Things to Consider When Buying Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth headphones free you from the wires and allow you to listen to your music freely; with this in mind, not all pairs are created equally and not all pairs are going to offer the exceptional sound quality and clarity you would hope for. So before you do invest in a pricey pair of headphones, there are a few factors to consider. Not only so you find the best pair, but also to find the best deal on the wireless product you do eventually choose to buy for personal use.

how to choose bluetooth headphones

How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones

To get the most of your money's worth, here are a few tips on how to choose bluetooth headphones you should consider.

Battery life 

You need to look for a pair of headphones which won't die on you every few hours or requires daily charging. Most products offer at least a 12 to 15 hour capacity, but you can find some pairs which will go up to 24 hours or longer without requiring a charge.

The distance

Depending on how far you are from the source of music (your iPhone, smartphone, or other device) your device won't connect. So you need to know the range of the headphones you are purchasing, so that you don't have to stand right next to the music source, or have the item directly in your pocket, in order to know you are going to get sound clarity.


Noise cancellation is another nice feature to look for when choosing your Bluetooth headphones. Some manufacturers only provide limited cancellation or block out clutter noise, while others are going to completely cover up and eliminate any external noise which is not coming directly from the music you are listening to. So consider noise cancellation versus noise isolation, which is not going to block out as much when you are wearing your headphones.

In or on ear 

Comfort is yet another factor you should consider as you are choosing your new pair of headphones. Depending on whether you prefer to have the cup over your ear, with a padded finish, or prefer to have something smaller with an in-ear bud, there are several options you can choose from when purchasing your new headphones. So compare models, try out a few, and see what fits best.

Colour or custom design 

Many products come in a wide range of colours, or allow you to custom design your own finishes for your new headphones. Depending on the brand, the manufacturer, and the series/style of headphones you choose, the product customisation features will vary, as well as the price point you are going to pay for your new headphones.

Of course you also want to consider the price and the brand name itself. Sure you will pay more for Bose, but the quality is far superior than what you are going to get from JBL or other smaller name brands. So before you do make the ultimate decision and invest in a pair of headphones, you are going to want to compare several products. These are a few of the factors you should consider in order to find the right pair, and to find the price point you can afford as well.


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