How to Transfer iTunes Music to Android Device

How to Access iTunes Music on Android Phone:  With Apple’s music management software, iTunes, one can easily sync music to Apple devices.

But when it comes to Android devices, the process is a bit more complicated than on the latter, which makes it a problem to transfer iTunes playlist to Android.

There are several reasons why anyone would want to move their music files to Android phones, Tablets, and even iPhone, iPad and iPods because in the past few years, the Android OS has improved greatly and sadly, there is no iTunes for Android.

If you're an Android user, you've seen several capabilities this OS has to offer and you probably have the need to take advantage of them, leaving behind Apple’s a bit complex OS.

One of the few steps towards that is moving files from Apple's iTunes to an Android device.

You'll agree that:

Moving these files rather than download them again is the best way to go about it since up to 500 songs can be transferred within some minutes when they're moved instead.

It 'll definitely take more mobile data and strenuous hours to download every music file, not unless you don't mind doing the extra work.

So, how can you access iTunes Music on Android phone and get a great music experience even with Android?

The sections below are guidelines on how to move files between the Apple music software and your Android phone.

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Manually transferring Music files

One of the ways of moving files is to manually transfer them from iTunes to your Android using a USB cable.

Although this might be the least convenient method being that it requires you to manage the Library, It eliminates the need to use apps, mobile data and WiFi connections.

The problems of syncing that may arise using other methods is also reduced when you send the files manually.

To manually move files from iTunes to Android using USB,

  • Connect your phone to your computer
  • From your computer,
  • Locate the iTunes library by searching for the following strings:

For Windows 7/8/10/Vista:

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

For Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

For Max OS X: 

/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

  • Replace <username> with your computer's username
  • Find the songs you want to copy, in this case AAC music files
  • Copy the songs to your phone's internal or external memory storage.
  • Once the files have been stored, you can play them using any music player app.

Moving to Google Play Music

If you have songs without Digital Rights Management in your iTunes library, you can easily move them to your Android device using Google play.

Google Play Music allows you to store about 20,000 songs, and your uploaded songs will then be transcoded from AAC to 320Kbps MP3s format.

Keep in mind that because of the cloud storage, your synced songs will only be accessible using Google Play Music until you manually save them on your device.

It gets better or worse:

Not all the songs will have to be uploaded because most times, Google already has an online copy of the song you want stored.

These copies of your songs are matched with the ones online and stored instead of uploading them from scratch.

This means you get to have all your songs with you but with less time spent uploading.


How do you Transfer iTunes Music to Android Device using Google Play?


Google Play

After the upload, you can stream your songs over Wifi or mobile data using a web player or the Google Play Music app which can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

But then,

How do you move this cloud storage of music files to your Android device or tablet?

An offline storage will help minimize your data and give a much more easier access when you need them.

So, to get them saved on your device,

  • Still In the Google Play Music app, locate the songs you want to save,
  • In the menu settings, select the option 'Keep on device'
  • A sync of the songs for offline storage will occur.

You can note the progress of the storage by checking your download queue.

Third-party sync

You can use third party applications to move iTunes music to android. These apps serve a major purpose of giving ease in transferring iTunes files, and they can be downloaded directly from Google PlayStore.

With the use of a USB connected to your computer and Android phone, you can easily sync your music, videos and other files with them.

One app you can make use of is TunesGo

TunesGo iTunes File Transfer App

This app can convert different music formats to formats that are compatible on Android devices and it can also copy music from Android devices to iTunes.

To begin,

  • On your computer download TunesGo for either  Windows | Mac
  • Next, connect your phone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable.
  • On connection, access the TunesGo app
  • In the left hand corner,
  • Click on Devices to have the app scan your device
  • Once your device has been detected,

To move all the songs on iTunes to your device,

  • Select the option on the right 'Transfer Music from iTunes to Device'

To move only some selected songs on iTunes to your device,

  • On the 'iTunes Library Tab', click on 'Music'.

TunesGo iTunes File Transfer App

  • Next, using the radio button, tick the songs you want to move
  • Select 'Export' option located on the top tab.
  • Select your device in the drop down menu.

All the selected songs will be transferred from iTunes to your Android device.

Other than TunesGo, another iTunes app for Android that works just as well is doubleTwist for Android.

DoubleTwist iTunes File Transfer App

It is also a common iTunes app for Android devices and tablets.

How can i use doubleTwist app to transfer iTunes Music to Android or Tablet?


  • You need to download doubleTwist from Google Play store and then install on your Android device.
  • Also download the computer variant of doubleTwist desktop client and then install it.
  • DoubleTwist will display the list of songs on iTunes library that you have and are available for synchronization.
  • Next, you can connect your Android device via USB to your computer
  • On connection, the software will automatically detect it
  • From the 'Music' tab select the songs you want, then select 'sync now'.



You'll still be managing your files on iTunes via your computer, with the only difference in the ability to move files around between both devices.

iSyncr iTunes Music File Transfer App

iSyncr is also an application that allows you to sync your iTunes to Android. You can do this either using a USB cable or via WiFi.

To use iSyncr

  • Goto jrtstudio.com/isyncr to download iSyncr on your Android and Computer
  • After download on your Android, also Install the iSyncr desktop application on your computer

After installation on both devices,

  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB
  • Right click on the iSyncr S icon on your system, the app will automatically detect your device,
  • Select your device,
  • Then choose the songs you want to sync from iTunes to your Android phone.

Following the steps above on how to use Android iTunes apps for Android phones, you can easily sync iTunes to Android and even have iTunes Movies on Android devices.

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