Speed up Website - Decrease Page Load Time

Check Page Load Time

The more HTTP demands created to the hosting server, the slower a website will be. CSS, JavaScripts, Images, number of posts on the homepage can influence a site's page load time. The speed of your website can have an effect on your site's traffic, pageviews, bounce rate and its rank in search engines. Pages that take too much time to load may rank lower than the those that are fast. On Google, you'll notice that for each search, a time it took to bring up the results are shown. Most will take a matter of 0 to 1 second and the pages that load faster will most likely be at the top of the result, hence search engines also use the speed of a site as a ranking factor. Ensuring that the pages on your site load fast by reducing their page load time can determine how long a visitor stays on your site. No one wants to waste their data just to view a page on your blog/site or wait too long to view its content. With fast loading pages, you can give your visitors a better user experience and attract more readers to your site.This and many more are the reasons why you have to speed up your website by decreasing its load time.

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Online Tools to Test Your Blog Loading Speed

Google Page Speed Insight

On Google webmaster tools, you use page speed insight or directly goto the Google page speed tool   to get a review of the page load time of your site's pages. This tool analyses the load time of your site both on mobile and desktop devices. A score out of a possible of 100 is shown and the higher your site's score, then the faster it is. Suggestions on areas that require fixing are also given. This may include optimizing images, removing redirects, minifying JavaScripts etc.

FireBug Plugin

 Firebug is a Firefox page speed addon which you can download and install on your browser.  You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Yahoo YSlow

Another page speed tool you can use is Yahoo’s YSlow. Suggestions on how to improve the page's performance in order to make them load faster are given. YSlow can be downloaded and installed on several web browers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom is an online tool that allows you to check the speed of your site, size of you the entire pages and learn how to make them faster. It lets you identify the pages is fast, slow, too big.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a free tool that can be used for checking the loading speed of a page and also compare several websites at a time. Detailed information on time to load, page size, number of request are given.

With the tools listed above you can check and measure page load time of your site thereby optimizing it for search engines.


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