Top 10 Tools For Idle Blog Owners

This is a guest post by Kenneth Waldman for Techlass.com

An idle blog is a waste of your hard work and efforts. You may have valuable and quality content that is not being seen, or you may be struggling with building the content in the first place. No matter where you are lacking, there is an online resource that can help.

Even for the best blogger, perfection is not a reality. We all forget things, we all have sick days and you simply can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes pushing your blog forward means staying on task, setting deadlines and organizing your process.

In the fast paced world of the web, information moves at lightning speed. You have to stay up to date, current and always connected to your target audience. It’s a tough task and difficult to polish the process alone. So let’s review our list of the top 10 sources currently available to help you attain more blog traffic.


Buzzsumo is a search engine for trending topics. Enter a topic into the provided search field and receive a world of information. Buzzsumo will tell you what content is performing best in social media sharing, and in what specific area of interest the content is most popular.


Essaymama is a great resource if you are having difficulty producing consistent and quality content. If you struggle with structuring your ideas or editing, head over to essaymama for professional and quick assistance. They work with tight deadlines and can be used as your own personal editor.


Don’t use twitter just to shoot out your own tweets; it can be far more useful in putting your idle blog in motion. View their trending topics to know what people are talking about. This will give you better direction for your upcoming blog topics and post ideas.


E.gg timer is just what it sounds like, an online version of the trusty egg-shaped timer. It’s not likely you have one of those sitting around, and maybe you need to use your other devices that have timer features (such as your phone). Use this online timer to stay organized and to force yourself to stay focused.


When creating online content it’s imperative not to plagiarize. If you want genuine readers and optimum results, you need original ideas and perspective. Use the plagtracker software to be positive you always publish unique work and to build a solid reputation.


If you are struggling with SEO, this plug-in for Wordpress users is like a dream. Enter in your desired keyword and let Yoast monitor usage while you write. A green light will let you know you’re ready to publish and when reasonable keyword guidelines are met.


Toggl is time-tracking software that gives the user a dashboard view of their activity. Monitor your time spent on research, editing, and writing and plan accordingly for enhanced productivity.


The Hemingway App is perfect for writing effective online content. Writing for the web is different than writing a novel. This app will help in true Hemingway fashion. He was famous for communicating profound ideas with few words and the Hemingway editor will highlight these areas of concern, provide assistance and catch basic grammar and spelling errors as well.


Death To Stock Photo is an awesome service for bloggers who need to up their photo game. If your site is lacking in visual stimulation, it most likely isn’t getting much traffic. Sign up with Death To Stock Photo and receive monthly emails with collections of free to use, high-resolution images.

There are a variety of reasons your blog may be sitting idle. But there are just as many ways to kick it into high gear. The wide world of the web is an endless space and there is room for everyone.

These tools should be used in practice with your own talents for best results. Don’t just throw your blog away, or forget about it. There is usually content written that is worth using, you just have to know how to use it.

It’s your blog, it’s your voice and it’s your content. Make it memorable and unique. Take any of these resources and use them to publish something worth reading and something of quality that will retain your target audience.

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a professional freelance writer and content creator. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.


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