Top High PR Canada Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR: Here's a list of high PR Canada social bookmarking sites 2017 with .ca extension, where you can share your blog posts, articles, editorials, interviews, podcasts, videos, resources etc to. Social bookmarking sites are online services that allow users to share and bookmark pages which are  accessible by others on the net. By sharing your blog post using the URL on these sites, search engine bots can crawl and index the post faster, you have a means way of building quality backlinks and improving your site's alexa rank.

In SEO, much preference is given to dofollow backlinks, related niche of the source backlinks and links from local websites. If you're blogging from Canada, you can make use of the list of sites below. There are several sources of traffic to a blog and some include the use of forums, social networking sites, search engines and also social book marking sites. For better results, only the list of high PR Canada social bookmarking sites have been provided which you can use in promoting your blog/site and getting dofollow backlinks. Most are free and require only registration before you're allowed to share your blog's URL/post.

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High PR Canada Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

  1. https://www.completeconnection.ca/
  2. http://www.placenamesofalberta.ca/
  3. http://www.bountyofthecounty.ca/
  4. http://www.candiedquince.ca/
  5. http://www.coldestcanadian.ca/
  6. http://www.saucebar.ca/
  7. http://www.completeconnection.ca
  8. http://www.eatbistro.ca
  9. http://www.feeltherush.ca
  10. http://www.foire-aux-meubles.ca
  11. http://www.foodiesfinefoods.ca
  12. http://www.foolfestival.ca
  13. http://www.habitue.ca
  14. http://www.hardplaces.ca
  15. http://www.hcconsortium.ca
  16. http://www.inezmusic.ca
  17. http://www.lifeworksbylaura.ca
  18. http://www.nomag.ca
  19. http://www.onehundreddays.ca
  20. http://www.pcpcc-cpspsc.ca
  21. http://www.peppernews.eu
  22. http://www.placenamesofalberta.ca
  23. http://www.planresidentiel.ca
  24. http://www.pourlamourdedieu.ca
  25. http://www.questartgroup.ca
  26. http://www.quiltcanada2012.ca
  27. http://www.richfieldventures.ca
  28. [link:www.articletrader.com]
  29. http://www.saucebar.ca
  30. http://www.shapesandsizes.ca
  31. http://www.siptastegroovelove.ca
  32. http://www.siptastegroovelove.ca
  33. http://www.teamcanadarollerderby.ca
  34. http://www.theatrearchipelago.ca
  35. http://www.thefashioncollective.ca
  36. http://www.theorgan.ca
  37. http://www.thermec2011.ca
  38. http://www.vancouverriotpics.ca
  39. http://www.voterite.ca
  40. http://www.votesocial.ca
  41. http://www.westvancouverpolice.ca
  42. http://www.woodsofypres.ca
  43. http://www.yogaforthepeople.ca
  44. http://www.youlookgood.ca
  45. http://www.zak-for-cira.ca

While using the social bookmarking sites above, ensure you don't build backlinks with them within a short period of time.


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