3 Simple Tips for Turning Your PC Into a Gaming Machine

This is a guest post by Alex Gomez for Techlass.com

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Compared to the average computer, gaming laptops are better in terms of speed and performance, not to mention offering the option to optimize gaming graphics. However, if you’re an average gamer, these laptops can be too pricey to afford. 

So what do you do when you badly want to play a certain game, but your regular laptop or PC just can’t handle it? Optimize your OS

Here are a few tips that you can do to enable yourself to start playing that game in no time:

Disable Startup Apps and Delete Unnecessary Items 


Probably the simplest way to speed up your PC is to delete some files in your hard drive and memory. To free up space in the hard drive of your Windows 10, find the Disk Cleanup tool using the taskbar and then delete the files you want to remove. You can also use clean up system files to clear your hard drive. 

Then some apps start up automatically, taking up space, slowing down your computer, and causing your game to lag. Disable these startup items that you can find at the Startup tab of the Task Manager, and notice an immediate increase in speed of your PC and laptop even while gaming.

Get the Latest Graphic Drivers


Pop-up notifications on driver updates on your PC can be annoying when you’re in the middle of doing something on your computer, or when you’re in a hurry to start playing a game. But if you want the best performance out of your PC, you’d better be more diligent in keeping up with these updates. 

To start updating your driver, check first which graphics card and Windows version you have installed in your PC. Go to Device Manager under the Control Panel and click on Display adapters to find out the version of adapters that you have. Then click on System in the Control Panel or right-click on My Computer and select Properties if you want to know the version of Windows you’re running.

To update your driver, go to the website of your driver’s manufacturer, may it be Nvidia, Intel, or AMD. Then choose the appropriate update based on your card model and operating system. After you’ve downloaded and installed the latest drivers, restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Just by doing this, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your computer’s gaming capabilities already.

Modify the Settings of Your Graphics Driver

Boosting the performance of your PC doesn’t have to stop with installing the latest graphics update. If you want to elevate your game’s performance further, you can also modify the settings of your graphics driver. This can lower the quality of your image display though, so be prepared for a trade off between high-performance gaming and quality graphics if you want to take this route. 

To do this in your NVIDIA GEForce, go to the control panel of your graphics driver and look for the 3D gaming option, and go to Manage 3D Settings. If you’re using AMD Catalyst, you can find it under the gaming section. 

Reduce the AA level of anti-aliasing if you want a performance boost when gaming. If that’s not enough, you can try disabling the V-Sync, too. Don’t be afraid to play around with these settings and see how the changes affect your gaming experience. 

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You don’t have to shell out money to optimize your PC or laptop gaming experience. Just by following the tips above, you can finally enjoy playing that high spec game that you’ve always wanted.

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