How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook

How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook and change thumbnail facebook link: If you're searching for this tutorial, it might be because Facebook is sharing an image that is not in your blog post or not the same one you included in the post. This happens most especially when the blog post you're sharing on Facebook has no image, hence the bot crawler might use any other image on your site even your author profile picture.

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To make Facebook display the exact image we want when we share a URL, we'll employ OGP data. This data helps in adding specific information about your website or blog which includes the page title shared, the image, the type of content on the page and the URL of the page.

og:title —  Post title of the page to be displayed
og:type — Type of content on the page
og:image — Image to be displayed URL
og:url —  Shared webpage's URL

Each of these can be customized instead of leaving it entirely to Facebook crawlers. Since we are trying to change the default image displayed in posts on Facebook, we'll be focusing on og;image attribute. For blogger blogs, to change thumbnail Facebook image link to website, follow the steps below.

How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook

To Change Website Thumbnail in Facebook Post,

  • From your blogger dashboard, goto Template
  • Click on 'Edit HTML'
  • Using Ctrl + F keys, search for the tag <head>
  • Copy the meta tag shown below and paste below <head> or where you have other meta tags in your blog like keywords and description meta tags.

<meta property="og:image" content="IMAGE-URL" />

How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook

  • Replace IMAGE-URL with the link of the image you want to be displayed when  the post is shared on Facebook. (You can easily get the link of any free image of google, by right clicking on the image, and selecting 'Copy address')
  • Save your template

On re-sharing links on your site on Facebook, the image should be the exact image whose URL you included in your blog's template. 

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Note that links that were previously shared will still maintain the former image and the change will only be for new links you share on Facebook. To also modify images of old links you shared, use the Facebook developers tool for debugging.


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