10 Best Google Calendar Alternatives for Android 2018

Best Android App on Google Play Store: Nowadays everything is on a smartphone, why not calendars?

Instead of being hung on the wall and the desk, what if you could have the year's date at your fingertips and set up events you want to be alerted for.

Would you go for it?

That being one of the Advantages of using a calendar on Android, there are several more.

Here are two other instances:

A Calendar on Android will be one of the reasons you no longer forget a birthday, Anniversary, Meeting or an Appointment.

A Calendar ensures that you don't mistake the day's date with another.

It can also be used to set memorable dates with notes attached to it, like when you bought your new car, got a new dog/cat, amongst others.

Now let's think alongside:

Android phones come pre-installed with a Calendar, but like most standard apps on the phone, they have the basic features and nothing fancy.

Here's where third-party Calendars come in.

They offer you advanced features while maintaining the same device, as a result,  your level of productivity is improved; which the Android OS is all about in the first place.

You can perform the basic task which can be done on both apps such as:

  • Schedule events based on the day and time, edit them and get notified about them.
  • Be informed about the date and number of days in that month to enable you to make optimum use of your time.

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What's the difference between both?

The best Android Calendar apps as an alternative to the standard app, Google Calendar, have a more appealing user interface.

You don't have to go around with the traditional not so fancy look of a wall calendar even on your phone or need a constant reminder of the house you grew up in.

Also, each tries to see the best way they can improve user experience by presenting the weekly view or monthly view of days, as the user will deem it fit.

There's also a to-do list app and weather app as other features of some of these apps, which means you no longer have to spend your day not knowing aimlessly, 

Because you've already made a detailed plan of the day's activities.

In this post, is a list of the best Calendar Apps for Android that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Best Calendar Apps for Android 2018

1. Google Calendar

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5

Requirement: Any Android smartphone

Although this is the standard app I spoke of in the previous section, it is among the best due to its reliability, simple design and basic navigation menus.

There is no need to download this app, as this official Calendar app for Android comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones irrespective of the OS version.

Google presents you an app Calendar that lets you access dates and days of the week, and months of the year with an extra feature of providing you a schedule to manage your events and tasks.

It also crawls events saved in your Gmail and allows you to set reminders for your events.

Think of it as an alarm with dates!

You can save future events such as birthdays, flights bookings, and reservations, and be alerted when it's time.

Event title suggestion that makes it easy to create your event is a feature of the Google Calendar.

This app can be accessed on your phone, by searching for the Calendar app in your utility menu or among other installed apps in the app tray.

Not limited to the Google Calendar features listed above, this app also links all your Google accounts to it, all those you've inputted in the Gmail app and comes with support services such as Google Now.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.1/5

Requirement: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher versions

While Google is at the top of its game, there's Microsoft on the other hand, offering one of the best apps on an Android smartphone that lets you connect your email accounts and Calendars to it.

How is it any different?

You do not only get a calendar on this app, but an inbuilt email system to allow you access your emails as well and even schedule when they should be sent.

There is also a Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) app incorporated into the Outlook, hence you'll be getting a word processor, Email manager and a Calendar app all in one place.

Other unique features include its ability to allow users to subscribe to sports games and TV shows.

3. SolCalendar

Price: Free

ApsApk: 4.5/5

Requirement Android 2.3

SolCalendar is one of the best third-party apps for Android Calendars.

Instead of providing you a Calendar app, it provides widgets that allow you enhance the look and features of the existing Calendars on your phone.

It can be used with Google Calendar and other calendars which support CalDAV like iCloud, and Yahoo.

It has a unique design and a very simple one at that, both of which combine to give the active Calendar on your smartphone a pleasant look.

Coupled with this app are other 40 tools such as to-do lists, stickers for events, weather reports, a lunar calendar, Google Maps, Foursquare and synchronization with other calendars to keep you updated frequently.

If you're looking for ways to kill over two birds with one stone by multitasking from the same place, this my friend is your app.

You can be notified about adverse weather conditions, and navigate through your day with its managerial tools.

There are 4 main views in this app which are Month, Agenda, To-do and Calendar sections.

The app is available in more than 22 languages, allowing you to use the app in your most preferred language.

4. Business Calendar

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.4/5

Requirement: Any Android device

This one adds an icing on the cake.

Business Calendar as its name implies, it is targeted primarily at those who use their Calendars to manage their day to day business activities, giving a graphical and textual presentation of events for the day.

Recurrent events are kept track of with this app, and a reminder is used to alert the user.

It offers a daily, monthly, yearly and event views of a calendar as well as a view either based on similar tasks or agendas.

You can get some of these features while using the free version and much more for its paid version, but there are in-app ads that may impact your level of experience while using Business Calendar.

So it isn't all bed and roses.

Its paid version of $4.99 includes a Drag’n’drop feature in a multi-day view allows you to import calendars, and copy, move and delete multiple events.

5. aCalendar

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Requirement: Any Android device

aCalendar app for Android also adds a certain twist to the conventional Android Calendar by offering a task or event scheduler that can be color customized to enable you to identify and separate one task/schedule from the other easily.

Like the others, you can view the Calendar for the days of the week, weeks in a month or months in a year and even years in a century.

Now the choice is yours!

There is a range of colorful themes to customize this app with, that being so, you can select a theme of your liking based on your mood.

Other features include QR and NFC barcode sharing of events, moon phases and several hand gestures like a 3-finger-tap for configurable action.

This app also has a paid version which costs $4.99 and its free version is just as good, with no in-app Ads.

6. Today Calendar

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5

Requirement: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher variants


Today has a Calendar called Today Calendar, and this is my favorite app so far but too bad there's only a 7 day free trial period, meaning app purchase is compulsory.

The major highlight of this app is its design, if you're looking for something that meets the eye, then you can trust the design aesthetics of this app.

Other than its neat design, the layout is good and very easy to navigate.

You can schedule events and write brief descriptions for them using this app.

Today Calendar combines the month and agenda views of the stock calendar to allow create their agendas from a single view.

You also get weather reports and know if you're to expect a rainy, sunny, or stormy day on the day you've just planned your event for.

7. Cal – Google Calendar + Widget

Price: Free

Rating: 4.2

Requirement: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher variants

On Google Play, one of the most trending Calendar apps for Android is Cal.

It provides a real-time sync of all Calendars on your Android such as Google Calendar and Exchange.

The app goes as far as predicting who you're going to meet and possible venues for the meetup.

One can say, it's definitely smart!

With millions of downloads, this app has several features to back up its popularity and is available for iOS smartphones as well.

Its features are a combination of Google Maps, widget viewing, Waze, and Uber to give ease of navigating to your events.

You can program your day how your day will go with it, set birthday reminders and recurring events, choose a default Calendar using one of your Gmail accounts, and send contact invites.

This app also comes with support for a to-do-list, allowing you make your priorities for the day in writing.

8. Calendar Widget

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.3/5

Requirement: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher variants

This app has the basic features of Calendar Apps for Android and can also e installed on Android Tablets.

It is an open source Android app, and so far, requests for language translators are being made to allow the app support more languages worldwide. 

You can create a life event such as a birthday and get notified for it and automatically update events by deletion or editing.

You can even text, call or send the celebrant birthday wishes on Facebook from this app after getting notified.

9. DigiCal

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Requirement: Any Android device

DigiCal is one of the most popular Calendar apps for Android and here's what you should expect:

Ease in organizing your tasks and planning your events and real-time sync with MS outlook, exchange and Google Calendar.

The interface is nice and yet simple with 6 different view options such as day, week, month, yearly, events, and agenda.

It has support for over 21 languages around the world, some of which include French, Spanish, German, Dutch,  Slovenščina, Български etc.

DigiCal also predicts the weather 2 weeks ahead of the current day and synchronizes with Google Calendar, MS Outlook, and Exchange to offer an app that is just right for you.

The free version of DigiCal comes with in-app Ads, hence you might want to upgrade to the pro variant if you want to get rid of them.

10. Touch Calendar

Price: Free

Google Play Rating: 4.3/5

Requirement: Android 2.3 Gingerbread and higher variants

Touch Calendar for Android answers to its name by offering an app without multiple views, but a touch function to enable zooming in and out of Calendars as well as tap and scroll function.

There is minimal use of views in this app, as you can only view the main calendar page featuring all the days, and weeks of the month on a single page

If you want something with more flexibility, then try this app.


Calendar apps are one of the basic productivity tools in a smartphone be it a device running on Android, Windows, Symbian, iOS, Java, or Blackberry Operating system.

Plan your day, week and month with the best Android Calendar apps listed above, and set reminders to tasks to be completed and events in other to achieve your set goals on time.

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