Free Ringtones For Android 2018

Free Ringtones For Android, Name Ringtone: Your phone's ringtone can be an appealing sound that turns heads or a non-appealing sound that every one wishes would just end before it even begins.

Which is bound to happen is determined by the song set as the ringtone of your cell phone.

Android phones as with Windows, iOS, Java and Symbian phones come preloaded with tones, but what if,

  • You could make your own ringtone?
  • Assign a different ringtone to each contact on your phone?
  • Change your favorite song into a tone?
  • Use a song that really expresses your mood and feelings at a particular time?

You'll agree with me that not only will it make your ringtone unique, it'll also liven your mood and day.


Where can you download free, loud and funny music ringtones for Android in 2018?

How can you get iPhone ringtones for Android?


How can you convert any song into an mp3 ringtone?

These and much more will be covered in this post but before you proceed, ensure you have an Android antivirus app installed on your phone to avoid malware like viruses on your phone.

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Free Music Ringtones Download

Here, we'll be looking at a list of popular sites which are the best sources to download free ringtones from, as well as the best Android apps for ringtones.

These sites/apps are frequently updated and contain hundreds of tunes in categories such as music, alarm tones, message tones, movie and TV clips as well as sound effects.

Whether it's a site you use or an app, the chances of finding a suitable song for your next ringtone is very high.

Here is a list of top sites to download free music ringtones for Android and best apps full of free ringtones and notification sounds.

1. MTP Ringtones 

MTP is an all-in-one ringtone app that has a nice collection of songs and wallpapers you can choose from.

Its content is frequently updated to ensure that you get the latest ringtone irrespective of the genre.

Now, this app has a flexible and easy-to-use interface, so your navigation around it is bound to be smooth and easy.

It gets better!

You can also customize the ringtone for individual contacts on your phone right from the MTP app without necessarily doing it from your phone's settings.

That being so, you can know who is calling based on the ringtone even without looking at the caller ID displayed on your phone's screen.

In need of free ringtones and wallpapers? Then try MTP.

Download MTP Ringtones

2. Zedge 

Zedge is one of the most popular sources of ringtones, themes and wallpapers for Android, Tablet, and iOS.

Whether you're looking for a song or picture to customize your phone with, Zedge is an app you'll like to use because thousands of users on a daily basis are creating and uploading content to this site on a regular basis.

You can search for a ringtone in categories such as Comedy, Dance, Games, and Sound Effect, and find ringtones similar to it from a wide genre of Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, Hip-hop, Electronics etc.

You can either visit Zedge from a web browser or download Zedge ringtone app for Android and then go to the Ringtones section to make your selection.

For Zedge ringtones for iOS smartphones, you will have to download the ringtones to your PC first, and then move it to your phone.

Download Zedge

3. Today’s Hit Ringtones

Today’s Hit is an app you can use in downloading free ringtones on your Android in order to customize it.

You can either search for a particular song, go through the categorized sections/genres/types or download from the list of the day's hit songs provided in the app.

With a lot of criteria such as the number of downloads and searches for a song determining the day's hit ringtone, you can rest assured of getting the best ringtone for your phone.

Download Today’s Hit Ringtones

4. Audiko Ringtones

Either on the Audiko app or website, you can find over 2 million ringtones for your cell phone by going through categories such as SMS ringtones, most favorite ringtones, and top ringtones in the United States.

Like the aforelisted apps, each ringtone is classified based on its genre and artist, making it easy for you to go through this huge collection.

There is also a list of the top 100 ringtones on the site in genres such as electronic, trance, rock, techno, heavy metal, the 80s, etc., which are popular ringtones amongst users of the site that you might also fancy.

Other than ringtones, you can download free wallpapers for Android on Audiko; wallpapers that are over 20,000.

A unique feature of this app is its ability to sync songs from Google Play Music if by any means they cannot be found in their music library.

You can also determine the length of the ringtone and set from which point it is to be played from by cutting.

Download Audiko Ringtones

5. Mobile 9 

There is a whole lot of stuff you can find on Mobile 9 as a file sharing and downloading site for Android.

There are files ranging from ebooks, games, apps, themes, wallpapers, ringtones, funny photos, GIFs, memes and lots more.

The Mobile 9 app makes it very easy to access the content on the site instead of via bookmarks on a web browser.

On the site, you can customize your search based on popularity, all-time best ringtones, and most recently added ringtones

For about a decade now, it has been a good resource for downloading mobile widgets and is still reputable for offering the best you can find out there.

Download Mobile 9

6. Tones7

Here is another website to download mp3, OGG, MP4 ringtones for free by searching based on popularity, genre, or most recent ones.

You can also make your own ringtones in M4R or MP3 file formats using the inbuilt ringtone maker of this app, and with an allocated unlimited storage space, you can upload them to Tones7.

Now unlike the aforelisted, downloads can only be done by downloading from the site to your computer and then move it to your phone.

This transfer can be done very fast via wifi by using the Xender app to move files between both devices.

7. mob.org

On mob.org, you can find a different genre of ringtones for download for Android, Windows or iOs.

Like Mobile 9, you are not only limited to ringtones, you can find the best and Android games, apps, wallpapers, themes, and videos.

Its large collection ensures that you'll find the right song for your next ringtone.

Visit  mob.org

8.  Mobiles24

Mobiles24 can be used to source for trending caller ringtones and alarm tones for Android phones.

It provides a search bar to allow you narrow down to a smaller list of choices grouped by title, genre, and artist.

You can either download ringtones on mobiles24 to your PC first or scan the QR code of the song to save a copy on your Android phone.

Visit Mobiles24

9.Free Ringtones

For more free Android ringtones, then here's one more site you should go.

The name 'Free Ringtones' says it all because you don't have to pay a dime for the songs you download.

But keep in mind that you are bound to encounter ads, which may result in a bad user experience.

Asides that, this site is a good option amongst several others out there.

You can download Android ringtones as well as create ringtones for Android.

Visit Free Ringtones

10. Tonetweet

For the final website, ToneTweetgives you a collection of songs categorized into rock, bass, pop, country music etc to download music ringtones.

You can either search for ringtones or browse through popular sections or most trending ringtones for the day.

Visit ToneTweet 


You can find your favorite songs on one or more of the free ringtones downloading sites for Android, use some of them to create ringtones and modify the length of ringtones right from your phone.

While there are several sources of free ringtones on the net, these are the best since they do not redirect you to irrelevant pages and at the same time, offer premium content that is totally free.

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