Renting apartments from real people on Jiji

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Jiji can become your savior and the best assistant if you use it just once. It is not surprising at all. Only about a decade ago, a place, where you can buy literally everything, sounded like fantasy. And now it is always with you, when you have a laptop or a Smartphone with the Internet connection. For some it is just online classifieds, for the others – the best way to save time and money while shopping.

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Jiji reminds a market where other people can sell different stuff. Everyone gets a personal counter. Unlike a real familiar market, here you don’t have to pay rent. All adverts are posted for free, while the audience of potential buyers grows in number and gets much more diverse geographically. It doesn’t matter where a person lives as far as he or she has the access to the Internet.

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This website doesn’t sell anything itself, but it creates the proper conditions for other to do it. Every new user has to pass verification before posting an ad. This process guarantees that you are always dealing with real people. This opportunity results in a wide range of advantages. There are no annoying assistants, and due to this prices are lower than in any other place.

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Jiji is a perfect place to find apartments for rent. These ads are gathered in a separate category for simple and easy access. You can always indicate a city you are going to stay, its type and some other details. Choose duplex, mini-flat, villa or bungalow. Furnished or unfurnished. With one or several bedrooms. All these filters are provided for helping you to decide what exactly you need and find it. The rest is easy: compare suggestions, choose and contact a landlord.

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Jiji is 530,000 active ads and 10 million monthly visitors. It is classifieds website No.1, which will help you to find the right apartment for sure.


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