15 Ways to Build Backlinks When You Have a New Site and No Money

Got a new site?

Then you're probably aware that one of the ways if not the best, to get to the top of Google search result pages is to build a reasonable amount of quality backlinks to your new site.

But what happens when you don't have the financial resources to help you acquire links or even hire an SEO expert to review your site in order to know its SEO needs,

Does it mean your chances of making your site visible on search engines is close to zero?

No, it isn't!

While you're even on the safer side of not buying links in the first place, using White Hat methods to acquire backlinks within a given period of time is what's advisable.

It gets better!

All the methods I'll be listing below are free, and while free things in the real world are usually less effective, it is not the case with these methods.

I'll break it down.

Processes required for each of these is a manual one and not an automated one.

Being manual, it is a White Hat SEO technique of link building because search engines like Google frown upon automatically generated links.


Manual processes take time, and this can be seen as an added advantage because all the links won't be pointing to your new site at the same time.

It'll take days, weeks, and even months to get these links and have them indexed by search engines, thereby spreading your link building over a period of time.

So you see, you're much better off building your own links.

While you may not be particularly interested in the brief intro above, let's cut the chase and goto to the main reason why you're here.

How can you build free quality backlinks to a new site?

And have the links boost your site's rank on SERPs within a matter of days or weeks?

Be patient mate! We'll get there😖.

For the benefit of those who are just learning SEO,

What are Backlinks?

Your site's link on any website on the internet is considered as a backlink to your site.

Several links to pages on your site found on other web pages on the net mean you have backlinks from those websites.

Are Backlinks Important or another waste of your time?

Yes, they are important!

Why is that?

Each link to your site counts as a vote from the site linking to your site.

Search engines like Google translate this to mean the credibility of a site because on a normal day, no one will be linking to a site with worthless content.

So, what if you get several of these so-called credibility links?

Now here's the deal:

Other than the number of quality links to your site being used to measure its TrustRank,

Your site gets more recognition from search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc., and with recognition comes higher rankings on their result pages.

At the moment,

Even though your new site has been indexed by Google, it can only come up in search results when you append the search string with the site's name.

But what happens when you search using keywords in your posts or the post title?

You and I know the result.

You're probably not even on page 10 for that given keyword😜.

Even if you are, each of those keywords probably has 100 to 200 monthly searches with little or no competition.

Now you don't sweat, there's still a ray of hope for your site down that archive.

Here's what it looks like:

  • Backlinks can move your site from those invisible pages to page 1 and 2 of Google pages.
  • Backlinks can help you rank for keywords with good search volumes.
  • Backlinks can improve your domain's authority.
  • Backlinks can improve your site's Alexa rank.
  • Backlinks are what you need!

Now let's go get some.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks for Free

I spoke of Backlinks in the previous sections, but keep in mind that not all are useful.

To achieve the expected rankings,

  • You need links from sites related to yours.
  • Links from sites with good domain authority.
  • Your link to be placed on a page with good page authority.

Generally, the site you place your link on must have SEO value.


Here's the proper way to build quality backlinks to your new site.

1. Your constant reminder is Quality Content

One of the most effective ways of getting backlinks without actually getting them yourself is to write quality content that people will want to link to.

If your content is good, it will be linked to and shared by your audience.

For this reason,

Spend time writing resourceful content that has good quality.

2. Find Broken Links on related sites

Another effective way of building links to your site is to find broken links on sites that are related to yours.

I emphasize on related sites because your content to be linked to must be related to theirs before they may be willing to approve it.

How do I begin?

Use a broken links SEO tools like Check My Link plugin or Online Broken Links Checker Tool to find external links which are broken on these sites.


Find sites that have rebranded either by,

  • Changing URL,
  • Discontinuing a service or,
  • Removing a site feature

You can find such sites by Inputting any of the search strings below on Google.

  • "page no longer exists"
  • "service not available"
  • "service no longer available"
  • "this website is no longer updated"
  • "this page is no longer updated"
  • "no longer available"
  • "website closed"
  • "rebrands as"

In the search results, you'll find several of such sites.


Find a list of sites that are still linking to this old resource by using Ahrefs backlink checker or Linkody.

If you have similar content on your blog which was linked to, write to the site owner informing them that you have found a broken link on their site or a link to an old resource which no longer exists.

Tell them you have a post on your blog that can be used as a new reference and nicely request that they replace the broken with your site's link.


If you don't have an existing post that relates to the page you want a link from, go ahead and write one on your blog as long as it's still in the same niche as yours.

3. Do some Guest Publications

Posting on other sites in order to acquire backlinks may be the most tedious method of acquiring backlinks, but it is one of the best.

In need of free backlinks?

Then write on other websites in your niche and get a link to your site within the post's content itself and not in the author bio section.

Guest posting helps in building backlinks, a relationship with other bloggers and, your site's popularity.

Here's a list of sites on niches such as entertainment, tech, fashion, health, sports etc, you can publish a guest post on depending on your niche.

4. Tag along with Directories and Article Submission Sites

Submissions to popular directories can also give you authoritative backlinks.

Although these sites take more time to scrutinize a site and its content before adding it to their directory, it is one of the best ways to acquire links.

For article submission sites, you need to write articles of good quality inorder to gain approval for publication.

In both, the quality of your content and site determines if you'll gain a link or not.

Now check out these high PR directories and article submission sites for 2017.

5. Have you tried Discussion Boards?

Quora, Yahoo answers, Google product forums are some examples of discussion boards.

Each of these is used for public discussions which usually involves a question and answer segment.

You can answer questions on them, then link back to your site as a reference.

Keep in mind that the link must be related to the topic of discussion, and the page linked to must contain the solution to avoid being banned or blacklisted.

These boards have thousands of visits daily and on that account, you can also use them to get meaningful traffic to your site.

6. Despise not the power of Forums

You can build quality backlinks on Forums owned by Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon.

Each of these sites has a Pagerank of at least 5, and gaining a backlink from either can do more than magic to your site.

There are also forums with either .edu and .gov domain extension and are held in high esteem by Google.

Backlinks from these domains are very effective in optimizing your site for search engines.

To get backlinks, you can either leave your link in the profile section, signature or proffer a solution in the forums thread while linking to your site's page as the source.

A more detailed post of how to get links from each of these forums is given here.

7. Internetwork with bloggers on Blogging Communities

Blogging communities form a small network of bloggers on different platforms such as Wordpress and Blogger in different niches.

Sections within these communities mean you can find one related to your niche to publish your content to.

Each of these communities allows its members to use their blog to cite as the source of the content.

While you're working on ways to improve your site's visibility on Google, you can publicize your site on these communities and get traffic to it.

Use the method of sharing your most relevant posts to these communities in order to build backlinks.

Keep in mind that the more relevancy a post has, the more comments and shares it gets, that being the case, push your best articles out there.

Looking for more social shares on your blog?

Then go ahead and check out this list of top blogging communities you should join.

8. Employ Social Bookmarking Sites

While social bookmarking sites were majorly created to bookmark one's favorite content found on the net, most webmasters also use it to gain either dofollow and nofollow backlinks to their site.

They are very useful sources of backlinks and have an added advantage of helping posts on your site get indexed faster.

This is because the content on these sites are regularly updated and as such, is frequently crawled by search engines.


You get backlinks, faster indexing of site's content and at the same time, traffic to your site.

A list of social bookmarking sites you can submit your site to for backlinks has been given in this post.

9. Give Blog Commenting a Try

If you've successfully designed your site and published content on it, I'm sure it was with the help of some sites you visited.

What if you'd commented on each of them?

You would've successfully built some backlinks to your new site.

Some of these sites are Commentluv blogs that make use of the Commentluv plugin to crawl your most recent post, then submit it alongside your comment.

In your link building strategy, also comment on these sites especially ones related to your niche and are reputable.


To get referral traffic, comment on their most recent articles and be the first or among the first set of people to comment.

It'll be of little or no use getting your comment lost between 150 comments.

A list of blog commenting sites that can give you quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks can be found here.

10. Take advantage of PDF Sharing Sites

There are several high PR PDF sharing sites on the net that allow you to share your PDF files after registration for free.

You can create a PDF of a page on your blog, then share them on these sites.

The PDFs you share can also rank on search engines especially if the site is a popular one.

See the image below of Techlass blog for instance, It acquired a backlink from a PDF sharing site which has been indexed by search engines.

You should also give it a try.

Here's a list of top PDF sharing sites with High PR.

11. Classified Ads Sites can be of help

These are sites either free or paid that allow you to publish ads on them.

Some classified ads sites allow you to share your site's link while creating an advert.

You can also use this method to build some links to your site's homepage by leaving the naked URL on them.

To make the best of these sites, choose popular ad categories to publish on because people are constantly viewing ads in those categories.

You can get your link clicked on and in return, you get referral traffic back to your site.

A list of classified ads sites that allow you to promote your product for free is given in this post.

12. Offer Free Downloads on your blog

You'll agree with me that, everyone loves free things!

That being so,

Offer free products or files which do not infringe on any copyright law for download on your site and other sites will link back to yours as a source.

These files should be sought after files on the net that can only be found on few blogs.

If you provide users with this, lots of people will bookmark your site's link as well as share it as a place to get it.

13. Make a Wikipedia Page for yourself

Wikipedia allows you create pages where you can publish your own content.

In the page, you can insert a link to your site's page in the resource section using an anchor text.

14. Become your Competitors’ Stalker

Here, you'll have to monitor your competitors' backlinks.

With an SEO tool like Linkody, you can be alerted via email each time your competitor gains a backlink.

What better way to start the day than be awaken by an alert stating your competitor has acquired a backlink which you can also possibly get.😳

Your duty is to try and get backlinks from those same pages after all if they could get a link from it, so can you.

15. Social Sharing is just as valuable

For the final backlink method,

You can share to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as Google +.

Even though the links you'll get will be mostly nofollow, search engines still take note of it as a sign of popularity.

There is also the added benefit of getting free traffic to your new site and comments from visitors.

While this traffic will help improve its Alexa rank, the comments on the other hand, will help it stand a better chance of ranking high in SERPS.

Here's why:

Keywords in the comment section of a blog are also used as a ranking factor.

The Bottom Line:

One way or the other, each of these methods will help in improving your site's visibility in search engine result pages and its popularity on the internet.

You've gotten a bunch of ways to build free backlinks so now what?

Well, you better get to building some links.

While you're at it, ensure you vary your anchor text to make your links look as natural as possible.

For example:

Instead of using only the keyword 'Backlinks in SEO' as your anchor text, you can use

  • Benefits of Backlinks in SEO
  • White Hat SEO Backlinks
  • Impact of Backlinks in SERPs
  • The relevance of Backlinks in SEO.
  • This site explains this
  • See more here
  • YourWebsite.com

While the listed above are good link building strategies, there are bad ones you should never consider.

These bad backlink practices include:

  • Creating automated backlinks with the use of bots,
  • Creating links on spam or illegal sites,
  • Engaging in link exchange programs
  • Linking from several sites owned by you to a particular site, 

And that my friend brings us to the end of this long post.

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