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E-cooperative is one of the latest online networking programs that sprang up and became famous while Ultimate Cycler's website was down, others being Ultimate Cycler Plus, and Easy1Up. According to the Information provided on their official website, E-cooperative is 'a simple system that enables its members to raise the money they seek for any business project, make money from their venture, show them ideas on how to manage the money they have made, and of course show them how that money can be multiplied using various financial instruments.'

This money making scheme is like many others out there that promises its participants an attractive profit with little investment and within a short period of time. As is peculiar to  them all, where the system operates with participants donating to each other, while the most active participants earn more, this is also adopted by E-cooperative.  MMM Nigeria actually laid the foundation for all these programs, where Nigerians can now trust a total stranger with their money and still sleep well at night.

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But like others that are similar but have a unique feature that sets them apart from the rest, so does E-cooperative. With just ₦1,000, you can earn thousands of Naira in a matter of hours and days with this little startup investment. The amount to be invested when one joins is what makes this network program even more attractive because the money involved in taking this risk is very low compared to other Ponzi schemes

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How does it work

  1.  E-cooperative works with a 4 X 4 forced matrix. This means that you have to refer 4 people, and each of these 4 people must also refer 4 other people making it 16 people. The 16 people must also refer 4 people each, making a total of  64 people. Same goes with the 64 people,  that will give a resultant of 256 people under them.

  • Now you don't have to fret and sweat when you hear refer­čść because this isn't an issue on  E-cooperative. First, the startup fee is just ₦1,000 and anybody you invite to join will most likely be interested because of the small amount of money they'll have to spare.

  • Secondly, you can't have more than 4 people under you. If you go ahead and refer like 7 people, the remaining 3 will be placed under your direct referrals and  are then matched to pay to them. Here there's spill overs just like on Ultimate Cycler. 

  • If you register under an active sponsor, you might not even have to refer. because once they fill up their required 4 positions, the next people are placed under his/her downlines. But then, this is not advisable as the system needs to be fully functional with new members.

   2.     E-cooperative has different stages where you invest and earn a higher amount at each level. These stages are stage 0, stage 1 and stage 2.

E-Cooperative Stages

Stage 0

On registering, you will be in stage 0, and you will be required to move from stage 0 to stage 1 within 72 hours by paying  ₦1,000 to who you are matched with. 

Stage 1 

This stage has has 4 levels.

Level 1

When you have successfully moved from stage 0 to stage 1, 4 other people from your downline will be matched to pay you ₦1,000  each. When you have been paid by these 4 people, you can now move to level 2 of stage 1.

Level 2

To enter level 2, you will be required to donate ₦2,500 to your sponsor's sponsor (that is, if  I am your referrer, you will pay it to the person that referred me). When you have made payment, you will be in Level 2.  At this point, it is expected that your downlines have also been paid  ₦1,000 by their downlines and are now trying to enter stage 2 also. Now the 16 people that your initial 4 people brought will be the ones to pay you. Each of them will pay you ₦2,500, amounting to ₦40,000.

Level 3

You will be required to donate ₦5,000 to the third person above you (in this case the person that referred my sponsor). Now that you are in level 3, 64 people from your downline will also be matched to pay you  ₦5,000 when they want to enter level 3 too. This will amount to ₦320,000.

Level 4

You will be required to donate ₦10,000 to the fourth person above you to enter this level. 256 people from your downline that want to enter this level too will be matched to pay to you ₦10,000 each, amounting to ₦2,560,000.

Stage 2

This stage also has  4 levels. which are level 5 through 8.

Level 5 

You will have to pay ₦25,000 to your sponsor  to be in level 5.  4 people from your downline will be matched to pay you you ₦25,000, amounting to  ₦100,000.

Level 6 

You will have to pay ₦50,000 to your sponsor's sponsor to enter level 6. When you've entered level 6, 16 people from your downline  that also want to enter this level will be matched to pay you ₦50,000, amounting to ₦800,000.

Level 7

You will have to donate ₦90,000 to the third person above you to enter this level. You will be paid  ₦90,000 by 64 person in your downline, amounting to  ₦5,760,000.

Level 8

You will have to donate ₦175,000 to the fourth person above you to enter level 8. You will be paid ₦175,000 by 256 people in your downline, amounting to ₦44,800,000.

How to Join E-cooperative

  • Click here to visit E-cooperative's website
  • Enter your details as required in the spaces provided, then register
  • After registration, you will be matched immediately to pay ₦1,000 . 
  • Pay the fee and you'll be confirmed.
  • After payment, you need to notify whoever you paid to, to do this,
  •  Goto 'Upgrade' tab, enter your username, level, sponsor username in the field transaction ID. (e.g Grant, 0, Graciia).
  • Then submit. This will allow whoever you pay you confirm you, allowing you to enter level 1.
  • When you've entered level 1, copy your referral link. You can share this link on social networks to get more referrals.

Note: for those who'll want to skip the payment and go on with referring, anyone you refer will be automatically matched to pay your upline since you are still in stage 0. Ensure you move from stage 0 to 1 before you start referring.


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