How to Remove Glass Screen Protector

Here's how to remove a glass screen protector on iPhone, Android, and Tablets, and replace it with a new tempered glass screen protector.

What is a Tempered Glass Screen

The glass is usually known to be fragile, but here's a case where it isn't entirely true.

Tempered glass is a hardened glass that has strength, strong enough to offer a protective covering to a device's screen from.

It protects it from dents, smudges, scratches that may eventually lead to cracks.

The Benefits of a Tempered Glass Screen

The purpose of a glass screen on your smartphone's display is to make it have durability by providing a hardened surface that can withstand the impact of falls from certain heights, and collision with hard objects or surfaces.

If you're one with butter fingers where your phone encounters frequent slips and falls,


You're someone that tends to leave your phone beside sharp objects like inside a pocket with your car key, then these protective glass screens can be very helpful.

Here's the deal:

These glass protectors can degrade and get damaged with time, with noticeable scratches and cracks seen on it.

This will bring the need to replace it since it'll be a less efficient protective of your device with its worn out strength.

If you were provided with more than one glass screen in the toolkit of the tempered glass you purchased or can easily acquire another,

How then can you replace a tempered screen protector on your iPhone, iPad, and Android?

Do you go straight ahead and peel it off the device's screen?

Not at all!

Here are some of the steps to replace or remove your worn out tempered glass screen protector without damaging your smartphone's screen in the process.

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How to Replace a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Depending on the degree of damage on the tempered glass screen, you can choose one of these methods to carefully remove the glass from your screen.

Option 1

This method can be best used if the damage on the tempered screen is not much or there are no damages at all but you want to still change it because,

It wasn't aligned properly or,

You just want to switch to a new tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone, Android or iPad.

1. Use a hand hair dryer for 15 seconds to blow dry the adhesion on the screen surface that makes the tempered glass stick to your screen.

2. Use a dental floss or toothpick to lift the edges of the glass and gently separate all the sides from the screen.

3. If you're using a toothpick, in this case, ensure that the sharp edge of the object faces upward and not downwards while you work with it.

This will make sure that the marks left as a result of the sharp edge of the object is on the inner side of the damaged tempered glass and not on your phone's screen.

4. Finally, pull the tempered glass off the screen by gently peeling with the toothpick from all four corners. Do not focus on only one edge to avoid breakage halfway.

Option 2

This method is the best if the tempered glass has been shattered into different pieces.

1. Apply some warmth to the screen by blow drying it with a hair dryer or a hand dryer for phones.

2. Using the steps in the toothpick method outlined above, pick the edges of the tempered glass apart, separating each corner from the screen.

3. Make the gap between the tempered glass and screen wide enough to slide in a plastic Identity Card, Complimentary card or credit card.

4. Use the card and toothpick to separate the edges of the tempered glass from the phone.

5. After picking apart the edges, move either card (plastic Identity card or credit card) towards the device's center by gently pushing upwards.


Ensure you work on all four sides of the glass at the same time instead of focusing on one or two corners, and move very slowly in order not to break the tempered glass.

Option 3

This method is best if the damage on the screen is moderate and not high, and the screen is a plastic screen guard. 

1. Place a duct tape on two fingers by rolling the outer part on both fingers while the inner piece of the duct tape containing the gum can be seen on the surface.

2. Move your fingers to the edge of the tempered glass screen protector and stick the surface of the duct tape to it.

3. Once glued to the glass screen, roll your fingers gently towards the middle of the tempered glass, separating both screens from each other.

Whichever option you go with, the last resort you should never try is taking off a tempered glass screen protector with your fingernails or a razor blade, because both are dangerous both to you and your device's screen.

How To Install a New Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Having taken off the old or damaged screen, I'll like to believe a tempered glass screen protector replacement is what you have in mind to maintain the sleek design of your screen.

If that's the case, 

Here are the steps to replace or re-install a tempered glass screen protector on an iPhone, Android, and Tablets.

Option 1

This method is most preferred if your new tempered glass came with a toolkit, to give you ease in installing it.

1. Make sure that your hands are dry and clean with no oil or dust particles on it.

2. Use the spray solution contained in a bottle inside your toolkit to wet your device's screen, cleaning it with a soft cloth to make it dust and dirt free.

3. Take off the back covering of the glass to reveal its sticky behind.

4. Also, apply some of the solutions on the glass screen protector to keep it moist during the installation process.

5. Place the glass screen on your device's screen and align it to fit the display's size.

6. Apply a squeegee to control the flow of liquid and remove the leftover solution between your screen's display and the tempered glass, and finally smoothen the surface with a credit card. 

Ensure that you smoothen moving from the center to the glass's edges.

7. Leave your device to dry for some minutes after the setup which will ensure that the tempered glass is firmly attached to the screen.

Option 2

This method is most preferred if your tempered glass did not come with toolkits and you have only the glass to work with.

1. Ensure your hands are dry and dirt free in order not to leave any traces beneath the tempered glass.

The traces may be visible once the glass has been attached to the screen, but may not be much of an issue, but it'll give your device's screen less of an appealing look.

2. While your hands are dust, oil, and water free, use an alcohol pad, a lint-free microfiber pad, or a soft cloth (comes with most glass protectors) to wipe the screen clean.

This will remove the leftover sticker from the previous tempered glass protector and any other dirt that would've accumulated at its sides.

3. Separate the back covering from your new tempered glass, take note of the dimension of the tempered glass and your screen to know the best-fit angle.

Based on your judgment, carefully place the tempered glass on your screen.

4. Next, use a credit card or complimentary card to smoothen the surface of the tempered glass on your device's screen.

Work from the center to the edges and not vice versa, to avoid air bubbles forming beneath the tempered glass protector.

5. Finally, remove the front covering from the tempered screen to reveal its hardened screen. 


Following the outlined steps above on how to remove a tempered glass screen protector on iPhone, Android, and Tablets, and how to replace them again, your smartphone's screen can stay protected and still maintain a premium look without having to change the display but the glass protectors occasionally.

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