10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Best Alternative App Stores to Google Play Store: Third-party Android app stores provide a market for you to download Android Apps, Games and Ebooks either for free or a stipend.

Other than serving as an online store for app purchase, the reviews on these stores can save you a whole lot of trouble where you have to pay for an app or game,

Then download it only to delete it 2 minutes later because you were misguided by the description and preview images.

I can't recount the number of times I've been saved the time and resources of downloading an app from a store like Google Play, because of the negative reviews some previous users of the product left.

On that account, app stores are important because they help you decide which apps to download and which you shouldn't instead of visiting the developer's website to download it directly.

There's also the user ratings of the app that helps to you deduce if it's another waste of your time, or totally worth it.

One of such app stores and the most popular is the Google PlayStore, and the reason for its popularity stems from the fact that every device running on the Android OS comes pre-installed with it.

But then,

Why Do You Need Other Android app stores

You're probably thinking:

I already have the Google PlayStore which serves me well with the best and latest Android apps and Games.

You're right, but look at this way:

Some of the apps offered on Google PlayStore are restricted to some countries, but you can find these Apps on other third-party app stores for download with no region limitation.

Also, premium games that are paid for on the standard Android Playstore are offered for free occasionally on these third party app stores as a way of getting more users.

This way, you can still download that sought after game for free, and the site owners get more users to their site.

Either way leaves you both a winner!

If you're a developer of Android apps and games, you can give your apps more exposure by launching them as well on the various Android stores instead of depending solely on one.

Given below, is a list of free Android app stores for downloading and installing Apps, Games, eBooks on Android smartphones.

Wait a second!

If your smartphone is new, you need to grant access rights to the installation of third-party apps.

How to Enable Installation From Unknown Sources on Android

Before you proceed, keep in mind that Google’s seal of approval is not on these apps you're about to download, which is the case of every other third-party app on your smartphone.

But then, since it's your phone who needs Google approval? you know I'm joking, right?😏

Now that's out of the way:

Here's how to enable installation of third-party apps on Android and Tablets.

The first step?

  • Goto your device's Settings
  • Navigate to the section 'Security'
  • Scroll down and turn on the option 'Unknown sources'

And that's done!

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For our first App Store, it's Aptiode.

1. Aptoide

User Ratings: 4.5/5

Aptoide has simplicity in its user interface making it easy to navigate and use even for a first time visitor.

It is a popular Android app store given that the App store has around 50 million to 250 million downloads, and its apps and games in different sections have gotten over 3 billion downloads.

The site is updated on a timely basis with new apps or an update to existing apps, and users can also upload their own apps to the site.

Apps are frequently scanned for viruses and other malicious threats, hence you can download without any fears.

Can it meet your needs of providing trending games?


Currently, there are about 700 thousand apps on Aptiode, a large collection to ensure you have an app that brings out the best capabilities of your Android Phone.

You get the latest apps, updates to old apps as well as older versions of the same app for download on this App store.

Signing up before being able to download is not a must do, as you're allowed to download anonymously.

Other than Aptiode for Android, this app store is also made available for different platforms.

For instance, we have, 

  • Aptoide app for Tablets.
  • Aptoide TV 
  • Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids.

2. ApkMirror

If you're always looking for the best free apps for Android, without having to go through a list of paid apps as well, then try ApkMirror.

Nothing beats the mind than seeing a sophisticated game you like but with a price tag on it.

ApkMirror is an app store for open source apps that are free for use, sharing and updating by the users.

You don't have to worry about purchasing with a credit card as every game is free, while some come with in-app Ads.

On its homepage is a list of apps for the day, making it easier for you to download the most recently uploaded apps.

This marketplace for Android is only accessible on the net via their web address (www.apkmirror.com) or through a search on Google with the keyword, 'APKMirror'.

I consider this a downside to this app because there is no ease of access, but it is still worth every try you're going to give it.

After download, you can manually sideload the apps to your phone.

3. Amazon Appstore

Requirement: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher variant

Amazon has an app store called the Amazon underground that was launched in early 2011 and has been made available to users in the U.S. and over 200 countries worldwide.

In this store, is contained over 334 thousand apps and games for download, some of which are offered after payment is made while others for free.

For your eBooks from the best sellers and authors, and other Amazon apps on Android, you should hit this App store. 

You can even find chemical, mathematical, biological, and other science related PDFs, including history and art textbooks on this app.

Here is the best part,

There is also Amazon free app of the day, which usually gives users free access to premium apps that were once paid for.

While this lasts for a day, it is definitely worth checking out where you must just find a useful app for free download.

You're also allowed to try out apps in your web browser for a limited time before you pay for them, which means you'll be certain it's a great choice after all if it passes your review.

As a developer, you can get your app promoted by Amazon and get 70% commission on your apps.

And finally, you can find similar apps found in Google Play on Amazon, but most times, they are offered at a lesser price which sets the competition between both.

4. GetJar

GetJar is one of the oldest stores for downloading apps and has had about 2 billion downloads from its store.

It is most reputable for offering free Java games with .Jar and .Jad extension for downloads, and also has apps that support Mobile Operating Systems like Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows.

Now you can find the best Android apps and games on this platform by downloading the APK file or accessing their website via the URL.

GetJar's user interface has been improved compared to what it was years back, with Facebook comments and likes incorporated into the system to showcase users responses and reviews.

It is also a trusted site for getting trending apps and games all arranged into categories like:

Games, Social and Messaging apps, Music apps, Entertainment and video apps, Tools apps, and many others, to give you ease in navigating through different pages on the store.

Each app comes with a description as well as reviews by users to help you decide if its an app worth downloading.

You'll majorly find free apps on GetJar even some that are paid apps on other app stores, the reason being that the site is monetized with ads.

GetJar supports a wide range of smartphones including ZTE, Acer, Motorola, Gionee, Samsung, Xiaomi, Opsson, and Oppo.

5. SlideMe

User Ratings: 3.8/5

Requirements: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher variant

Here's SlideMe, an old Android app store that has existed long before Google Play.

It provides a variety of paid and free apps in all categories,

You can get Weather apps, Video app players, HD players, Video and music editing tools as well as tower defense games on your Android, each of which are manually reviewed before being offered for downloads.

This app store supports over 20 languages including Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Japanese.

To make your way around this store is easy because you can customize your search using the newest, updated, and ratings search filter options, and even move through categories.

If you're a developer, you might want to look at this store to promote your apps because you get 80% commission on sales coupled with the fact that it is a popular app store on the net which is best for promotion.

For users of this App Store, you're not limited to making payments via credit card, but you can as well pay via PayPal.

6. AppBrain

User ratings: 4.4/5

AppBrain is for lovers of paid things that can be gotten for free.

If that makes any sense to you, then head to AppBrain.

AppBrain as an alternative to Google PlayStore is a platform for developers who want to test their apps and get user reviews, and hence offer it for free for a limited period of time.

Now while you're there, you can help them test it by downloading and making the most of the features, because sooner or later, some of these apps will be paid for on other app stores before downloads.

There is a mobile app for this app store, and you can easily create an account on the platform to enable you to download directly from it.

Wallpapers, themes, apps, games and a task manager feature to organize apps already installed on your phone is part of this app store.

Download AppBrain for Android

7. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile App Store powered by Opera is an app store that comes with the Opera Mini browser.

It has over 20000 apps for download and has since gotten over 2 million daily downloads.

This app store is as a result of Opera's partnership with Russia's search engine, Yandex, allowing apps from either app stores to be featured on both.

What does this mean?

You get the largest collection of apps and games since you'll be seeing most of the apps offered for download in one, on the other.

Apps in opera store are neatly arranged into categories which include and are not limited to, health, lifestyle, multimedia, travel, sports, and utilities.

8. Mobogenie

At one time or the other, while searching for an App on Google, you must have landed on this site, Mobogenie.

Its vasts number of apps,  games, ringtones and YouTube videos makes it one of the best places to get apps for your smartphone.

Irrespective of your country or language, you can still enjoy the features on this site because it incorporates the user native language into the system.

In need of the latest ringtones, videos, apps, and games? 

Then try Mobogenie that has different categories and subcategories of apps with their description.

But be prepared for the number of ads you'll be bombarded with on this site, some going as far as opening new tabs to be displayed.

It has its perks though.

Here are two examples:

Registration is not required before you can download apps from this store, and this is a feature most app stores incorporate.

This means that you can scan through pages and download as many apps and games as your phone can contain and your mobile data will allow without logging in.

Search for an app of your choice, then download. 

No extra bullsh1t!😎


It provides a lock feature for your apps installed, a cleaner to free up RAM space and tools that will enable you backup your files on a computer.

9. 1Mobile Market Store

User Rating: 4.5/5

1Mobile Market is another popular store with over 800,000 apps offered for free download.

So far, there have been 100 million downloads from this app store showing that other Android users out there are already taking advantage of its large array of apps and games.

Apps on this market are free, which might not go down well with a developer that wants to earn from his/her app.

On the brighter side, you get your apps promoted for free and use the response of users to know the areas it requires updating.

Like Google Play Editor's pick, there are recommendations for apps you should download on 1Mobile Market, and there's also a mobile app for the store.

10. Mobile9

User Ratings: 

Mobile9 has been the first Android App store I've known and used back in the days where Java phones were prevalent.

It also makes it to the top of the list of best Android Store alternatives to Google Play given that it currently has over 4 million downloads.

There are about 50 million users of this store, each either out to download an app, ringtone, wallpaper, game, or popular Android themes launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, Themer Launcher, ADW Launcher, and MIUI Launcher.

You can be among them by checking out this market.


Whether you use one or the other, each can serve your need for more games and apps to download on your phone.

Having more than one isn't an issue, more than two? 

Well, as long as you can manage them.

An alternative app store to Google PlayStore means you can download games without the pop-up message that you have to free up extra space first even when you have some moderate free space.

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