Best Android App Ad Blocker

An Android App Ad Blocker does precisely what its name says!

Imagine if you've successfully downloaded an app, and it has cool features even ones you'd not expected.

But then,

The app is clumsy with ads popping up every now and then.

I'll tell you what:

This is definitely going to give you a bad user experience having to view ads so often and manually closing them.

Look at this way:

While you might not like being distracted by ads, the reason you're seeing them is that you're using the free or trial version of that app, and one of the most effective ways the app developer can benefit from their app is by including ads in it.

Even most web pages you visit have it.


You're getting informative and knowledgeable material which was sourced for with time and resources from the website,

It would only make sense for you to encounter ads.

So, keep in mind that while you're trying to get rid of Ads on Android App, you're actually tampering with someone's source of income.

You can either continue using the apps as they are without disabling ads or you subscribe to it which will remove the ads entirely.

With that in mind,

What is an Android App Ad Blocker?

Android App Ad Blockers are applications that disallow popups, ads, and video ads from displaying on an active app or an inactive one.

What makes these blockers a mandatory install on your phone?

The reasons are not farfetched.

Here are some:

  • They make the app use more data than it would've without Ads running.
  • The app also uses more of your RAM space while it displays pop Ads or video Ads
  • Some ads are not traceable to their source app, and may even go as far as being shown on your lock screen.
  • Some of these popups lead to malware pages that will end up corrupting the data files on your phone or lead to numerous bugs.
The most common of these ads is Google AdSense ads, as most developers use it to monetize their app.

You're even notified by Google PlayStore each time you want to download an app that it has in-app purchase or ads.

Trending Apps like VPN Master, WattPad, etc. all come with ads, some moderate in the case of WattPad, and others distracting given their level of frequency.

What can these Android Ad blockers do?

  • Ensure every app and game you access on your phone is free from apps.
  • Ensure that every webpage you visit on a web browser is also ad-free.
  • Ensure that there are no malicious tracking cookies or malware on your phone.


  • Block any pop-up on your landing page on the web.

Enable Installation of Apps from Unknown sources

Before you proceed, you need to allow installation of apps from unknown sources because some of these apps cannot be downloaded directly from Google Play Store.

As third-party apps, you need to grant permission before their installation.

To do this.
  • Navigate to your device's Settings
  • Goto 'Security'
  • Turn on the gear button  'Unknown Sources.'

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Given below, is a list of the best Android App Ad Blocker in 2018, you can use them to finally get rid of those ads that displease you so much.

  • Adblock Plus
  • Free Adblocker Browser 
  • WebGuard
  • Adaway
  • AdGuard Content Blocker
  • Crystal Adblock for Samsung
  • NoRoot Ad-Remover
  • AppBrain Ad Detector
  • TrustGo Ad Blocker
  • Ad Block Remover

Here are the best Andriod App Ad blockers:

1. AdBlock Plus

Requirements: Any Android Version

The best Ad blocker for Android and Computers is AdBlock Plus.

You can use it on a web browser as an extension or download the app itself into your computer or smartphone.

What does AdBlock Plus do?

As an extension of a web browser like Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, It disables ads on every webpage you visit.

It also blocks Javascript thereby ensuring that you don't encounter popups while you surf.

Even ads on Facebook is not spared by this app, as it blocks every advertisement on pages of this social network.

But then,

Some pages will not be accessible or whose full functionality you will not be able to access once you enable this app on your phone or web browser.


Some sites have made it mandatory that ads must be visible on the user's device before all or certain parts of their content is viewed.

On encountering such pages, you may have to disable this app or use the site's feature of this app to exclude the URL of the site you're accessing from ad Blockage.

As an app on your phone whether the phone is rooted or non-rooted, Adblock Plus can block intrusive ads and popups in games and app, and also prevent Opera Mini Ads.

Now imagine playing your favorite game that requires a high level of precision or concentration only to have an ad popup from nowhere,

That my friend is as bad as it sounds.

AdBlock Plus can get rid of them.

It gets better,

The app is free for download, use, and sharing and does not bug you with ads which would've quite ironic if it did.

Although you could download AdBlock Plus directly from Google Play Store a couple of months ago, this isn't possible of late since it has been removed from the store.

To access the app now requires sideloading its APK file to your Android after download from the developer's website.

Other features of this app include:

• Blocks automatically loading video ads.

• Disables third-party data tracking

• Disables social media sharing buttons to save mobile data.

2. Free AdBlocker Browser 

Google Play Ratings: 4.4/5

Requirements: Any Android Version

This is more of a dedicated browser app that block ads on all web pages you visit on the net.

When Installed on your phone and used as a default browser, the free Adblock Browser blocks ads, banners, ad-videos, and popups. 

With less distracting content shown on the page you're currently viewing, you spend less time looking for the information you want on a site, instead of struggling to navigate through the site.

Other than ease of surfing, your data as well as battery, is saved.

More features that make this Free Adblocker Browser for Android a must download include:

  • It blocks Ad-Cookies from third-party sites.
  • It notifies you when you of pages with malware and adware when they're encountered.
  • The browser is speedy, allowing you to browse faster and spend less time downloading files.

3. AdAway

Requirements: Android 2.1 or Higher Version and Rooted Android Phone

AdAway is one of the best Ad Blocker for rooted Android phones.

From its name, it does away with Ads on your phone by disabling ads and pop up on sites you visit as well as ads within apps and games.

This ad blocker uses the host's file to redirect an app's ad to the IP address

This address actually leads to a dummy website, which in turn disallows them from being displayed on your phone.

Other than saving your data, battery and time, this app protects your phone from viruses which are usually one of the major problems of these auto loading ads.

Your browser ends up getting cookies that will make it malfunction, even go as far as causing lag and hangs within the smartphone.

You can blacklist a website to stop it from showing ads or block ads on all sites you visit.

In the same vein,

You can whitelist an app or website whose page ads you want to view or whose full functionality you want access to.

If your Android phone is rooted, you can take advantage of the capabilities of this app.

4.  WebGuard

Google Play Ratings: 4.5/5

Requirements: Android 4.0 Jelly Bean and Higher Versions

WebGuard offers a trial period where you can test the functionality of this app and probably subscribe to it if you're impressed by it.

What does it offer?

It guards your phone against malware, suspicious sites, and advertising, and is supported by over 500 web browsers.

It does not require a rooted Android device for installation, thereby allowing you to access its full features without having to tweak the elements on your phone.

Sites you visit after this app is installed on your phone will have no visible ads and popups, and you can also be assured that your downloads are virus free.

There is also a Firewall protection and local VPN-server on this app as well as a data encryption feature. 

Other features of this app include:

  • It blocks all video ads.
  • It makes sites load faster by compressing traffic, blocking ads, and rapid domain resolution. 
  • It allows you to change or hide your current IP address and switch to countries such as the US, Germany, France, etc.

5. AdGuard

Google Play Ratings: 4.0/5

Requirements: Any Android Version

If you're unable to Install AdAway on your phone because it is not rooted, here's an app that does not require rooting before installation.

Adguard makes it among the list of best Ad blocker apps for Android because it incorporates essential features that get the job done.

How does it work?

AdGuard makes use of a Local VPN to create an encrypted connection that disables ads, cookie trackers, blocks phishing pages and other malicious content, at the same time creating a Firewall on your phone.


It answers to its name by guarding your phone against ads and does even more.

Your smartphone is protected from malware like a virus, and your browsing speed is enhanced.

Like AdBlocker, you will also need to go to the developer's site to download the app directly, as it has been removed from Google PlayStore.

6. Crystal AdBlock for Samsung

Google Play Ratings: 4.1/5

Requirements: Android 5.0 and Higher Versions

Crystal Adblock is a web browser meant for Samsung Android phones.

It blocks Ads on all pages accessed, thereby reducing their page load time and at the same time save your mobile data.


Crystal Adblock for Samsung protects your phone from malware and tracking.

7. AppBrain Ad Detector

Google Play Ratings: 3.7/5

Requirements: Android 2.3  or Higher Variant

AppBrain also offers a free ad-block service for Android, Windows, and iOS.

Its app installed on your smartphone can enable you to get rid of annoying ads that won't just stop popping up every now and then.

Other than ad blocking, it keeps track of every app on your phone and notifies you when a suspicious action has been made such as access to your current location contacts, and messages.

All these can be viewed in its 'Concerns' tab, where you can either disregard the notifications or take immediate action.

You can see the tools used by developers for the apps, detect libraries such as Google Analytics, Google Play in-app billing, Android support library, etc. and the Ad network being displayed such as AdSense, Admob, Millennial Media, etc.

There are about 70 protection features on this app, each that will ensure that your app is ad-free, secure and virus free.

8. NoRoot Ad-Remover

Google Play Ratings: 3.2/5

Requirements: Android 2.2 and Higher Variants

The name says it all!

NoRoot Ad-Remover as an ad blocker can be installed on devices that have not been rooted and its functionality can be achieved.

There is a downside to this app being that there is a limited number of apps and games its free version will help you block ads on, other than that, you're still left with other apps whose ads you'll need to deal with.

On the other hand,

Its paid version gives you unlimited access to block ads in as many Android apps and games as possible.

9. TrustGo Ad Detector

Requirements: Any Android Version

TrustGo does more than block ads on your phone, it goes as far as tracking the operation of installed apps and monitoring which is accessing personal files and folders.

If there are any of such attempts, you are notified by the app with recommendations made on how to tackle these issues.

To keep the data on your phone private as well as stop ads from displaying on Android, you can try this app.

The use of this app is limited to individual countries, but you can still give it a try to see if your state is supported.

10. Ad Block Remover

Google Play Ratings: 3.8/5

Requirements:  Any Android Version

This app works in reverse to the Afforelisted apps.

What it does is temporarily remove blocks from Ads on your phone.

Here, you have to select a list of apps which you want to enable Ads on, given that you've used another third party app to block it.

You can also unblock Ads on specific apps after it has been disabled.


It clears all ad blockers.

While this may not be what you want, there might be a need for it someday, even though I can't think of a reason now😒.

If you want to disable Adblock on Android, then here's an app for you.


With the use of these best ad blocker for Android to stop ads or block pop-ups, you can put an end to annoying intrusive ads and popups on your smartphone.

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