How to Index Backlinks Fast

What Are Backlinks

A Backlink is a link from one site pointing to another site. It's like a vote you get of your site's credibility from other sites. Search engines rely on the number of quality backlinks or number of sites voting of your site's credibility in order to rank it on their result pages. Backlinks are also known as Inward links, inbound links can help in the search engine optimization of any site. The higher the pagerank of websites pointing to your site, the better. With backlinks, traffic to any site can be increased within a short period of time.

Benefits Of Backlinks In SEO

The benefits of backlinks are quite numerous especially in SEO of any site. Some of these include its effect in ranking a site higher in search engines result pages, improving the site's popularity and importance. With more quality backlinks pointing to your site, you can build your brand's popularity and reduce your website's alexa rank. A backlink from a site that is popular can also help to drive traffic to your site.

Some methods of getting high quality backlinks to your site include guest posting on blogs related to your niche, sharing of URL to forums and social bookmarking sites. All these processes involved in acquiring backlinks can be quite cumbersome. Even though one has spent so much time to get these backlinks, it may happen that only 10% of the backlinks created gets indexed by search engines making the other 90% a total waste of time and effort. With only that percent being indexed, this might add little or no improvement to the site's SEO.

Also, if backlinks are not indexed on time by search engines like Google, it might take a while before meaningful changes are seen on the site in terms of increased search engine visibility. It could take a days, weeks or months to get a backlink you created to get indexed and in this post, you'll find several ways on how to make search  engines index your backlinks fast.

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Index your Backlinks Faster In Search Engines


Pinging is the process of alerting search engines that the content of a page has been recently updated or a new content has been added. This will tell search engines bots to crawl the page that was pinged and index it. By pinging the pages of sites which you've created a backlink, your backlinks can be indexed at a faster pace thereby adding value to your site.

Pinging can be done using high PR pinging sites. One of the most popular is pingdom. To ping your backlinks using pingdom, follow the steps below

  • Visit Pingfarm
  • Copy and paste your URL into the text field.
  • You can also upload a text file containing a list web pages you built backlinks from.
  • Enter your desired keyword
  • Then submit to ping the backlinks
You can also Ping the backlinks to RSS directories to enable search engines index them. Here, you can create an RSS feed URL, then submit them to these directories.To do this,

  • Enter the details required on the page for keywords, description and feed name.
  • Enter the URLs of the sites your links are (this is not the homepage of the site you placed your links, but the actual page your link is on)
  • Click on 'Create RSS Feed'.
 When the URL has been created, next step is to submit to web directories,

  • Click on the tab 'RSS submit Online'
  • Enter the required details
  • Mark the fields for directories you want to submit the URL to
  • Finally, submit

 You can also try out these pinging services sites below. Some are free and others have charges. These are:

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To ensure your'e not wasting your time in acquiring backlinks that don't get indexed, you can help search engines index most of them if not all following the steps given above.


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