How to Present a Jewelry Gift Properly?

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Jewelry gifts are not just expensive and beautiful, it is the embodiment of human relations, a symbol of their strength, value and durability. Giving jewelry is appropriate only to the closest people, because over time, such a gift does not lose its value. Diamond jewelry, as well as bars and coins made of precious metals are considered universal presents. It is suitable to present them on the weddings, in honor of the first-born or birth anniversary and with no reason to a beloved woman.

Most of the men in the jewelry store feel insecure, so they grab the first available thing that in their opinion is suitable for a gift. Sellers of jewelry stores use men’s confusion to offer something, which is not always appropriate. The consequence of such purchase may be a situation where a present is left forgotten in the box for a long time due to the fact that it does not match the new owner taste or preferences. To avoid such situation, before the acquisition of a piece of jewelry every buyer should draw attention to some following points:

1. Design

The design of the jewelry gift should match the style of its future owner. For example, if the woman prefers to wear sporty clothes, the ideal option would be the item, which has no superfluous decorative elements. A feminine representative of the fairer sex, who can't imagine her life without the high heels and pretty dresses, would be delighted after having gotten a romantic decoration that resembles a flower, a butterfly and so on. Business woman is likely to appreciate classic ring or a thin chain. A lover of original things will enjoy the ethnic style jewelry.

2. Material

Jewelry can be made of metal or precious stone, there are also items that are a combination of these materials. It is best to ask the future owner about her preferences on this issue.

3. Size

Buying a ring as a gift, it is important to know the right size. You can measure the diameter of any other ring of its future owner.
Apart from the rings size, the length of bracelets is also important. If the presentee has very petite or very big hands, the bracelet without length regulation will cause disappointment. Also, it is necessary to find out other preferences - what size of the necklace the presentee likes, what earrings wears, etc.

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4. Wrapping

Before you give a jewelry gift, decorate it nicely. Attractive, bright packaging increases the value of the gift, presents feeling of holiday joy and anticipation. Do never present jewelry without cases and do not cut off the product label. There is valuable information on the label: the composition and fineness, weight of the product, the amount of carats in the stones.


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