Cryptocurrency Airdrop Coins For February 2018

Cryptocurrency Airdrop Coins For February 2018: One of the easiest ways of making money online is by trading crypto coins or buying these coins during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage.

In trades, you can follow the logic of buying when the price is low and selling when the price is high, while in ICOs,

You can support the developers of the Coin with a certain percentage of the startup capital needed for the coin, then wait in hopes that they actually know what they're doing to make it a coin with immense value.


Either of these involves you spending your own cash in order to get profit in the end.

But what happens when all doesn't go as planned and the coin you bought devalues less than the price you bought it during ICO?

I'll tell you!

You'll lose big time and also get frustrated especially if your invested capital was not your spare money or more than what you could afford to lose.

But then, does one ever have spare money?

I doubt.πŸ˜–

This is the case of crypto coins like Gold reward (GRX), SFI coin (SFI), and Oalend Coin (OAC), whose current prices are less than that offered during ICO.


High profits yielded from Crypto coins is equivalent to high losses to be made most especially if you're new to trading or generally, new to the Crypto world.

Check here on how to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.


How can you curtail these losses or eliminate them entirely?

By applying for free airdrop tokens whose worth after the ICO will either leave you in profit or NO losses made.

Here's the best part:

You don't even have to pay a dime to get these coins, hence you'll be less concerned if they make it to the Exchanges  (Cryptopia, Bittrex, Poloniex, Mercatox, and Binance) or their price hikes significantly.

For a more detailed explanation on Crypto Airdrops, why they are offered by developers and their benefits, refer to this post on Cryptocurrency Airdrop Coins For January 2018

Active Airdrop Coins For February 2018

These are the Airdrops that are ongoing in February 2018.

This list will be updated frequently with more Airdrop tokens as they are being offered within the month.

Keep in mind that they may close anytime soon, hence you should apply for them immediately with your ERC20 wallet Address (example MyEtherWallet Address and not an address from Exchanges).

For the sake of those that are new to the Crypto World, here's how to create an ERC20 wallet address for receiving tokens.

  • Download your KeyStore file.
  • Click on 'Save and Continue'.
  • On the next page, copy the Private key you're shown as this is the Secret key you will use to access this wallet in order to transfer your tokens.
  • Next, Click on 'Print Paper Wallet', and your Private Key and ERC20 Address will be displayed to you.
  • Copy and save both in a text editor, as you'll always need them.

  • Finally, Click on 'Save Your Address' on the  previous Webpage

Note: Whatever you do, not share you Private key with anyone, as you might lose your tokens.

Now that's out of the way, here are Airdrops you can apply for free tokens in February, and these are their requirements.

  • Submit your ERC20 wallet address to them, 
  • Copy your referral link and invite your friends to get more tokens. (Referral is optional on most, but just a way you can get coins than the average registrar)
  • Also follow them on Telegram, Twitter or Medium if it is required as some do.

Also, Follow us on Telegram to get instant notification when there is a new Airdrop

1. DGTXToken Post-ICO: Did you miss buying the DGTXTokens during ICO?

Then here's another chance at the DGTXTokens Auction.

Get 100 Million DGTX Token Auction Starts 15th February 2018 and extra tokens for each friend you invite

Earn $3 worth of ETH when you refer your friends to the DGTX token sale and 30% of whatever your friends spend during the token sale.

2. Hurify Referral Airdrop

Hurify Inc. founded by Ex-Intel veterans is an Ethereum based decentralized platform that facilitates IoT Developers to monetize their IoT hardware resources and services via Smart Contracts.

Submit your eth address to Telegram Bot and get 50 tokens for every friend you refer.

3. Havven Airdrop: Get up to 20 Free tokens directly from this Airdrop by signing up. It has great potential like Bitcoinwhite and PolyMath tokens.

4. ShareChain Airdrop: Now trading On Mercatox and Bitz (

Enter Your Ether Address, follow them on Telegram To Get 188 Tokens

5.  U network

Get 100 free tokens just for submitting your eth address and more toke s when you refer.

6. Ceek Airdrop

7. Ecom

8. VVP

9. Closer coin

10. Acuteangle

11. Birdchain

12.   SGPAY: Receive free airdrop tokens from telegram bot

13. ShareChain: Register for free Airdrop

14. Tubi: Enter your eth address to get 88 tokens and then submit your unique code on Telegram

Update 5th/February/2018

14. DACC

15. OJUT

16. CNN Airdrop: CNN is a blockchain-based digital content ecosystem. You can get 128 CNN coins for applying and another 128 free CNN for each friend you invite. for FREE

Update 9th/February/2018

17. DGTXToken Post-ICO: Did you miss buying the DGTXTokens during ICO?

Then here's another chance at the DGTXTokens Auction.

Earn $3 worth of ETH when you refer your friends to the DGTX token sale and 30% of whatever your friends spend during the token sale.

Get 100 Million DGTX Token Auction Starts 15th February 2018 and extra tokens for each friend you invite

18. Nexo Airdrop: Nexo is airdropping 1 Million NEXO tokens! Get 20 Free NEXO Tokens by completing a 2-min short survey!

The first 10,000 participants will receive double.

19. Mex: Enter your ERC20 wallet address to receive tokens. Also, refer your friends to earn.

20. EverMarkets Airdrop: Chat with Telegram bot to earn $5 worth of tokens

21. KEPLER Airdrop: KEPLER is distributing free tokens to a max. 5,000 community members. Claim your KEP tokens by filling out the form.

22.  SAMFins airdrop

Update 10th/February/2018

23. Vyper Airdrop: For every referral that signs up, confirms their email address and joins our Telegram channel you will receive 5 OPEN tokens!

Maximum payout 200 OPEN per user.

All tokens will be distributed after the completion of our token sale.

24. S-ROAD

25.Cortex Airdrop: Each time you share the link with your friends, you get 5 Cortex Coins!

I've just received 5 Cortex Coins from Cortex Labs Airdrop! Click the referral link to get your 5 Cortex Coins:

26. DTA: Join $DTA Airdrop. Get 20 tokens each time you Invite your friends and register through a referral link.

27. soft2b Airdrop

Update 13th/February/2018

28. Friendz Airdrop: Sign up first, go to your dashboard and receive reward points.

29. Swift Demand: Get 100 swift coins every 9hours

30. Finacia Airdrop: Fill this Google Form to apply

31. Jet8 Airdrop Join Telegram and follow instructions to get Tokens

32. .SportyCo Airdrop: Get 20 SPF tokens! Already listed on CMC & traded 

33. Rblock

34. Bitpaction: Get 100 free tokens for registering

35. BlockMesh: Get 400 Free tokens just for signing up. Pre-sale has ended and ICO begins on 28th February.


Update 16th/February/2018

36. ODYSSEY Airdrop: Get 5 OCN for free


37 .EGGtokens: Share your unique link via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and earn a 100 EGGtokens for each friend who signs up for the Beta EGGtoken Airdrop.


Update 17th/February/2018

38. Indx: Get 1,000 coins for registering. Enter your country code before phone number


39. Crowdvilla


40. Woter Airdrop: Share the following link and earn 5 WOT up to $1.25 USD of tokens for each user registration.


41. Fish chain Airdrop 一個θ‡ͺεΈΆθ™›ζ“¬θ³‡η”’δΊ€ζ˜“ζ‰€ηš„ε€ε‘Šιˆι€Šι­šιŠζˆ²。ζ˜₯η―€η™Όη³–ζžœε•¦!ι‚„ζœ‰εƒΉε€Ό500$ηš„ι™ι‡η‰ˆη”’εΉ£ι­šηΌΈ!


42. Tatticoin


43. Consentium: Telegram Bot crypto airdrop


44. Maxdata


45. Bitbix: Get free 20 coins for completing survey


Update 20th/February/2018

46. CTEChain (Career Trust Ecosystem Chain) rebuilds traditional hiring practices and is committed to creating a new hiring style that "Everyone is a Headhunter.”


1. Click
2. Copy your link to the telegram group  to earn 6.66 CTE tokens
3. Spread the love and earn more for you and friends. Each gets 6.66 CTE tokens

47. Shping Coin


How to Check Your Tokens

In this section, I'll show you how to know if the free Airdrop tokens you applied for have been sent to your MyEtherWallet.

They usually get sent two to three weeks after the Airdrop has been completed.

To begin,

  • Goto
  • Enter you MEW address in the search field, then hit the 'Enter' key
  • The details of your wallet will be displayed, showing you the current transactions made and the total holdings.

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