MMM Nigeria Registration: MMM A Profitable Income Opportunity

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There is so much buzz on the Internet about MMM, a social financial network in Nigeria that gives its participants 30% of each investment made after 30 days. Many questions, oppositions, testimonies, and debates about the validity, profitability, and legitimacy of MMM have been raised. Below, Information about MMM Nigeria has been provided to help you know more about this fast "money-making machine" as it is popularly known. With this information, you get to make a choice between taking the risk to join the trend or sit back and watch others change their lives through this platform.

How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

MMM is an income opportunity that has been available in over 180 countries and has been In Nigeria for about 9 months now. As at the time of this post, It has over 200 million users worldwide and over 300 thousand members in Nigeria. Just like several other money making opportunities in Nigeria, one has to decide whether or not they should patronize such opportunities, especially when they have had bitter experiences in the past. Details provided below will help you decide whether taking advantage of the get rich scheme offered by MMM is worth it or not.

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MMM is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. It is currently available in over 100 countries and has over 200 million registered users worldwide. In MMM, you don’t have to make contracts, pledge your property, be a lender or a debtor. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given by your own good will to another one.


Registration: Free
Registration Requirements: Name, email address and cell number
After Registration: Add bank details, confirm email and cell number
Provide Help (PH): Make Contribution, Request to Provide Help to someone.
Get Help (GH): Make Withdrawal, Request to Get Help from someone.
Monthly Growth of Contribution: 30%
Registration Bonus 1: $20 (contribution of $50 – $499), $50
Registration Bonus 2: $50 (contribution of $500 – $2,999)
Registration Bonus 3: $100 (contribution of $3000+)
Referral bonus: 10% of every contribution of the person you referred makes.
Leader Bonus: 5%, 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.3%
Testimonial Video Bonus: +10%, +5% or +1% of Get Help amount received.
Testimonial Bonus (Text, No Video): +1% or +0.5% of Get Help amount received


MMM works with this logic: You can either Provide Help (PH) or Get Help (GH).  One participant asks for help (Get Help) while another or other participants help by sending the money required by this participant (Provide Help). For participants providing help, the money they are willing to deposit must be stated in their individual accounts and if the money required matches their stated amount, the person is directed to them so that each can offer their help (send their money to the person).

Provide Help

Providing help (PH) requires you to deposit atleast 1,000 naira to someone in need, which at the end of 30 days, you get back 30% of the amount you deposited. For e.g, if you're willing to Provide Help with an amount of 100,000 Naira, at the end of 30 days, you get back 130,000 Naira which is the 30% increment on the 100,000 Naira you deposited to a participant on MMM.

How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

Bonus On Referrals

Other than the 30%, you also get a 10% bonus on all referrals you make. This means that for everyone you invite to join MMM, you get 10% of whatever they deposit or offer to help others. The best part of this is that you get it every time they make a deposit or provide help. This referral can be done by sharing your unique referral URL on social networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and on websites. Imagine if you're able to invite up to 20 people to join MMM, you get 10% every time any of them makes a deposit. Sounds great right? Click here to Join now.

Get Help

To manage this community effectively, help can only be gotten by participants who have previously offered help to others. Each time one helps another participant, they get a Mavro ( this is an internal currency/scores of the system). This Mavro increases as participants of the MMM community increase the amount they deposit.

For e.g, If you have previously offered a help of 50,000 Naira to someone, you can also receive help worth 50,000 Naira from someone else. Here, the system awards Mavro (In this case 50000) equivalent to the amount (50,000 Naira) the user offered for help. This Mavro also grows at a rate of 30% every 30 days. This means that a month later, the 50000 Mavro becomes 65000 Mavro hence, you can request for assistance of 65000 Naira.

Note: Participants can't receive help worth more than their Mavro.


Other than Providing Help and Getting Help on MMM, there are several other ways one can use in earning more from this community. These are:

Update September 27, 2016

Promo Bonus 

MMM Nigeria began a promo thar gives all new members of the community a 1,000 mavro which is equivalent to 1,000 naira. These new members can request to 'Get Help' immediately without 'providing Help' first, but the help they'll get is limited to a 1,000 naira. This means that when you register on MMM between September 26 up to October 1, you can withdraw 1,000 naira directly to your bank account.
  •  Registration Bonus
When registering on MMM, you get a one time bonus which ranges from $20 to $100 depending on the amount you are willing to deposit.

$20 — if you have contributed from $50 to $499.
$50 — if you have contributed from $500 to $2’999.
$100 —  if you have contributed from $100 — $3’000 and above.

  • Referral Bonus
 You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. Unlike other platforms, it is not mandatory to refer people to join the MMM community. You can just deposit your money and get 30% of what was deposited every 30 days. Referring is optional, that's if you want to take advantage of the extra cash.

  • Guider's Bonus
Guiders of MMM Community can create their own multi-level structures and get a bonus from each donation of every participant in their structures.

  • Bonus For The Video In The Testimonials
Bonus for the video in a "Letter of happiness" is +10%, +5% or +1% of the amount of received help.

How To Join MMM

How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

  1. Enter your name in the space provided.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your phone number (use international format for e.g if you're in Nigeria begin with +234XXXXXXXXXX that is +234803111111 instead of 08031111111).
  4. Enter the password of your choice (Don't use your phone number as your password. Hackers use this means to hack your MMM account).
  5. Confirm your password. 
  6. Leave the INVITE Email unchanged. It is set by default to detutor8@gmail.com.
  7. Leave the GUIDER’S EMAIL space blank.
  8. Leave the GUIDER’S PHONE NUMBER  space blank.

mmm nigeria social financial network

9.   From the drop down menu, select an option for the "How did you learn about us"
10. Enter the picture code in the space provided.
11. Tick the select box to agree to MMM terms and condition before joining.
12. Click on 'REGISTER IN MMM'.

mmm nigeria social financial network

Check your email address, a verification link should be sent to it after registration. If this link has not been sent to you as an email,
  • Return to MMM
  • Click on the 'LOGIN to MMM' tab.
mmm nigeria social financial network

  • Enter the Picture Code shown in the space provided
  • Since you are registering for the first time, click on "Get a new password".

  • Enter the email address you used in signing up, the link will be sent to this address.
  • Check your email address, click on this link it will redirect you back to the MMM site
  • Enter new password as required
  • Confirm the password.
  • You can now login into your MMM account.

After registration, you need to declare your willingness to give help, to do this,

  • Click on your 'Personal Office'
  • Select  'Provide Help', after which your account will be rewarded with mavro. Mavros will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 30% per month. (Calculation of reward occurs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 00:00 GMT.) This sum in Mavro shows how much you can request for yourself.

If you're having trouble signing up, try accessing Registration page MMM Nigeria from Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers.


The best time to Join MMM is now because of the following reasons:

  • Registration is Free: You can join MMM today for free and start providing help with it when you are ready unlike other similar networks and MLM that require specific registration fees or initial product purchase to join. In MMM it is totally up to you to decide how much money you would like to invest, and when you want to do so.

  • No buying and selling of products and services: in MMM you do not have to buy or sell any products or services.

  • No monthly or annual fees (Autoship): Autoship and subscription fees are the hallmark of most MLM and network marketing programs but this is not so in MMM.

  • Money is not paid to the company: Most most MLM and network marketing programs have company accounts where people must make all payments to. If there is any challenge with the company, all the money is lost but in MMM, you receive money from and give money directly to other participants, making it impossible for anyone to run away with your money.

  • MMM has over 200 million Members worldwide so there will almost always be money in the system to pay participants.

Click Here to Join MMM for free

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MMM is very new in Nigeria, has short term viability and is at a low risk level. This means that if you join MMM after the first 3 years in Nigeria, you would most likely have a high risk opportunity on your hands. Lots of people have made a fortune from investing in MMM and I feel that you too can do the same if you join within the next nine months.


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