Local TUN interface not Coming up on TunnelGuru

"Local TUN interface not coming up" or "Handshake Error Occurred. You can retry or restarting your machine and if required install driver by running TG in debug mode" are the error messages some users get while setting up TunnelGuru. TunnelGuru as with other VPN apps like Simple Server, TriodVpn have become trending apps because of the data bundle they offer which are either free or at a cheaper rate compared to what service providers offer. Instead of getting  4.5GB at 2,5000 naira as with mtn, you can get unlimited browsing for a month at a lesser price. For those who are tired of spending so much on data and especially those who are always out to get cheap or free browsing tips and tricks, tunnelguru has provided a better data plan.  If you're not yet using troidvpn or tunnelguru services to browse for free using their daily 150MB with your mtn or etisalat sim, stick around for the follow up to this post.

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If you're already using TunnelGuru, you might have encountered several errors upon first installation and among these include the error messages "Local TUN interface not coming up". Even after confirming that you've setup TunnelGuru correctly, this error is inevitable if you don't have the Microsoft .Net framework installed on your system. This can be quite frustrating seeing these error messages which has led some people to say the trick doesn't work or it's another scam. Got the TunnelGuru app running on your system? here's how to resolve the errors that led to the displayed messages  "Local TUN interface not coming up" or "Handshake Error Occurred. You can retry or restarting your machine and if required install driver by running TG in debug mode" on tunnel guru.

Resolve Local TUN interface not Coming up on TunnelGuru

Step 1

This first step is optional but just to ensure that the problem is resolved. You can skip it and move on to step 2

  • Uninstall the tunnel guru you already have running on your system.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Download tunnelguru latest version by following this link
  • Unzip the downloaded app and goto the folder ' Misc'
  • Goto the folder ' Driver'
  • Right click on the file ' Install RUN-AS-ADMIN' and select 'Run as Administrator'.
  • Right click on the file ' tapinstall ' and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Step 2

If you're already using troidvpn on your android device, turn on your Hotspot and connect to your PC or you can setup an internet connection on your PC using a modem.

  • Setup the Tunnelguru as with the image below.

Local TUN interface not coming up Tunnel Guru

  • Click on 'Start' 
  • Once the error message 'Local TUN interface not coming up' pops up

  • Access your system's control panel
  • Select 'Network and Internet'.
  • Goto the section 'Network and sharing center'.
  • Select the option 'Connect to a Network'

Return to the 'Network and internet' page

  • Goto the section 'HomeGroup'.
  • Select the option "Choose homegroup and sharing options'
  • You can do these two steps repeatedly

  • Then return to tunnelguru and reconnect. 

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On carrying out these steps correctly, Tunnelguru should be able to connect without giving any errors. If this doesn't work on first trial, restart your PC and try again.


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