How to Make Money on Topbuzz [Instantly]

You are definitely wondering, how can I get views on Topbuzz, how can I make money on Topbuzz, and what's the working Topbuzz earnings trick in April 2018?

Does this sound like you?

That would be a yes.

Irrespective of how you paraphrase each of these questions, the bottom line is, you want the easiest and best way to make money fast with Topbuzz.

On the other hand,

If the name Topbuzz has become a trend on your Facebook Timeline as it has been on mine for the past few weeks, then you may also be wondering,

What the heck is Topbuzz and what's the buzz all about?

I'll tell you!

What is Topbuzz?

Topbuzz is a Social Media website for sharing Videos, Articles, News, GIFs, and Albums, and it also has its own Android application for ease of usage and access to the site.

Consider it as a newer version of Youtube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites that allow for the upload and download of videos. 

Whether you just want to sit back and have a good laugh at its collection of funny pictures and videos, or you want the most trending news around the world, then you might want to give this site a try.


While Topbuzz's main purpose is to offer great entertainment with its educational, motivational, and funny content, it also serves as a platform to earn.

How's that?

You can make money on Topbuzz either by posting any of the aforementioned content, or you can refer new users to Topbuzz.

But more about that later!

How Does Topbuzz Work?

In Topbuzz, you can either earn by:

  • Sharing Content or,
  •  Referring Friends

1. Earn by Sharing Content:

Let’s dig a little deeper,

Unlike Youtube that makes use of Google Adsense ads to enable their publishers to earn, users of Topbuzz do not rely on Adverts to earn, but rather, their earnings depend on the number of impressions and clicks to their content.

What do I mean?

Each time you post on Topbuzz, most if not all of your post will get shown to other users of the platform.

This is what it looks like:

If the post goes viral, where over 50,000 impressions have been gained to that particular post, then you stand to earn.

Keep in mind that this impression can be more or less, and you'll still earn, but as usual, the higher the impressions, the more you're likely to earn.

By the way,

When I say impressions here, I mean the number of people that have seen that post irrespective of whether they clicked it or not.

2. Earn by referring:

Every registered user of Topbuzz has a unique referral link that can be accessed by visiting the URL

This part is simple!

For each person you refer, both of you get paid a fixed amount which is determined by their method of registration and the number of followers on their Social media accounts.

Topbuzz calls this,  Double-sided bonus.

That is to say,

If you refer a person who registers with their Facebook page or Twitter account with around 10 to 4,999 followers, you and the person you referred get a bonus of $1.


You stand to gain 20% of the income they make for 14-days after their registration date.

In the same vein,

A person who registers with around 5,000 to 9,999 followers earns both of you $5, while you still get 50% of the 14-days income they've generated.

Here's what it looks like:


Keep in mind that whatever percentage you get as a benefit from referring, does not in any way tamper with your referral's earnings.

For Instance:

If they made $500, what they'll still get is  $500.

How to Earn on Topbuzz

Now that you have an idea of how Topbuzz works, your major concern now is how to make money with Topbuzz.

Here's what you need to get started in order to start earning some cool cash,

  • Register an account
  • Post viral and eye-catching content
  • Refer Friends

1. Register an Account on Topbuzz:

  • Use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up, and depending on the number of followers you have on either, you will get a referral bonus immediately. 

Psst!😮 If you didn't get it, it means you either have less than 10 followers or you didn't use the referral link above.

After registration,

Step 1

Setup your account by:

  • Going to Settings and,
  • Changing the display name and profile picture to a female's name and pic.

Using a female's name and an eye-catching picture of her will enable you to get Topbuzz followers fast because it has been proven that most people like to view content posted by a sexy girl with a sexy name. 

If you know what I mean😳.

So, search on Facebook or Twitter for the cutest girl that meets your eye.

Think of your follower as your loyal subscribers or readers who will be the first audience your content will always be shown to each time you publish.

The more the number of followers, the higher the number of clicks you'll get.


Content such as articles on Topbuzz gets displayed with the Profile pic of the poster.

That being the case,

 You do not want your post coming up with the face of a bearded guy, because trust me, no one wants to read what that guy posted!

Don't be that guy😑.

2. Post Viral and Eye-catching content:

This part of the story will determine how much you'll likely earn and how fast you'll quit if you aren't making any meaningful income daily.

That is why you must treat it with great care!

You can post videos, articles, or albums (Collection of multiple photos), but ensure it is something interesting that can go viral within a few hours of being posted.

At this point, you may be also wondering, 

How do I know the content that is interesting or has the potential of getting thousands of views and clicks because what may be interesting to you, may not be interesting to your potential audience?

Fret not, I've got you covered!

Step 2

  • On the homepage of the app, look for content or videos in different categories like Top News, Entertainment, Football, Lifestyle, and Health.


Each of these content is from advertisers who already know the post that is trending on their blog and that is why they are paying Opera developers to advertise it.

But wait for a second:

  • Look at the number of likes or shares the article or video has gotten and if it is above 100 likes or 100 shares, then most likely, that content will also trend on Topbuzz. 
  • Next, copy the link to the article/video and save.

The best time to publish on Topbuzz to get the most impressions and clicks is around 6 pm to 1 am.

  • During those hours, open the saved links you got from Opera News app, copy, and publish the content in your Topbuzz account.

In this case,

I recommend posting articles because there are several trending ones you can select from and you won't waste your data compared to downloading and uploading videos.

You can also get viral content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The simple truth is,

It is not enough to post and walk away, here's what you can do to also make the post stand out.

Step 3

Tweak the title!

Tweak the title that it is catchy to the eyes but does not derail from the content in the post.

For example: 

A heading of this kind will most likely make the post go viral and get clicks:

Shocking Truths About Bananas That Doctors Won’t Tell You

But imagine if I'd written

Six Health Benefits of Bananas (wetin concern me)

What can Bananas do to your body? (E pass vitamins?)

You can see those 3 sentences mean the same thing, but the first is the most outstanding.

I could've also used a cool title like:

He Ate Only Bananas But You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Now that you know, use these words in your post title:

  • Unbelievable!
  • Life-changing!
  • Jaw-dropping!
  • Whoa?
  • Horrific! 
  • Terrible! 
  • My Word!
  • My Goodness?
  • It's quite horrifying
  • Omg! why did he do that?
  • Yes! Life Changing!
  • Number 2 will blow your mind
  • I Can't Even Imagine What It Is!
  • What We Found Was Shocking

If you're done with these words, let's proceed.

In articles, Include lovely images (get images of HOT girls from Instagram😕) and not just a bunch of random text, while in videos, change the cover of the video to a nicer image.

Images tend to make the user read the post and even leave comments, but then, do not use copyrighted images or published watermarked videos in order not to get your account banned.

You get the picture?

Step 4

Now that you know how to post on top buzz, repeat what works well for you.

After a few hours, check your newly published posts and see which has the highest number of views and clicks and then align your new post or content to it.

For example:

If a health post of bananas as given above had the highest views and clicks on my Topbuzz page, then I will write more of bananas to see if I can get the same result.

3. Refer Friends

One more way you can make money from Topbuzz is to refer your friends and family to join the platform.

Depending on the number of followers they have on their Twitter or Facebook account upon registering, you will get a referral bonus and so will they.

To get your referral link, go to

If you see this message,

'Thank you for your interest! Our referral event is still on the way - please stay tuned for new updates!', then you won't be able to refer friends to Topbuzz now, not until it has been unlocked for you.

That's it, folks!

The basic tips you need to start earning your first few dollars on Topbuzz, and these are all White Hat methods of earning.

lest I forget,

If you're looking for Topbuzz Black Hat method or TopBuzz using tricks, then this post is not for you (Hint, buy paid traffic to your post).

The difference between both is that the White Hat method will give you steady earnings daily and your account will be less prone to get a ban, while the Black Hat method will skyrocket your earnings within a few minutes, but getting banned can happen in the twinkle of an eye.

How To Receive TopBuzz Payment

This is the best part because it is of no essence to make money you cannot withdraw.

Topbuzz payment is made on a monthly basis once you reach a $100 threshold.

That being the case,

You can request for payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer once you make up to at least $100.

If you do not have a Paypal account that can receive Payments in Nigeria, comment below and we'll set up one for you within some minutes.


These steps outlined above on how to earn on Topbuzz can help anyone get started.

You can also try out different things that you think may work for you such as advertising your post on Facebook or Instagram.

Keep your mind busy and you'll earn!

Do you have more questions or inquiries about how Topbuzz works?

Then leave a comment below and we'll guide you through it.


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