How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered how to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria? or the best Bitcoin investment in Nigeria?

Then let's show you the most ideal one out there.

Even if it's Tron (Trx) you want to start earning, there's an easy way to go about it.

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The first step is to join one of the top cryptocurrency companies in Nigeria that will enable you to earn Bitcoin fast.

Sounds good?

Let's walk you through the whole process.

But first,

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2009.

This virtual asset was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who has been anonymous since the asset's creation.

What's more, Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency based on its market capitalization of $189 billion, at the time of writing. 

The latter is larger than the market cap of over 2,000 cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin is more popular than every other cryptocurrency, which is why you've heard about it at one time or the other.

On that note, there are cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ChainLink (Link), Litecoin (LTC), and even Tron (Trx).

It, therefore, follows that you can use Bitcoin to earn each of these altcoins. 

And even better, trade with your Nigerian Naira to get cryptocurrencies.

How to Start a Bitcoin Business in Nigeria

Knowing how to start a Bitcoin business in Nigeria can earn you a lot of money.

Believe it or not, it's true.

But how does Bitcoin make you money? You may wonder.

It's by operating Bitcoin businesses such as exchanging Bitcoin for Naira, selling Bitcoin for Paypal funds, Skrill, Amazon, or eBay gift cards.

The list goes on and on.

Each of these will help you earn Bitcoin or money, however, there is a better Bitcoin business that pays even more, and that is trading cryptocurrencies.

What does it entail? Read on to find out.

How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

The easiest and more rewarding way on how to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria is by trading cryptocurrencies.

By trading Bitcoin for other assets, you get more Bitcoin.

How can you begin:

Join Bitcoin Traders' App (BiTA) and you'll be taught how to trade cryptocurrencies.

Your training will encompass everything you need to know about Blockchain technology, how to earn Bitcoin, and how to earn Tron in Nigeria.

All it'll cost is a one-time payment of ₦20,000.

Want to make payment? Give +2349078884939 or 07031029391 a call and you'll be put through the process to begin.

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You can check the screenshots below of testimonies from students who were trained by BiTA.

The image above makes reference to the coin signal program from BiTA. Hence, you can get daily signals on the most profitable coins to trade.

The image above shows over a 40% profit from trading a single coin.

Want to know more about BiTA?

About BiTA

BiTA is a cryptocurrency trading academy that was launched in Nigeria in January 2020.

So far, BiTA has trained over 200 students in Africa since its inception.

Need to know more about BiTA? Check out its website or join their WhatsApp group.

And if you're wondering, how much can I use to start trading Bitcoin in Nigeria? The great news is that you can start with as little as ₦5,000 or more.

There is no minimum amount to use in trading since it's an open market that allows you to invest depending on your capacity.


These are the simple steps on how to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria.

All you have to do is join a platform that is trusted and reliable.

Because let's face it, the best way to actually make money trading Bitcoin is by learning how to do it yourself.

And if you don't know where yo begin, let BiTA help you out. 


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