Google Pixel And Pixel XL Charging Slowly Issue Solved

Google Pixel Charging Slowly Issue: The charging issue which leads to moderate charging on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL is the most commonest problem encountered on either of the new smartphones from Google.

Either you get,

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL slow charging problem,


The Google Pixel and Pixel XL not turning on after charging.

Although some smartphones tend to slow their charging when they're warm, the Pixel and Pixel XL slow charge atimes irrespective of their temperature.

If you're a user of these devices, you must have experienced this at some point, and have probably wondered:

Does anyone else have their Pixel or Pixel XL charging rather slow?

You're not alone!

It's a common issue encountered by most users.

It is said that either devices can rapid charge for as long as 3 to 4 hours, which obviously means that the Pixel and Pixel XL are not rapid charging.

But then,

Worry your head no more!

There are several ways to combat the Pixel and Pixel XL battery problem and maintain the Pixel's battery life, and some of these are listed below.

First off:

Here's how to fast charge Pixel and Pixel XL

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Slow Charging

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Check Your USB Cable

Is the USB cable original and is it working properly?

These should be your first considerations.

Proper connection has to be made between the device and the power supply.


Using a different USB cable other than the one that came with the device can lead to gradual charging of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

But If you're certain it's the original,

Replace the cable with a different one or, use a third party charger but with Google Pixel's USB and see if the charging problem persists.

If you still have the Google Pixel and Pixel XL moderate charging issue, you might want to try out something else which is just as helpful to fix it.

Close All Background Applications

Another way to fast charge the Google Pixel and Pixel XL is to close all applications running in the background.

Here's the deal:

One of the reasons why both devices are charging slowly is because of the active apps using the RAM's space.

The apps drain your battery even while it's trying to charge and that's the reason for the noticeable slow charge.

To stop the applications from running and sharing memory,

  • Long press the Home button

You'll be presented with a 'Recently used apps' screen

  • Goto the Google Pixel 'Task manager' section,
  • Click on 'End all applications'
  • Select the 'RAM' option, 
  • Clear the Google Pixel's memory to force stop running applications.

Freeing the memory while the phone is charging helps to resolve the problem of Google Pixel And Pixel XL Slow Charging.

Uninstall Third Party Applications

Here's something else you can try,

Your Pixel can also be slow charging because of minor software errors.

That being said, another way to fix the charging issue on the Pixel and Pixel XL is to uninstall third party applications.

Before uninstalling third party apps, the safe mode has to be enabled on Pixel and Pixel XL.

To do this,
  • Long press the power button until the name 'Google Pixel and Pixel XL' displays
  • When it does, release the power button and,
  • Long press the lower volume button
  • When the message 'Safe mode' displays, you can release the volume button.

Once Google Pixel and Pixel XL are in safe mode, you can proceed to uninstall third party applications on your device.

To do this,
  • Goto your device's 'Settings'
  • Then select 'More'
  • Select the 'Application manager' tab
  • Goto 'Downloaded' 
  • Choose the application you want to delete.
  • Select 'Uninstall'
  • Then 'Ok'

Once the apps have been uninstalled, you can disable safe mode.

To do this,
  • Long press the power button
  • Select 'Restart'
  • Choose 'Ok'

Following the steps above, you can go ahead and check whether the charging issue has been setted on the Pixel and Pixel XL.

On plugging on, you should notice an improvement in the charging speed.


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