Best Ways To Protect Your Android's Battery Life

Today, I am going to share simple tips on how to make your android battery last longer. Technology is growing faster and in our daily life, there is no alternative to a smartphone. Businessmen, students, housewives, and everyone need a smartphone in our smart and fast life. Without a smartphone, we can’t think a single day in our life. It is our source of recreation and also a very much essential part of our life. We can use tons of apps, games, songs, videos, images ,mailing, social networks, internet browsing and many more with our phone . That is why In our busy life, we should take care of our smartphone battery health  by using a list of tips to Increase battery life of android

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We use our smartphone all the day, but the most annoying part of any smartphone is that most of the phone's battery life doesn’t exist more than 72 hours, even some of them don’t exist up to 12 hours after full charge. So, while choosing a smartphone from the market, we should concentrate on its battery standby time and charging system. Nowadays, some smartphones allow fast charging system, which means you can have 70% battery with just 20 min charge. Here's how to increase battery life of android phones and how to stop battery from draining fast on android.

How to Protect Your Android Phone's Battery Life

Use Battery Saver

To increase your battery life, just turn on your power saver first. Go to your phone's settings >> then power saver and switch the turn on button. This is the most quick and easy method to this setting which automatically reduces the use of your battery power and increases the battery time. Almost all phones have this feature.

Take care of your android phone's screen brightness

This is the main reason why your mobile phone's battery charge gets down quickly. Most smartphones have a big display and it reduces almost 40% power of the battery than any other feature of your phone. I will not suggest that you turn off your smartphone brightness,  but just reduce the brightness. This will increase your android phone's battery time.

Keep the screen timeout short

By this system, your mobile phone display automatically turns off after a certain time of inactivity. In a smartphone, by default the display time ranges from 5 seconds to 30 minutes, you should set your display time as minimum as you can, so as to increase your battery time. I would like to suggest that you set the display time to 5 seconds, which means that after 5 seconds of inactivity, your display will be turned off automatically.

Turn off Bluetooth

This feature reduces your smartphone's battery charge while you are not using it. You may turn on your Bluetooth to use Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphone or printer, and you may think that turning on Bluetooth doesn’t reduce the battery charge. But it is wrong! Bluetooth device always reduces charges of your battery. So, turn it off if you are not using Bluetooth.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is another connectivity system which is similar to Bluetooth. If you are in a Wi-Fi enabled area, definitely you would like to take advantage of it to use Facebook or the internet. But keep in mind that if your device's Wi-Fi is enabled, it also affects your battery time. So it is best practice to enable Wi-Fi just when you need it.

Don't use vibrate

Vibration puts extra pressure on android phone's battery and also reduces the battery time. Instead of enabling vibration mode, set the sound to low volume.

Push email

Constantly checking for new email is another source of wasting power. It is better to change the setting to fetch mail every 30 minutes or hour because most of the time, people don't respond to e-mails immediately .

Use Power Saver Apps 

These apps helps you understand which features of your device impacts very much on your battery. By using power saver apps, you can determine which feature you need to enable and which you should not. One of the best power saver apps I can suggest is 'go power master'.

Keep it Cool, or Warm

Room temperature is another reason that may affect your battery life. Too hot or cold weather reduces the smartphone's battery power. Try to keep your phone in an environment with suitable temperature.

Battery boosting packs

In the market, many types of battery power boosting packs are available and some of them can be used as smartphones casing also. You can use this types of power boosting apps for your beloved android phone . 

Optimize wallpapers and themes

If you want to maximize your battery time, you also have to give concentration on your wallpapers and themes . Just try to avoid heavy and lengthy wallpaper and themes on your smartphone.

Use ad-free apps

Ad enabled apps impact on battery time and it's is also annoying for smartphone users. If you use any necessary apps regularly just try to use paid version or ads free android apps.

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