How Fivebuckx Works - Register and Login

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How Fivebuckx.com Works - Register and 5buckx login: You may be wondering, what Is Fivebuckx.com, Is Fivebuckx real?,  Is Fivebuckx legit?, Abi diz scammers don come again? 😎

Fret not because I'll give you clarifications that will help you understand how Fivebuckx works.

To begin,

If you participated in referral programs managed by MMM, Ultimate Cycler, Easy1up, E-cooperative, and Twinkas some months ago, then you already have an idea about the operation of Ponzi Schemes.

Here's something we both agree on:

Ponzi schemes in Nigeria were all bright and rosy not until MMM went for Christmas break, Ultimate Cycler's Admin decided to do a site maintenance, Twinkas introduced new packages, WhatsApp groups became Osusu arena, and the Government finally had our best interest at heart or not!


What sets FiveBuckx aside from its predecessors and why should you give it any consideration especially if you didn't gain in the past?

I'll tell you!

As you would've guessed by now, the term 'Fivebuckx' stems from the fact that you only need to invest 500 hundred Naira to start earning. (Yes! Only ₦500).

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In Fivebuckx, members donate to each other. A newly registered member becomes a participant by paying to another member and in turn, receives from several members.

This way, a cycle is created where existing members move to a higher level, then exit from the system,  while new members enter the intermediary level to receive their first payment.


Can you invest the 500 hundred Naira you would've used for a cold bottle of beer or subscribed for a week's worth of Internet data on MTN to make 24,000 Naira within one week?

Will this be your spare money, one that MMM has been laying emphasis on?

If your response is Yes, then let's show you how Fivebuckx really works, how you can register on Fivebuckx.com, and how to make money on Fivebuckx by receiving your first alert within 24 hours.

But before I proceed,

Why Should You Join Fivebuckx?

Here are some reasons why you should join Fivebuckx:

  • You should join Fivebuckx because the risk level is very low. You are only required to make a one-time payment of 500 hundred Naira, and whatever follows is what you have already received from the site.
  • If you want an extra source of income, where alerts are not limited to the time of day or place because members have mobile bank apps to make money transfers, then Fivebuckx is for you. 

Note: Keep in mind that you are not paying to the admins of the site but a participant who has already paid to another.

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How Does FiveBuckx Works?

These are the processes involved in joining and earning from 5buckx.

  1. Registration of a user account on Fivebuckx.
  2. User payment of ₦500 to move into level 1.
  3. Movement of a user into Level 1 to receive ₦500 from 4 members.
  4. Confirmation of payment reception by a user.
  5. User Payment of  ₦1,500 to move into level 2.
  6. Movement of a user into Level 2 to receive ₦1,500 from 16 Members.
  7. User cycles out and optionally restarts.

1. Registration of account: 

To begin, you will have to register and log in to Fivebuckx. Follow the steps outlined below.

  • Click on Register

  • On the registration page, enter your Name, Email, a password you'll use to log in, your active phone number, and your correct bank account details. 
Note: Use an active phone number because if your line is inactive when the person merged to pay you calls, they can skip you and request a new upline.

  • Click on 'Sign Up'

2. User Payment of 500 to move into level 1: 

After registration, you will be automatically matched to pay 500 hundred Naira to another participant.

Six hours will be given to you to complete payment to the member specified and upload your proof of payment. The timer on your dashboard helps you to keep track of time and how you can manage it.

If by the expiration of your countdown timer, you have not made payment to whom you were matched to pay, your Five bucks account will be deleted and the user will be remerged to be paid by another member.

If you have successfully made your payment, call your upline to alert them.

3. Movement of User into Level 1 to receive 500 from 4 members

Now that you have made payment and you've been activated, you are now in level 1, hence you're in line to receive 500 Naira from 4 people, which will amount to 2,000 Naira.

At this point, you're more interested in 'when will I get paid by Fivebuckx'?

The speed at which you will be merged to 4 people that will pay to you is greatly determined by your upline, your ability to refer, and generally, the configuration of the merging system. 

Here's what it looks like:

  • By your upline, I mean the person you are directly under. Fivebucks works with a 4 x 1 matrix system where each person needs only 4 people directly under them. 
Any other person referred by your upline is placed below the four people in his/her matrix. This means that you can earn without referring if you have an active upline.
  • By your ability to refer: Every user of Fivvebuckx has a referral link that helps in speeding up their earning process. 
Let's assume you are able to refer 2 people within 24 hours and you have also received referrals from your upline, this means that you stand to gain the 2,000 Naira in 24 hours.

On the other hand,

If you have an inactive upline and you are as inactive as they are, it means you will have to rely on the configuration of the system to merge you for payment, and that my friend may take more than 24 hours.

The way forward:

You need to be registered under an upline that promotes their referral link on blogs, social networks, and by word of the mouth, and here's where we come in.

If you found this post while searching on Google, Bing, or Yandex, it means hundreds of people searching for 'What is Fivebuckx.com, Is Fivebuckx a scam or legit?' are also viewing this post daily and as such, there are new members registering through our link daily.

Using our referral link to register on Fivebuckz means spillover from our 4 x 1 matrix into the matrix of our indirect downlines, hence it's a win-win situation.

Not to derail further

The last section of this post will show you how to earn fast from Fivebuckx within 24 hours.

4. Confirmation of payment reception: 

Each time you have been paid, you will have to confirm that you have received payment in order for your downline to be activated.

You can do this by:

  • Clicking on the Approve button on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

5. User Payment of ₦1,500 to move into level 2: 

On receiving your level 1 payments completely, you will be required to make a donation of 1,500 Naira to another member.

Always ensure that you call the person whose details are displayed to you before and after making payment.

6. Movement of User into Level 2 to receive ₦1,500 from 16 Members: 

In level 2, you will now be receiving ₦1,500 from 16 members. This will amount to 24,000 Naira.

7. User cycles out and optionally restarts: 

After level two, you can exit the platform or restart by paying 500 Naira to move from level 1 to level two again.

This process can be repeated as many time as you'll like because Fivebuckx has only two levels to give everyone equal opportunity to earn.

How to Earn 24,000 Naira Within One Week with FiveBuckx

The best part about Fivebuckx's investment fee is that it is pretty cheap. That being so, users are attracted to the affordable and spareable amount and are more willing to register, pay, and refer others.

To earn 24,000 Naira within one week on Fivebuckx, use this to your advantage by sharing your referral link on Social Networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Promoting your link does not only mean faster and higher earnings for you, but also for your downlines.

Don't let the excuse of I cant refer hold you back from registering because how much you earn will be determined your upline's capability to refer and how much you share your link.


Whether you're a student, Corp member, Government Worker or Self employed, there always a need to make that extra income. 

Instead of roaming the streets looking for jobs or waiting till the end of the month before getting your next pay, you can determine how much you make in a month and when you get it with Five buckx.com.

The risk level is very low, and the returns are very high. Can you spare 500 bucks? Then Click here to join Fivebuckz


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