How to Install Google Pixel Launcher Latest Update for Any Android Device

How to install Google Pixel Launcher latest update for any Android device: Two of the latest smartphones from Google are the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Unarguably, they are both great smartphones that offer a high level of performance.

But why stop there?

The latest version of Google Pixel Launcher (ODR-4023749) formerly known as the Nexus launcher has been developed for both variants of the Pixel and even devices running on the Android Marshmallow version.

The Pixel Launcher was first updated in the Android O, an upcoming release of the Android OS and was then made compatible in other Android versions even without the need to root the device first.

The new version of the Pixel Launcher still has close similarities to the former such as app folders, and app shortcuts, but comes with slight changes.

Here's One:

Its most noticeable difference is the ability to open the app drawer by swiping up from any point on the screen instead of beginning your swipe from the bottom of the screen as was the case before.

There's more:

The launcher application features include a voice shortcut, favorite apps ranging from A-Z, and a Google Calendar widget that automatically shows the current date and weather.

Below is a step by step guideline on how to install the latest update Pixel Launcher ODR-4023749 (pixel launcher 7.1.2 apk) for Android.

Installing Google Pixel Launcher Latest Update

The Pixel launcher on android is not available on Google Play Store for downloads, but it can be downloaded as an APK file from sites and then installed directly.

To update your existing Pixel Launcher installation,

Your smartphone must either be running on the Android Lollipop (5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2) OS or a higher version such as Marshmallow.

  • Uninstall the older version of the ported Pixel Launcher if you already have it on your phone. 
  • Click on this link to download Google Pixel Launcher
  • If downloaded on PC, copy the APK file to your Android device  
  • Next, Navigate to your phone's 'Settings' menu
  • Goto 'Security'
  • Enable 'Allow Unknown Sources to allow APK installation from other sources.' by ticking the box.
  • Navigate to where the APK file you downloaded is stored on your device.
  • Install it.

You have now successfully installed the latest update of Google Pixel Launcher on your Android device.

After Installation, you need to set the Google Pixel Launcher as the default home screen. To do this,

  • Click on the device's home button, then choose Pixel Launcher.

The steps above works well for devices that are rooted and not rooted.

But then, for devices that aren't, the Google Page that is meant to be on the home screen won't be there.

Rooted devices can have this feature by following the steps below to install by first converting the Launcher into a system application, Backpacks

  • Download  Link2SD version 4.1 here
  • Open the application and grant access rights when requested.

How to install Google Pixel Launcher latest update for any Android device

  • Navigate to the Pixel Launcher and long press it
  • Select  'Convert to system app'.

How to install Google Pixel Launcher latest update for any Android device

  • Finally reboot the device using prompt from the dialog box

The result?

Although it's best seen with your own eyes, you should have a more friendly interface with the latest version of the Google Pixel Launcher( latest apk pixel launcher 7.1.2 ) running on your Android smartphone.

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