How Does Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Work?

Ultimate Cycler is the most trending Investment program in Nigeria and several other countries. It has even gotten more positive responses from people than MMM did in its initial stage. The reason cannot be far-fetched. Being told that you can earn ₦50,000 within one week, with an investment of  ₦12,500 is enough to tickle anyone's fancy, and with the current recession in the country, Nigerians are open minded to any profitable scheme that will not only pay good profit, but within a short period of time.

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Given below, is a step by step guide on how to register on Ultimate Cycler, make payments to whom you are matched with, and also get paid on Ultimate Cycler. But first, most people will like to know the logic behind it.

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How Ultimate Cycler Works

  1. First, you need to join Ultimate Cycler.
  2. Then make the ₦12,500 mandatory payment to activate your account. 
  • Once you have been activated, you need to refer people to join. Try and refer atleast 2 people if you want to be paid on time. But it is not compulsory that you refer people to join before you get paid. 

  • If you join Ultimate Cycler using the referral link of someone that has several people under him/her (e.g using my referral link), you don't even need to refer, since the person's spill over will be under you. But then, fast pay means hard work. If you choose to relax without referring, then you can also choose to relax before you get the entire ₦50,000, which may take one week or two weeks. 

  • So what happens after you've been activated?  If you wish to refer, copy your referral/affiliate link which is located on your dashboard. Your referral link looks like this http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/YOURUSERNAME. The username you used to register is what will replace the text 'YOUR USERNAME'.

  • Give your referral link to people who want to register under you. Once they click on the link to access Ultimate Cycler's website to register, they will register under you. Hence, you will be their referrer and them your referrals.

3. Here is how your cycler works.

  • The first two people under you will actually pay to the person your'e under (your upline). Your upline may be the person that referred you to join ultimate Cycler (Your referrer) or it may be a random person (from spill overs of your referrer). 

  • When these two people below you (your down lines) have two other people each under them making it four, that is where you will earn. The four people below your original two people will pay to you. That is why it is usually advisable to bring atleast two people, so that the first position will be filled on time, and you can start getting paid when you have people in your second position.. 

  • The cycle goes on like that. If you want to earn again, you have to pay another ₦12,500 to get another set of four people to pay you. Conclusively, you need to have 6 people below you to get your full ₦50,000.

How to Register on Ultimate Cycler

  • Enter all your details like Name, Surname, Phone number, Country etc on the registration page.

  • Tick the check box to agree to the terms and conditions, then register.

  • You will be prompted to pay a one time 10$ Admin Fee which allows you to upgrade to other levels on Ultimate Cycler. Levels like the 50$, 100$ levels, etc. This fee is optional, if you don't want to pay it, goto ultimatecycler.com, then login with your details.

On Login, You will be matched to pay to either your referrer or some random person in Ultimate Cycler.

  • You will either be matched immediately or you will have to wait for some hours. For some people, It usually takes upto 6, 12 or even 24 hours before they are matched, while for others, they are matched as soon as they hit the submit button on the registration page.

  • Finally, make payment using the account details of the person you were asked to pay to. Call them and ask them to confirm that they have received your payment. This is not MMM, so you don't need to upload any teller as payment proof. Call the person before paying and after paying. By being confirmed, your account will be activated immediately. The earlier you have whoever you paid to confirm it, the better. 

How to Earn With Ultimate Cycler

  • After your account has been activated, you can now start working by referring people to register using your referral link. Anybody that wants to register, give them your referral link to register with. 
  • You can also share your referral link on social networking sites like Facebook (Facebook groups, pages, advertise on Facebook), WhatsApp groups, and Twitter. If you have a website, write a post about it and include your referral link. If you do not have a website, pay someone who has one a token to help you publicize your referral link.

Note: All these are not compulsory, but if you must earn fast, then you have to work hard. I had over 20 referrals within 24 hours of registering. Don't sit back and relax waiting for the spill overs of your uplines, make the most of this opportunity.

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And don't forget, before you begin registering people under you, goto your Profile and enter your bank details. To do this, 

  • Goto 'My Account' tab,
  • Click on 'Payment Options',
  • Several payment options have been provided like payment via Paypal, Bitcoins, Bank Transfer and Payza
  • Enter your payment details in the one you'll like to use in receiving payments.
  • Ensure you save your profile by clicking on 'Submit'.

Levels In Ultimate Cycler

Level 1

When you register for the first time, you are automatically placed in level 1. Here, you donate ₦12,500 and get paid ₦12,500 by four people, amounting to ₦50,000.

You can restart level one again by donating another ₦12,500 to your upline. You will still earn ₦50,000. You can do his over and over again as many times as you want, but you will still be in level 1.

Level 2

You will have to upgrade from Level 1 to 2. Here, you donate ₦25,000  and get paid ₦25,000 by four people, amounting to ₦100,000.

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Level 3

You will have to upgrade from Level 2 to 3. Here, you donate ₦50,000 ($100) and get paid ₦50,000 by four people, amounting to ₦200,000.

Level 4

You will have to upgrade from Level 3 to 4. Here, you donate  ₦100,000 ($200) and get paid ₦100,000  by four people, amounting to ₦400,000.

Level 5

You will have to upgrade from Level 4 to 5. Here, you donate  ₦200,000 ($400) and get paid ₦200,000 by four people, amounting to ₦800,000.

Level 6

You will have to upgrade from Level 5 to 6. Here, you donate  ₦400,000 ($800) and get paid ₦400,000 by four people, amounting to ₦1.200,000.

Level 7

You will have to upgrade from Level 6 to 7. Here, you donate  ₦800,000 ($1600) and get paid ₦800,000 by four people, amounting to ₦3.200,000.


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