GTB Internet Banking Login Details

Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking Nigeria, as well as Online banking platforms managed by Diamond, Access, and Zenith banks, make it easy for their account holders to carry out transactions.

You no longer have to transport yourself to a GTbank bank branch office, stand on a long queue for hours, and rely on bank's network speed to determine when or how you receive and send payments.

With GTBank online banking on Phone, Tablet, and PC, significant advancement has been made in comparison with the use of ATMs that still offer swift transactions, but not as fast as one that is done on a virtual network.

Generally, you are not limited by time, space, and distance as is the case of the new economic system thanks to owning a GTBank Internet Banking Login details.


What are the Features of GTBank Internet Banking?

The features of GTBank Internet Banking Service that make it a good alternative to offline banking include:

  • Ability to transfer funds (using a Phone, Tablet, or PC) from your Savings or Current account to another GTbank accounts or other banks.
  • Ability to pay for goods and services such as buy cryptocurrencies online, flight bookings and US Visa fee etc using either an Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Computer.
  • The GTBank internet Banking features allow you to change details pertaining to your account.
  • Ability to transfer US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, and other foreign currencies from a functional GTBank domiciliary account to any part of the world. 
  • The level of security of your GTbank internet account is enhanced with the use of passwords that can be changed frequently.
  • Ability to check your GTBank account balance online, account statement, transaction history and other details pertaining to your account.

Do you stand to gain all these just by having a GTBank Internet Banking Login details?


Why you Should use GTBank Internet Banking


If you've ever had to wait till the Holidays or Weekends are over before you can make a transaction, then the benefits of GTBank Online Banking cannot be over-emphasized.

If you're also an investor in Cryptocurrency or Ponzi schemes that require payments to be made during the day and at night, then you should already have an idea of what you stand to enjoy.

With these life-like scenarios, here's why you should sign up for GTB Online Banking Service that works just like the GTBank Mobile app on Google PlayStore.

Here's one,
  • The convenience of making Transfers from your home, School, Office, Church, or the Market.
You should know these too.
  • The Banking system is available for use irrespective of what day or the time it is, ensuring that you can access your account 24/7.
  • An easy user interface that makes it simple for you to navigate and grasp what each feature is.
  • A sophisticated smartphone before being able to transact on GTBank Online Banking is s not a requirement.

Do all these sound good to you and a really better alternative to banking offline? 

If yes,

Let's show you the GTBank Internet Banking registration process so you can join the trend.

How to Register for GTBank Internet Banking

Here, we'll be showing you the requirements for the GTBank online bank to help you get started.

There are two ways you can do this, either by registering directly on the official website www.gtbank.com or submit a scanned copy of a completed GTBank online banking form.

Whichever option you choose to use for your registration should be one that is most convenient for you and will get a faster response.

Option 1. Register for Internet Banking on GTBank's website,

  • Enter your Debit card's NUBAN ( A combination of the 12th, 14th, 11th, 8th and 8th digits of your Card Number.
  • Next, enter your Card Number.
  • Also, enter the Card's Expiry Date,
  • Finally, Enter the Card's 3-digit Security Pin which is located behind the ATM card.

If the details you provide are correct and correspond to that of a GTBank account holder, your internet banking account will be created.

Once created, your Internet Banking login details (User ID and Password) will be sent to you via Email.

Option 2: Register for GTBank Internet Banking Using Online Request Form

The first step,

  • Sign up by downloading and filling the GTBank Internet banking request form.

Requirements of the form include Account details like your Account Name, Account Number, Old Email, New Email (Only if you want to change to a new email).

You will also have to pre-select services such as 'Transfer to any GTBank', 'Cash in Transit', 'Bill Payment', 'Exchange Rate', ' Standing order to GTBank' and 'Stop Cheque', which you want to be part of your personal GTBank Online account.

  • After completing the form, you can either submit it via email or at any GTBank branch office in Nigeria

To submit via email, upload the completed form and send to internetbanking@gtbank.com

Note: If you choose to enter a new email than the one you're using in your GTBank offline account, it must an active mail you have access to and most especially, get email notifications on Phone.

This is because when your GTBank Online Banking account has been created, a notification message will be sent to you via mail with your online account details.

How to Use GTBank Internet Banking

Now that you have registered and your GTBank internet banking details such as User ID and password has been sent to your email or phone number, how can you make the most of the platform?

Wait a Second!

If you haven't received these login details to your GTBank Online Banking account, you can still access it by dialing *737*6*5# from the phone number used in registering your GTBank Account.

Let's continue.

  • Login to your Online account here
  • Bypass the GTBank Scam Alert warning page by selecting 'Click here to Login'.

  • On the preceding page, enter your GTBank Internet Banking User ID/Email and password. You can use your device's keyboard to type your USER ID/Email, but you can only use the onscreen keyboard provided on the site.
  • Tick the Checkbox 'Remember my UserID' if you are not using a shared Android Phone, PC, or Tablet.
  • Finally, click on the Login button.
You should now be able to access your account in order to make GTB online transfers, check your GTB account balance online, pay utility bills, buy MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel airtime, check the current exchange rate and many more!.

To transfer money to another GTB account or a different bank,

  • Goto the 'Account Transfer' section on the right corner user interface and select 'Own Account Transfer'.

To transfer US dollars to another GTB account or a domiciliary account in another Bank

  • Goto the 'FX Transactions' section.
Keep in mind that you will need a GTBank Token device or an auto-generated USSD token to activate your account since this is your first time of using the internet banking account. 

A token device is a hardware that is used to generate a One Time Password (OTP) for Online Transactions.

The device costs about ₦2,000 while  one time autogenerate USSD token costs ₦10 per token generated


A temporary USSD token can be generated by dialing *7377# from your registered phone number, whereas a token device which secures your internet banking transactions will have to be acquired at any GTBank branch in your area.

How to Activate a New GTBank Token Device

After getting the token device, what do you do in order to make transfers on the GTBank Internet Banking Platform or even the GTB Mobile App?

You need to activate it before you can use it, and this activation must be done within 24 hours after purchasing it from a bank branch.

In this section, I'll show you how to activate a new GTBank Token device within some minutes.

  • First, Log into your GTB Online account using your User ID/email and password.
  • Navigate to 'Settings' menu,
  • Then proceed on entering the token ID (10 serial numbers) that is located behind the device, excluding the hyphen (-), in this case, 1235773555
  • Tick the checkbox 'Acknowledge',
  • Finally, select 'Continue'.
  • When presented with 'Scam Alert Acknowledgement Successful.', select 'OK'

On successful completion of the GTBank token acknowledgment process, you will get a notification message via SMS.


With GTB Internet/Online Banking, you are not only taking advantage of the new-age e-banking features offered by one of the most popular banks in Nigeria but making your life an easier one.

If you have more inquiries on GTB internet Banking, you can write to GTBank support via email internetbanking@gtbank.com.

You can also speak to a GTBank online representative by calling the GTConnect contact center on 234-1-4480000, 0700-482666328, and 08029002900. 


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