Best Mechanical Engineering Apps for Android

Mechanical Engineering Apps for Android: As an engineering or science student, you need your formulas close by and a constant reminder of laws, theories, and hypothesis.

This can be made possible by downloading an engineering app on your Android phone, iPhone, or PC that does not lose the original content/meaning of the hardcopy book such as diagrams that aid in better learning and quick understanding.

Amongst these two platforms (phone and PC), one that will allow for easy access irrespective of where you are (on the road, hanging out with friends or in the church) and what time of the day, is the mobile app on your phone.

These apps contain the electronic versions of textbooks such as Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, and Electrical Engineering, whose weight and volume makes it difficult to carry about,

But thanks to your smartphone, you can still be the geek with their soft copy and as a student or professional, you can cover your course syllabus before exams or a job interview.

MTK  Engineering Apps for Android

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Mechanical Engineering Apps Download for Android

Given below, are the best mechanical engineering apps for Android that you can install of your phone to make the most of your time and speed up your learning process.

1. MTK Engineering Mode

MTK Engineering Mode app allows you to activate certain user restricted settings on cheap Android devices powered by the MediaTek processor such as Infinix, Tecno, Elephone, and Oppo.

As these settings are manufacturer's settings, they control advanced features of the phone such as the number of cores the CPU can use for processing, the ability to uninstall bloatware, and much more.

With your ability to root your Android phone and tweak these features with the help of MTK mode app, you can make your phone faster and more flexible.


2. Basic Electrical Engineering

Google Play Store Review: 4.1/5

Basic Electrical Engineering eBook for Android covers a wide range of topics, each having detailed explanations, diagrams, equations and formulas to improve your knowledge of the field.

The topics make a total of 100, broadly categorized into 5 chapters and serve as a reference material for topics like Flash Card Notes.

With this engineering app download, you can learn easily, set reminders for study times, update the material and also share them on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Other than the great resources found in this app, you can also find news and blogs on the course as well as share your opinion on the course.

Some topics covered in this app include:

1. Introduction of electrical engineering
2. Voltage and current
3. Electric Potential and Voltage
4. Conductors and Insulators
5. Conventional versus electron flow
6. Ohm's Law
7. Kirchoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
8. Kirchoff's Current Law (KCL)
9. Polarity of voltage drops
10. Branch current method
11. Mesh current method
12. Introduction to network theorems
13. Thevenin's Theorem
14. Norton's Theorem
15. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
16. star-delta transformation
17. Source Transformation
18. voltage and current sources
19. loop and nodal methods of analysis
20. Unilateral and Bilateral elements

And lots more!


3. Engineering mathematics

Google Play Store Review: 4.1/5

Engineering Mathematics app for Android is an eBook covering 80 advanced mathematics topics categorized into 5 broad chapters that make it a valuable reference material.

Included in this softcopy are notes, diagrams, graphs, news and blogs relating to the topics, each of which serves to cover a topic in detail.

Some of the topics covered in this app are:

1. Leibnitz Theorem
2. Problems on Leibnitz Theorem
3. Differential Calculus-I
4. Radius of Curvature
5. Radius of Curvature in Parametric Form
6. Problems on Radius of Curvature
7. Radius of Curvature in Polar Form
8. Cauchy’s Mean Value Theorem
9. Taylor’s Theorem
10. Problems on Fundamental Theorem
11. Partial Derivatives
12. Euler Lagrange Equation
13. Curve Tracing
14. Change of Variable Theorem
15. Problems on Differential Calculus I
16. Indeterminate Forms
17. Problems on L' Hospital Rule
18. Various Indeterminate Forms
19. Problems on Various Indeterminate Forms
20. Taylor’s Theorem For Function of Two Variables

And many more!


4. Engineering physics

Google Play Store Review: 4.0/5

Engineering Physics app for Android is an Ebook for science students and professionals.

It covers 60 topics broadly classified into 4 chapters.

Each chapter has detailed notes, diagrams, graphs and formulas as would be required for a Physics textbook.

With a deep understanding of each topic gained, you can share your views on blogs as well as complete your research with this free handbook of Engineering physics.

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. Introduction to wave mechanics
2. de-Broglie matter waves
3. The Schrodinger equation
4. Wave-Particle Duality
5. Phase and group velocity
6. Davisson-Germer Experiment
7. Physical significance of wave function
8. Particle in a 1D-box
9. Principles of X-ray Diffraction
10. Braggs spectrometer
11. Compton Effect
12. Experimental verification: Compton Effect
13. Ultrasonic Production
14. Piezoelectric effect
15. Piezoelectric generator
16. Detection of Ultrasonic Waves
17. Acoustic Grating
18. application of ultrasonics
19. Ultrasonic Cleaning applications
20. Dielectric Constant


5. Learning Architecture

Google Play Store Review: 3.9/5

Learning Architecture Android app is an engineering textbook that covers 22 detailed topics on the Principals of Town Planning and Architecture.

In its study guide are notes, diagrams, and graphs on each topic; topics that make up 5 chapters of the textbook.

Some of the topics covered in this app are:

1. Brief history of architecture
2. Introduction and principles of Town planning
3. Planning surveys
4. Preparation of Base Map
5. Land Distribution
6. Master Plan in Town Planning
7. Concept of habitat including environment pollution
8. Satellite town
9. Garden City concept
10. Neighborhood Planning
11. Development of Material through ages
12. Evolution of architectural forms
13. Anesthetics and functional proportions
14. Principles of architecture design
15. Building Bye-laws
16. Role of architects
17. Architectural drawings
18. Anatomy of Architectural Drawing
19. Zoning
20. Different symbols used in the building industry


6. Software Engineering

Google Play Store Review: 4.7/5

Software Engineering app for Android and Tablet is an eBook on Computer science engineering programs & software degree courses.

In this app, are 150 topics such as project management, problem analysis, data flow, etc. categorized into 10 chapters.

You can find notes, flow chart diagrams, graphs, and mathematical formulas in this Android engineering app, all of which combine to make your study easy to understand and remember.

As with the others, you can edit this material by adding your own notes where necessary, set reminders and share the topics on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. The Problem Domain
2. Software is Expensive
3. Late and Unreliable
4. Maintenance and Rework
5. The Software Engineering Challenges
6. Scale
7. Quality and Productivity
8. The Software Engineering Approach
9. Phased Development Process
10. Managing the Process
11. Software Development Life Cycle
12. Project Management Methodology
13. S/W Process
14. Component S/W Processes
15. Predictability
16. Support Testability and Maintainability
17. Support Change
18. Early Defect Removal
19. Process Improvement and Feedback
20. Waterfall Model


7. Theory of Machines

Theory of machine is a mechanical engineering Android app with 161 topics such as dynamics of machinery and acceleration of a particle along a circular path in 5 different chapters.

Just like the hard copy textbook, you can find notes with graphs, diagrams, formulas, and equations in this app, making it a good replacement for the hard copy.

With this app, you can make lecture notes while you revise, share your views on blogs and take advantage of its topics as a guide for your project work

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. Tom definition
2. Fundamental units
3. International System of Units
4. Presentation of units and their values
5. Rules for S.I. units
6. Force
7. Scalars and vectors
8. Kinematics of motion
9. Linear displacement
10. Equations of linear motion
11. Graphical representation of displacement with respect to time
12. Graphical representation of velocity with respect to time
13. Graphical representation of acceleration with respect to time
14. Kinematic motion (Numerical)
15. Angular displacement
16. Relation between linear motion and angular motion
17. Acceleration of a particle along a circular path
18. Newton's Laws of motion
19. Mass and weight
20. Force unit


8. Design of Steel Structure

Google Play Store Review: 4.2/5

Design of Steel Structures Android app for Civil engineering students covers topics 160 topics such as curvature analysis, structural analysis, steel calculation, and steel structures.

These topics make up 5 chapters of the book, each with theoretical and practical notes, diagrams, and graphs for easy and fast learning.

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

1. Degrees of Freedom and Indeterminacy
2. Statically Indeterminate Structures -Direct Stiffness Method
3. Member Stiffness Matrix
4. Coordinates Transformation
5. Displacement Transformation
6. Assembly of Structure Stiffness Matrix
7. Calculation of Member Forces
8. Treatment of Internal Loads
9. Treatment of Pins
10. Temperature Effects
11. Temperature Gradient
12. Elastic and Plastic Behavior of Steel
13. Moment - Curvature Relationship in an Elastic-Plastic Range
14. Elastic-Plastic Behavior
15. Fully Plastic Section
16. Plastic Hinge
17. Comparison of Linear Elastic and Plastic Designs
18. Limit States Design
19. Overview of Design Codes for Plastic Design
20. General Elastoplastic Analysis of Structures


9. Fluid Mechanics: Engineering

Google Play Store: 4.0

Fluid Mechanics Android app is for Mechanical, civil, Chemical engineering Students and professionals.

This book covers 125 topics in areas such as the Cascades in Motion, Cascade Performance, Mach Number Effect, Method of Solution for Single Airfoil and Brake Horsepower and Efficiency Curves; all classified into 5 chapters.

Other topics covered in the app are:

1. Energy Equation
2. General Introduction
3. Momentum Transfer Principles
4. Euler Theory (Elementary)
5. Modern Theory of Turbomachines
6. Necessity for flow unsteadiness
7. Approximate calculation of deviation after Stodola
8. Some Practical Considerations (Actual Machine Design)
9. Coefficients and Efficiencies
10. Dimensional Analysis
11. Application of Dimensional Analysis on Turbomachines
12. Performance Curves
13. Reynolds Number Effect
14. Specific Speed
15. Hydraulic Turbines
16. Cascade Nomenclature
17. Lift and Drag
18. The Cascades in Motion
19. Cascade Performance
20. Mach Number Effect


10. Basic Electronics Engineering

Google Play Store Review: 4.0/5

The contents of Basic Electronics Engineering Android app can be used as a syllabus for electronics engineering programs & degree courses.

This app consists of 100 topics grouped into 5 chapters.

Each topic consists of notes, equations, formulas, graphs, and diagrams to give an easy understanding of the topic at hand.

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. Introduction to Electronics Engineering
2. Basic quantities
3. Passive and active devices
4. Semiconductor Devices
5. Current in Semiconductors
6. P-N Junction
7. Diodes
8. Power Diode
9. Switching
10. Special-Purpose Diodes
11. Tunnel diode and Optoelectronics
12. Diode Approximation
13. Applications of diode: Half wave Rectifier and Full Wave Rectifier
14. Bridge Rectifier
15. Clippers
16. Clamper Circuits
17. Positive Clamper
18. Voltage Doubler
19. Zener Diode
20. Zener Regulator


11. Wireless Communications

Google Play Store Review: 4.3/5

Wireless Communications Android eBook for Engineering Students consists of 135 useful topics in 5 chapters merged with diagrams and graphs, equations, formulas, and notes.

You can also get the latest news powered by Google news on international engineering & technology.

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. A Reference model for Mobile Communication
2. Frequencies for radio transmission
3. Regulations
4. Signals
5. Antennas
6. Signal propagation
7. Basic Methods of Propagation
8. Additional signal propagation effects
9. Multi-path propagation
10. Multiplexing
11. Digital Modulation
12. Multi-carrier modulation
13. Spread spectrum
14. Direct sequence spread spectrum
15. Frequency hopping spread spectrum
16. Cellular systems
17. Small-Scale Fading and its effects
18. Factors Influencing Small-Scale Fading
19. Doppler Shift
20. Impulse Response Model of a Multipath Channel


12. Learn Web Development

Google Play Store Review: 4.1/5

Learn web development app for Android incorporates tutorials on web and internet technologies to help you learn software engineering.

If you want to learn how to design a website, then you'll need the guidelines on writing HTML, Javascript, and CSS codings in this book.

There are 200 topics in this book and 5 chapters, a large number covering the topics you will most likely have interest in.

Some of the topics covered in the app are:

1. Principles of internet
2. The URL
3. Client-server model
4. Local and Remote procedure calls
6. HTML version timeline
7. XHTML versions
8. HTML Elements
9. Headings in HTML
10. Paragraphs in HTML
11. Closing Tag in HTML
12. Line Breaks in HTML
13. Comments in HTML
14. HTML Tag Attributes
15. Character entities and non-breaking space
16. Anchor Tag and the Href Attribute
17. Frames
18. Tables in HTML
19. Lists in HTML
20. Client-side scripting


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