How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using Xender

How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using Xender: Outlined in this post, are steps on how to transfer files from PC to android phone/tablet without USB.

What does it entails?

Making use of the Xender/ShareIT app and other file sharing apps to transfer files from your Android to a computer and generally, how you can send files to and from each device with the use of either Wifi or Hotspot connection.

You might be wondering,

Why not use a USB cable which is almost as fast as using Wifi connections.

Here's why,

Although you can send files such as music, videos, documents and raw files of apps and games using a cable, apps and games that are already installed on your phone can't be transferred to your PC using a USB cable as well.

Now if you plan on restoring the factory settings of Android phone or flashing it, you can backup your apps and games on your PC, which will save you the time and data of downloading them again.

And lest i forget, the transfer speed is faster when sent via Wifi/Hotspot instead of using Bluetooth or cables.

So, what do i need to begin?

A PC, your android phone/tablet and a suitable file transfer app for android that can copy every file on your phone to your PC irrespective of the file type.

A list of these apps suitable for moving files between both devices is given below.

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Best Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC

1. Xender:

Xender like the notable flash share app for Android can be used to share files between Android devices, and between an Android device and a PC or an Iphone.

To transfer files from Android to PC and vise versa using Xender, follow the steps below.

After Installation, launch the app

  • Click on the circular '+' Icon displayed at the lower right corner of the app.

  • Select 'Connect PC'

On selecting the button, you'll have a list of two options which are:

  • Send files using Wifi with your internet connection or send files using Hotspot without internet connection.

In this example, we'll be sending files using Hotspot.

  • If your internet connection is on, then select the Hotspot symbol as shown in the image below.

  • If your Internet connection is off, then select Wi-fi Hotspot (This turns on your phone's hotspot that will enable your system connect to your Android phone).

  • A web address will be displayed on the Xender app, copy or note down this address.


  • Turn on your PC's Wifi, and connect to your phone's Hotspot.

    • Launch the browser on your PC either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    • Goto the web address you were shown which in this case is

    You'll get a notification message on your phone in form of a dialog box, prompting you to grant access rights.

    • On your phone, click on 'Accept'

    All files on your Android phone will now be visible on your computer, you can drag and drop them from folders and store them on your PC.

    You can as well copy apps installed on your phone and save as a backup on your system.

    Other than copying files from your Android to PC, you can also move files to your Android phone from your PC.

    More apps you can use in transferring files between PC and Android include:

    2. SHAREit: 

    Unlike the xender app that is needed only on one device to connect, you will have to download SHAREit on Android and PC.

    Download SHAREit for Android Here

    Download SHAREit for PC Here

    After download, Install and launch the app on both devices. There are several ways of connecting both devices and they are:

    Option 1: Connect using your phone's WiFi

    To do this,

    • On the SHAREit app on your phone, Click on 'More'

    • Select 'Connect PC'

    Your PC will automatically be detected, that's if the app is also open on your PC.

    • Next, click on your PC's name,

    • Finally, grant access rights when requested by clicking on 'Accept'.

    Your devices have successfully been connected.

    Option 2: Connect using your Phone's Hotspot

    To do this:

    • On your Android phone, select 'More' (refer to image in option 1)

    • Click on 'Connect PC'

    • From your PC, click on  'Search Hotspot of Mobile'

    • Your PC will automatically be detected, 

    • Next, tap on your PC's avatar and connect both devices.

    Option 3: Scanning with QR code

    • From your PC, click on  'Show QR code'

    • On your phone, click on 'More'

    • Then click on 'Connect PC'

    • Also select  'Scan to connect'

    • Place your phone's camera directly infront of the code displayed on your PC and your PC will automatically be detected.

    • Finally, tap on your PC's avatar and connect both devices.

    3. FileDrop:

    Other than xender and shareIT, you can also make use of  the Filedrop app for PC and Android

    Download Filedrop Here

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