How to Fix Comment Box Not Showing in Blogger Mobile View

Is your blogger comment box not showing on mobile view? Then i have a solution for you.

Your'e not alone as most bloggers using a custom blogger template have experienced this at one time or the other.

It also happened to me, where I had to spend time trying to tweak the mobile template to no avail but ended up introducing more errors on the site.

Should it be a thing of concern to you if the comment box is not visible on your blog?


Comments on your site can impact your site's SEO positively because keywords in the comment section can also help a site rank in Google.

Equally, one of the easiest ways you can communicate with your blog readers and have them air their views concerning a particular topic is by enabling comments on blogger.

Keep in mind that a higher percentage of visitors to most sites access it with their mobile devices and not from a desktop, that being so, you may be losing valuable comments to your site daily if yours is not enabled.

Odd thing is, when the comment box isn't visible again on your blog, you might not be aware of it, not until your attention is drawn by one of your readers.

By the way, why does comment box dissappear in blogger mobile view?

There are several reasons ranging from not enabling comments on your blog to using a custom blogger template whose codes were edited, and in the process the comment box dissappered.

How can you resolve this?

By following the guidelines below on how to fix comment box not showing in blogger mobile view. If you'll also like to hide the comment box on your blog, these steps will guide you.

How To Fix Comment Box Not Showing in Mobile Template

Here, I've listed differentiate options that can help rectify the comment box issue in blogger mobile template, applying either one or all will depending on which angle the problem was generated will definitely resolve the problem.

To begin,

Option 1: Making changes in blogger settings

In option 1, we will be enabling comments in blogger settings which will show a 'Post a message' text and the comment box.

  • Goto your Blogger 'Settings'.
  • Navigate to 'Posts, comments and sharing'
  • Scroll down to the 'Comments' section
  • In 'Comments Location', choose the option 'Embedded'
  • Then the save settings.

You can also use these steps to hide blogger comment box on your site. Instead of selecting 'Embedded', click on 'Hide'.

Option 2: Make Changes in Blogger Layout

To do this,

  • Goto your blog's layout,
  • On the blog posts gadget, click on 'Edit' 

  • Tick the check box, 'Comments',

  • Save the gadget,
  • And finally click on 'Save arrangement'.

Option 3: Making Changes in Post Editor

If the comment box is not showing on a particular post, you can enable it via the post editor.

To do this,

  • Edit the Post,
  • On the right hand corner of the post editor, Click on 'Option'
  • Under 'Reader comments' section, tick the radio button 'Allow'

  • Finally, update the post.

You can also follow these steps to hide blogger comment box on a selected post on your blog. Instead of enabling 'Allow', click on 'Don't allow'.

Option 4: Making Changes in Blogger Template

  • Goto your blog's template,
  • Save a copy of your template by backing up before your proceed.
  • Click on 'Edit HTML'
  • Click inside your template and then use the keys CTRL+F to search for the tag ]]></b:skin>
  • On finding the tag, copy this code and paste above it.

.mobile .blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

.blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

blogger Comment Box Not Showing

  • Finally save your template.

Following the steps outlined above, the comment box in your blogger mobile view and even desktop view should be restored to normal. I hope these tips helped.

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