Fiverr Logo Design Guide

Fiverr as an online market place for rendering and acquiring of services at the most competitive prices has become a source of income to many and a place to get the required services needed. One of these services is the Fiverr Logo Design gig, and it is one of the most popular services that is rendered. For as little as 5$, one can either get the best and professional Logo design on Fiverr or something that's not worth half their money. While respective services can easily be searched for and with lots of sellers to choose from, one has keep certain things in mind before settling for a particular seller in order to get the satisfaction of their money's worth.

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A Logo is a symbol that uniquely identifies an organization, website or individual. It helps in promoting the organization or brand by bringing instant public recognition when the symbol is seen. Logos are most especially helpful for new businesses and websites that are trying to be distinctive and professional. For these reasons and with several businesses now online than offline, the Fiverr logo design gig is one of the most demanded gigs on the platform. Many novices who wish to earn from Fiverr start with this gig because of its popularity and higher chances of getting orders from potential buyers. But then, this comes with its own disadvantages where for instance someone else's Logo can be sold to another person. A guide on how to choose the best logo designers on fiverr is outlined in this post.

Fiverr Logo Design Guide

How to Find The Best Fiverr Logo Design Gigs

The quality of any logo design offered on Fiverr differs from one seller to the other. Each designer has his/her own level of expertise. These range from Amateurs who'll sell copyrighted images/avatar to you, to professionals who actually know what they're are doing and take the extra time to revise their work. Since you will most likely want the best design, you should note down this tips before purchasing the Logo design gig or any other gig from Fiverr.

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1. Customize your search: While searching for a logo design gig, Fiverr allows you to narrow down your search using certain criteria such as seller level, price range, delivery time etc. Here, you'll focus on the seller's level since the chances of a seller on a higher level having more reputation and experience is more than that of a seller on new level. With more reputation means you get to expect a better design even though some new level sellers might be better designers, this only helps in avoiding amateur designers.

2. Check the Sells and Order Record: In Fiverr Logo Design, the least a service provider can charge is 5$. Since most designers charge the same rate, one can hardly tell from first glance who is good and who is just out to make fast cash, even though they all are. One way of deciding whose design to go for irrespective of the quality or poorly designed display image they have on their gig, is by checking their sales record and the number of orders in queue. Click on each gig and see the number of sales they've made, their rating and the orders that are to be met.

3. Check the Review of Customers: Although most sellers pay for review of their gigs and you will see general comments like "outstanding service" that do not actually tell you each customer's experience in their own words, taking time to read the reviews can also be helpful. Among all these similar and generalized comments, there will be one or two customers who will have a different opinion about the service and use their own words to describe it. Whether you choose to purchase the gig or not after reading these honest reviews depends on you.

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These tips on getting the best logo design on Fiverr is not only limited to this gig. This guide can also be applied when purchasing other Fiverr services like Web designing, Landing pages design, SEO optimization, and content writing.


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