20 Best Iphone Apps 2018

Best free apps for the iPhone: The iPhone is the most expensive and popular smartphone in the world.

Due to its popularity, even those who haven't used an iPhone, at one time or the other have heard of the name and will tag it as a range of premium high-end devices from Apple.


What makes Apple devices stand out from other manufacturers' devices?


What makes its iOS one of the best operating system on a smartphone?

Here are two reasons:

Whether it's the iPhone 5, 6, 7 or the newly released iPhone 8 and 10, the year's iPhone comes with specs that bring about a high level of performance.

Coupled with these specs, are excellent iOS apps that make each phone achieve more than would've been possible without them.

Compared to Android or Windows third-party apps, these have more quality even though they come with less flexibility as is the case of their OS.

Given below, are some of the best, free and most used iPhone Apps in 2017 ranging from weather apps, photo apps, gaming apps, dating apps, social apps, video editors to QR scanners.

Users of older versions of the iPhone will find them useful because you can still get some of the features on the latest iPhones using these apps.

They give the device's capabilities a boost; as a result, one gets an enhanced level of user experience.

Must Have iPhone Apps 2018 

1. DuoLingo

A perfect app you can use in learning 23 foreign languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Swahili, and Swedish is Duolingo.

This app is mainly available for both Android and iPhone users.

It is easy to use because it incorporates text and images in its teaching process.

One thing I like most is the voice instructor that helps you know how the words you're learning are pronounced by pronouncing them first.

Duolingo leads you through a series of steps as you learn, starting with simple basic words like I, You, She, Woman, Man, etc. to complex ones, and finally forming short sentences with these words. 

You learn the words/sentences, pronounce it into the speaker and type them in the language as well.

A task is set for you to complete each day, and the app sends notifications to ensure your language task for the day has been completed.

Want to speak more than one language more than your native language?

Then download Duolingo for iPhone.

2. Signal Private Messenger

For those who are particular about the privacy of their phone, Signal, a messenger app for iPhone can be used to enhance the level of security. 

This app offers an end-to-end encryption protocol to secure messages, voice calls, video and all multimedia messages on your phone.

The encryption means that messages and calls made to individual contacts on your phone are as private as it can be, with no one listening in or gaining unauthorized access to it.

Another feature of this app is to send SMS without charges and automatically erase messages after a period specified by you.

You can chat with other users of the Signal app by registering with your phone number, and no added PINs, usernames, or passwords is needed to log in.

There is also an archiving functionality that moves and stores selected messages in one place.

3. LastPass Password Manager

An iPhone application that manages all your passwords in its vault is LastPass.

It also works by auto-filing online forms with your credit card info, name, surname, email, username and frequently used password, all of which come from the online profile created by you.

This makes it easier to register on websites and also log in to them.

To use this app, you need to create a master password or use your Touch ID which will allow you access the vault.

The functionality of this app works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and several other browsers that do not have an autofill feature.

You're not limited to use the same password each time as you can manually update your default login details with a new password or with automatically generated characters by LastPass.


LastPass additional feature allows you to synchronize all your passwords and logins across all your devices.

4. Dropbox

Backing up of data has become essential because data can easily get lost due to virus attack or even overwrite.

Dropbox,  an online cloud storage allows users to back up their files such as pictures, videos and documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents) to it.

It offers each registered user a free storage space of up to 2GB which for a moderate user is large enough to back up their most important files to.

Other than backing up, different reasons why you may find this app useful are:

You can free up your phone's internal memory storage to store new apps and retain the most frequently used ones by moving some files or apps to cloud storage

With Dropbox installed on your iPhone, your uploaded files can easily be accessed by all your devices, and shared with family and friends irrespective of whether they are users of Dropbox or not. 

You can download Dropbox for iOS here

5. Uber

Uber is a transport service app for booking a car to any destination and at any time of the day. 

Instead of waiting for a cab or taxi especially if there's an emergency (call 911😏), Uber can provide a ride for you to your preferred destination.

You can move within cities and between different cities

This service is provided in over 50 cities across the world (Nigeria, Netherland, Romania Malaysia, Morocco, Japan, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Finland, France, etc.), hence you can be assured it covers your location. 

To check if Uber supports your country, click here.

The app is easy and straightforward to use, tracking your current location to inform the driver on where to pick you.

Payment methods for this service include Cash, Apple Pay, Paypal and Credit card, where the charge is automatically calculated based on the distance covered by your hired vehicle.

You can download Uber for iOS here.

6. Find My Friends

On any internet enabled device, you can track the location of your family members and friends with the help of Find My Friends app.

You can also be tracked by your friends and family when you share your location with them with the use of this app.

If you're a very private person, this may not be the app for you, but it can come in handy during emergencies.

You can share and hide your location at any point in time, which makes this app even better.

There is also a location notification feature that alerts you when a family or friend has arrived their destination.

7. Twindog

Are you a dog owner and would like to find other dogs within your area for your canine?

Then Twindog has got you covered.

Twindog for iPhone is a social network app for dog owners to socialize with people of similar interest, that being other dog owners.

It works as a matchmaking tool to pair dogs together and with their owners, with the aim of making all of them friends.

As friends (not the dogs in this case), they can share ideas, experiences, health issues about their pet as well as photos of their daily activities with their pet.

And for the dogs, they can engage in their reproduction ritual😖.

You can download Twindog for iOS here.

8. Spotify

Spotify is an online music player that allows you to stream songs online, and even download the latest songs around the world to your phone.

It has over 20 million songs covering different genres like pop, hip-hop, blues, country music, etc. and songs from several artists you are yet to hear.

Its inbuilt search engine allows you to quickly find your favorite artist, an album or an individual song. 

While the free version of Spotify which feature ads lets you listen to any song of your choice online, the paid version allows you to download the songs which have excellent sound quality.

You can download Spotify for iPhone here.

9. Auxy

If you have interest in music or making your beats, then Auxy is the app you should employ.

It is an iPhone app that provides a mixing-studio to make your music/ tracks right from your phone.

With over 50 sounds and drum kits installed on the app, you can create unique songs and ones with great sound effects.

There is also an online community where your songs have an opportunity of being featured to a broad audience for free, and you can even relate to other members to collaborate in creating new mix tapes.

You can download the Auxy app for iOS here.

10. YouTube Kids

YouTube kids as the name implies is a  YouTube video channel mainly made for children. 

It has funny videos, cartoons as well as educational videos to keep your kids entertained and informed.

Its specially selected videos meant for kids within a specific age range will ensure you still have some parental control over what your children watch even in your absence.

You can manually block videos whose content you find inappropriate for your kids using the parental control feature.

It gets better!

Profiles for as many as eight children can be created, hence depending on the ages of your children, you can set the control to meet the content that best suits each child's age.

There is also a timer that monitors and controls how long your child stays at the screen, and once the timer goes off, the app is locked to disallow further video viewing.

Compared to the standard YouTube, the interface is much more colorful with larger icons to make it more appealing to kids.

Download YouTube Kids here.

11. Reddit

One of the best social media apps you should have on your iPhone is Reddit.

It is more of a discussion board, covering topics ranging from entertainment, sports, religion, politics, gadgets, web design, to even relationships.

Consider it as another search engine but this time with responses from other registered users on the platform.

You can browse through categories, vote for posts you find informative and entertaining, and also share your content (images and articles).

Download Reddit for iPhone here.

12. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle like Wattpad for Android is an ebook reader that has existed for some years now.

It has electronic books in several categories from, humor, fiction to science, arts and several others.

Some of these books are free to be read, while some are to be paid for before being read.

Like several other ebook readers, it offers customizations such as font color, size, screen brightness, etc. and features such bookmarks, making notes and accessing your books on another device.

Download Kindle for iOS here.

13. Pocket

The Pocket is an offline e-book reader for iPhone.

Content such as text, images, and videos viewed on a browser or web pages can be saved to Pocket for later or future reference.

You can save documents from Facebook, Safari, Twitter and even Email to the Pocket reader, and also share/recommend them to friends and family.

There is an unlimited free storage space for your ebooks with this app, and instead of reading the books directly, it can be read to you using the text to speech feature of the Pocket app reader.

Download Pocket for iOS here.

14. Clips

To make short videos and edit them, an app tool like Clips can be of help.

This takes away the need to use complex video editing apps because this one does the job just right.

It makes video editing on iPhone very easy where captions, title, emoji and animated text can be inserted, filters and effects used to enhance the video, and emoji's to give the video more meaning and make it entertaining.

The ability to share created video clips to social networks like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube is also a feature of this iPhone video maker tool. 

Download Clips for iOS here.

15. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to transform a picture captured to a work of art once made by famous artists like Munk and Picasso.

If you're a lover of art, then you can easily transform images captured in real life to paintings. 

Download Prisma for iOS here.

16. Open Table

To quickly make an online reservation online for dinner, you can use Open Table App.

Like the others, this app is free for download, and its app allows you to explore over 43,000 restaurants in countries like the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands.

It comes with several perks which include:

  • Making a reservation from the convenience of your home to eliminate last-minute rush, 
  • Updating, canceling or re-booking,
  • Photos of the restaurants and the dining areas,
  • Ability to invite guest to your reservation, and
  • The ability to view each restaurant's menu.

You know what to expect for dinner having viewed each restaurant's menu.

Download Open Table for iPhone here.

17. Handpick

Handpick app makes you a better cook by giving you recipes and ingredients for your next meal.

These recipes are gotten from blogs, websites and even Instagram.

Download Simmer for iPhone here.

18. Simmer

Along with Handpick, this is another food recipe app for iPhone, but this time, you are the one giving out the recipe to an audience.

You can make live cooking/baking videos and share with other users of the platform.

Download Simmer for iPhone here.

19. AccuWeather

Whether it's going to rain, be a stormy or sunny day, AccuWeather app provides weather forecasts for the day and even days ahead.

It gives a minute to minute weather forecast and includes forecasts for countries like United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Sweden, France, Ireland, Japan, etc.

For your selected location, you get alerts when the weather is expected to be very severe. 

Download AccuWeather for iPhone here.

20. BBC CBeebies Playtime

This is a game app for kids which entertains with several games such as puzzles.

21. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a Firefox web browser that uses incognito mode to make your browsing private.

The browsing history is not saved, neither are cookies.

It also blocks trackers and ads on web pages you visit, ensuring that the webpage loads faster while you use less mobile data to surf.

Although these features can be gotten by using the usual browser, it saves your time of going into the settings to get it done.

Each time you want to browse privately, launch this app on your iPhone.

Download Firefox Focus for iOS here.


Although there are several cool iPhone apps on Apple's store free for download, it'll save you more time and resources and also increase your productivity downloading only the best apps and the ones you need.

By the best, I mean the ones that are currently trending in the App store, have been updated and have the highest number of downloads, which is the listed above apps for iPhone.

Though free, their features make them just as good as the paid version of the apps.

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