 200%. pls let dem stop displaying opermini ads. not cool

    1. Could be a disadvantage to you and an advantage to others. Think I've got more clicks on my ads within this period.


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