Btcbuzz: Make Over $200 In Less Than 1 Week

Bitcoin Buzz is similar to Zarfund if not better. It is a peer to peer donation scheme that uses bitcoins as a method of payment. The BtcBuzz platform is not only limited to Nigerians, as it is worldwide and you can receive and make payment to anyone across the globe using bitcoins. Bitcoins are known to be one of the world's safest online method of exchanging value, and investing with is a better choice compared to monetary cash. With the current rise in the price of bitcoins, it wouldn't be a bad decision if you acquire as many as you can and store up for later. Even if it does fall in value, one thing one should always expect is that it'll rise again given a suitable amount of time.

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How Does BtcBuzz Works?

  1. Referrals and Spillovers

Btcbuzz operates with a 2 x 2 matrix: This means that you have to refer two people who will pay directly to you. The two people directly below you also need two people each (you start with 2 people on your first tier, and 4 people on your second tier). These four people under your first two referrals/downlines will be the ones to pay to you when you've attained a higher level, which is the Hive 2. On getting to this level, you can either recycle or leave the program.

Btcbuzz also works with spillovers: This means that whenever you have exactly two people below you, the rest is passed down to the two people you first had. This way, you can help your downlines who are unable to refer. One can have a team where everyone uses only one person's referral link to register and they will all benefit from it.  Take for instance using my referral link, whenever i have exceeded two people on my first level or Hive 1, the rest is passed on to my downlines and are matched to pay them.

      2.  Startup Investment

There are several levels in Btcbuzz, and these are the 'Hive 1' and 'Hive 2'. The word 'Hive' here as it is used in Btcbuzz replaces the term 'Level'.

  • Upon registering, you will be given 12 hours to upgrade to Hive 1, if not your account will be deleted.
  • To upgrade to Hive 1, you will be required to donate 0.03btc (27$) to your sponsor. Your sponsor might not be the person that referred you if they already have their 2 mandatory people in Hive 1. Instead, It might be one of their downlines since BtcBuzz works with spillovers.
  • When you are in Hive 1, your first two dowlines will donate 0.03 btc (27$) to you, making a total of 0.06btc. You are then required to upgrade to hive 2 by donating 0.05btc (45$) to the person directly above your sponsor.
  • When you are in hive 2, the two people that are under each of your downlines will each donate 0.05btc to you, making it 0.2btc (183$) from four people.
  • After Hive 2, you can cycle out and recycle in if you choose to.

This networking program is safe and does not require manual confirmation by your upline after you've made payment.  You are required to input the transaction hash id from your transaction, and the system will automatically confirm your payment. Also, all payments made will automatically be sent to your bitcoin wallet.

How do I register

  • To begin with your registration, click here to visit Btcbuzz
  • Enter your details in the required fields and then login.
  • On logging in, your timer will begin counting down. You have 12 hours to make payment to who you are merged with or your account will be deleted.

How do I Get Bitcoins?

  • Before storing up bitcoins, you need a bitcoin wallet. To open one, goto
  • Register at Blockchain and generate a bitcoin address. This address is what you will use to receive bitcoins. 
  • To generate a bitcoin address on Blockchain, click on 'Receive', copy the address you are given.

  • Next, you will have to buy bitcoins and store in the bitcoin wallet you have just created. 
  • To buy bitcoins, visit

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In BtcBuzz, all payments will be made directly into your blockchain account or any other bitcoin wallet you are using. 


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