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Make 190% of Your Money in 9 days on MMM South Africa (Bitcoin) : Here's another profitable scheme you can invest your money in while it last. It's MMM South Africa! You get 90% of all your investment in 9 days or 90% of all your Investment in 2 days if you can refer just 2 people to join the program. Sounds too good to be true right? lol, i thought so too at first. I know some will wonder how possible this will be, but if MMM Nigeria and MMM United can achieve it, MMM South Africa can and already has.

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How does it work? 

MMM South Africa works with similar principles as found on the other two aforementioned MMM schemes, but comes with slight differences. If you're a participant on MMM Nigeria, then you won't find it hard to navigate your way around this new MMM or find its logic hard to grasp.

You have to Provide Help in form of bitcoins and you'll Get Help or Get Paid in form of bitcoins too. Whatever amount of bitcoins you provide help with, you get 90% interest in only 9 days. But if you can refer just 2 people to join MMM south Africa, you get your 90% profit in 2 days.

Like MMM Nigeria, money but in form of bitcoins is paid by members to other members. MMM South Africa is just a website or a platform that brings both the bitcoin sender and receiver together to make the exchange, a question answered for those who'll be wondering where they'll get their 90% from.

For example, I pay 50$ worth of bitcoins to a participant, after 9 days, another participant who pledged 95$ will be matched to pay me my bitcoins which has amounted to 95$ in 9 days. Also, another participant who pledged 185$ worth of bitcoins then pays the person who paid me the 95$ as their 90% interest after 9 days. Best part of all this is that you don't even have to wait for 9 days before you get your cash back, refer 2 people to the site and you'll get your cash back with profit in 2 days.

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Unlike MMM Nigeria, you will not pay the entire money you pledged at once.You'll pay 30% first, then the remaining 70% within 9 days. Your MAVRO immediately starts growing at the rate of 10% pay day, after you've pledged to provide help. You might be wondering how you'll make transactions on  MMM South Africa when you're in Nigeria, but that isn't a problem because the method of payment is bitcoins which can be sent and received anywhere in the world.

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How Do I Get Bitcoins?

Since MMM South Africa works with bitcoins, you need to have bitcoins before you can Provide Help. These bitcoins are bought from online retailers. You pay them in Naira, while they give you bitcoins (send it to your bitcoin wallet) equivalent to your money's worth. When you also get paid in bitcoins, you sell it and get paid in Naira directly into your bank account.

So, to get bitcoins, you need to open a bitcoin wallet. To do this,

  • Click here to goto Blockchain
  • Click on the 'Wallet' tab, then create an account.
  • After your account has been created, sign in
  • Click on the 'Receive' button on Block chain. A unique bitcoin address will be generated for you. This is the address you will use to receive payments, COPY THE ADDRESS. (It is a set of string that looks like this 1HRYFtdyB7MbjbcjsbjHJHHAU ).

Next, you need to buy bitcoins which will be saved in the bitcoin wallet you just created. There are several places to buy it, but i use NairaEx

  • Goto NairaEx.com .
  • Signup and then Login.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoins you want to buy and input your bitcoin address (the one you generated and copied on blockchain).
  • You'll get their bank account details to pay for the number of bitcoins you just requested.
  • Your bitcoin wallet will be credited within some few minutes or hours once they receive your payment.
Once you have received your bitcoins, goto MMM South Africa and invest them there. 

How to Register On MMM South Africa

  • Click here to visit MMM South Africa 
  • Enter your details in the fields required, details like your Name, Last Name, Phone Number, etc.
  • Select the amount of bitcoins you want to Provide Help with.
  • Leave the section, 'Your Referral Email' unchanged, it has been set by default to detutor8@gmail.com
  • Enter your bitcoin address. (The one that was generated on blockchain. You can still login into your blockchain account to generate a new one if you've lost the first one.)
  • Enter your email and password. (If you have a gmail address use it as it works better in receiving the verification code).
  • Click on register and a verification code will be sent to your email.
  • Enter this verification code and click on register again.
  • You have successfully joined MMM South Africa.
  • After Sign up, Login to MMM South Africa to check if you've been matched to make payment.

You will either be matched immediately or after some hours to pay another participant the bitcoins you pledged. Note that you will not be asked to pay all the bitcoins at once, you might pay to more than one participant.

To make Payment to another participant,
  • Copy their bitcoin address. It will be shown to you on MMM.
  • Login into your Bitcoin Wallet
  • Click on 'Send'
  • Enter the bitcoin address of the person you were asked to pay to,
  • Enter the bitcoin amount as specified on the payment instruction on MMM South Africa.
  • Then send.

  • Take a screenshot of the transaction, you will upload this as your proof of payment for confirmation.
Note: If after 24 hours your payment has not been confirmed by the recipient, write to support attaching your proof of payment and it'll be confirmed. 

Following the steps above, you can join MMM South Africa, create a bitcoin wallet if you didn't have one before this time and also Provide Help on MMM South Africa. When it's time for you to get paid, your bitcoins will also be sent to your bitcoin wallet by another participant that has been matched to pay you. You can refer 2 people using your referral link to hasten your payment. Your referral link is on your MMM dashboard.

Keep in mind that this investment program is a risk like others out there, and can crash at anytime. You can either be among the first few set of people who took advantage of it in its first few months or sit back in fear waiting to laugh at others (you might have to wait a long while sha). If there is a step you don't really get or you have questions concerning MMM South Africa, be sure to let us know via the comment box.


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