Is Hindi, Oriya, Marathi Typing Possible on Android Phones?

You may be wondering, Is Hindi, Tamil or Marathi typing possible on Android phones?

 How can i use Hindi keyboard on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter?

Or generally,

How can I type in Indian regional languages on Android?

Here's something we might both agree on:

Depending on who you're trying to communicate with, using your native dialect such as Hindi is usually much easier to type in.

Not only that, your information is precise enough to be understood clearly especially if the recipient is not a native speaker of English.

A few years ago, the Android keyboard did not have Hindi language as part of the default languages whereas there was French, Spanish, Chinese, and the likes, but no way of automatically setting your Android default keyboard language to Hindi.

If one must write in Hindi, then they must first go through the process of rooting their phones since some devices did not support Hindi script.

But now, most device do given that there is an in-built support for Hindi in some Android devices.

Even though there is a built-in system, it would mean using a Hindi-specific keyboard or setting Hindi as the system language, which might not be preferred by most people.

Why is that?

This is because the entire system language of the phone or tablet is bound to change, and you cannot use two languages at the same time without going into the device's settings to change the default language.

So, is there a way you can type using Hindi on your Android device but still maintain the default text language of your Android?

Yes there is!

While chatting, texting etc. you can write on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and send SMS in Hindi Language using your Android device.

Here's what it looks like:

By using either third party themes/applications that come with specialized keyboards or manipulating one or two functions on your smartphone, you can type in Hindi language on Android phones including tablets.

Whichever works best for you, either will let you type directly using Hindi or convert text typed in English to Hindi.

Below are some of the ways on that will show you how to customize your text, chats and messages to your preferred Hindi language.

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How to Type on Android Phone in Hindi

Here's how to type in Hindi and other Indian languages using English keyboard.


We'll be using the Google app, Google Indic Keyboard, a hindi keypad for android mobile that allows messages and emails in Hindi to be typed on Android phones.

This app offers English and Hindi keyboards, and transliteration from English to Hindi using Devanagari alphabets.

If your phone supports Hindi, then it can read this text  नमस्ते correctly, and the application will work well.

To begin,

  • Download Google Hindi Input Hindi Keyboard from Google Play Store
  • Install the app on your phone or tablet after download.
  • Navigate to your device's 'Settings' menu
  • Then Scroll down to 'Language & Input'

The Google Hindi Input Keyboard will be displayed as one of your available keyboards,

  • Tick the radio button to activate it as your default keyboard.


  • Access your text editor either in your message, WhatsApp or Notepad on your phone or tablet
  • Tap on the work area where your cursor is blinking to view the keyboard
  • Drag the top screen to access your device's 'notification' area
  • Click on 'Select Input Method' 
  • Finally choose 'Hindi Transliteration (Google Hindi Input)'

By the way:

How does the Google Hindi Input keyboard work, and how can you the use Google indic keyboard?

When the Globe key on the keyboard is pressed, one can move from typing in English to typing in Hindi.

Also, switching the keyboard from English to Hindi offers three basic functions which are:

  • Transliteration that converts typed English Latin alphabets to Devanagari alphabets.
  • Ability to draw any Hindi alphabet on the screen, which is best done using a stylus pen.
  • Typing texts directly in Hindi without any conversion first from English.


To type directly in Hindi,

  • Click on the circular icon 'Globe key' that is close to the space bar,

To type directly in English (Hinglish) to be converted to Hindi or toggle between transliteration modes,

  • Click on 'a->अ' function key

For example:

Typing the English word 'Identity' will give you 'आइडेंटिटी '

The bottom line?

Not only will you be able to type in Hindi on devices like your Samsung j7, Galaxy S2 and S3 grand with this keyboard, but other Indian regional languages like  Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Kannad, and Gujarati.

It gets better or worse:

You can also post on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and the likes with either English or Hindi, and also use both languages at the same time just by switching right from the Google indic keyboard.

Additional Settings of Google Hindi input

To customize the default settings of this keyboard,

  • Navigate to your device's 'Settings'
  • Goto 'Language & Input' 

On the Google Hindi input, click on the 'Settings' gear icon and customize the following functions,

  • Handwriting: Customize the default text font of text typed  in Hindi or English 
  • Input: Enable or disable auto spelling correction for either Hindi or English.
  • Keyboard: Customize the sound on key press to either on or off, keyboard type, height and theme.

The steps above on how to enable Hindi keyboard in android phones, tablets and computers will enable you type in your most preferred language.

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