How to Make Your Blog Post SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization

Given below are tips on how to make your blog post SEO Friendly. Search engine optimization is a technique used by webmasters to improve their site's rank and visibility on search engines like Google and Bing, thereby increasing traffic to their site. These SEO techniques are either on page or off page SEO.  For on page SEO, it involves optimizing images, content etc on the site and for off page SEO, it basically involves the act of link building.

For your blog posts to perform well in search engine results by ranking high, it has to be well optimized using both on page and off page SEO techniques Although there are several sources of traffic like social networks and forums, they all require constant sharing of  your blog posts to them. Receiving traffic from search engines is better and requires less effort after sometime. This is because the amount of traffic is higher and you're not required to continually share your post like in the case of social networks and forums. A well optimized post can drive free traffic to your site for months or even years. In this post, ways on on how optimize your blog post for search engines have been given.

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How to Optimize Your Blog Post For Search Engines


  • Title Of Post:

Including keywords in the title of the post can rank your post higher in search engine result pages. Although most tutorials on net will advice you to use catchy titles, this  is good but in the process of attracting your readers to read your post, you should also ensure search engines can find the post by ensuring keywords are in the title especially at the beginning. You'll notice that exact matches to the string entered on Google search usually rank higher than the ones that aren't exactly the same to the entered string. But this is not true in all cases.

  • URL:

Also, you can edit the URL of a post before publishing it or after it has been published by including keywords in the URL.  Remove any irrelevant word or stop words like 'to' from the URL but do it in a way that it still makes sense when read out loud. Even though they're just search engine bots, they're smarter than you can imagine

  • Within Post:

Including keywords at the beginning and at the end of the post.  Repeating your keywords several times within the body of the post can also help in ranking your blog higher in search engines. While doing so, you should ensure you don't go beyond the limit to avoid keyword stuffing. Most SEO experts advice on having keywords thrice in the entire post or  keywords after 100 every words in your post.

Length of Post: 

A longer post when compared with a shorter post can perform better in search engine results. To increase the chances that your blog posts will come up in search engines for different related terms, you need to increase the length of the post you publish. Increasing the length doesn't mean you should just add unnecessary content to the your post thereby making it hard for your readers to read and understand. Carry out research on the topic you'll like to write on, so that you don't run out of ideas on what to include in your post.

Search description: 

For blogger blogs, you're allowed to include a search description in individual post on your blog. Include a search description for all the posts. The description is a way of telling search engines what the post is all about and help can  rank your post higher. This description should contain your keywords and not exceed 155 characters.


Another way of optimizing your posts for search engines is by adding relevant labels that are related to the post. For the labels, you can use keywords that actually describe the post and not generic keywords. In this post for example,  the labels used are 'SEO optimization, SEO friendly, Blogging tips', On page optimization techniques' instead of  'Blogging', Blogger', Blogging Tips'.


After publishing the post, another effective method and i'll say the most effective SEO techique to use in improving its visibility is building backlinks to the post. You can share the post to forums, social bookmarking sites, comment on other blogs or even guest post. Another advantage of doing this is that it will help in indexing the post faster and give your site a better alexa rank.

Image Optimization:

Optimizing the images used in your blog posts by adding alt tags. These alt tags describe the image and since images are usually included in search results, you can also use this method to  drive traffic to your blog.

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With the above tips, you can optimize your site for search engines and drive traffic to your site .


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