How to Create a Logo for Your Blog

Looking for online logo makers for your website or to have one just like popular brands like Apple, Blackberry and Facebook? Then in this post, you'll find a list of sites where you can create a logo that is fit for your website. A logo is like a symbol, signature or an identity that represents your brand/website. On most blogs you visit, you'll notice that there's a logo on it, which is usually unique for all websites. The same logo can be used across multiple accounts like, Facebook groups and pages, Twitter profile, Pinterest and the rest.

Benefits of  Having  A Logo

One of the advantages of creating a logo is that even without the name of your blog,  the logo can still stand out and be pointed to as your website. In a way, this helps in promoting your brand or website. Also, when the URL of your site or Blog's name looks similar to several other sites, a unique logo can help visitors identify which site is actually yours and in turn helps in reducing the effect it could've brought in terms of losing your loyal readers or potential customers.

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Guidelines For Choosing a Logo For Your Blog

While it's actually advisable to add a logo on your blog, there are certain things you should consider while choosing one for your blog. These include:
  • Keep the logo simple. The design should be easy for people to recall.
  • In an attempt to keep it simple, don't make it unattractive it the process.
  • Your logo should be unique and not resemble the logo of any other site or brand.

 List Of Sites to Create Logo For Your Blog

  1. Logo Maker

    With Logo Maker, you can easily create a free logo for your blog. There are several logo icons, fonts and colours you can choose from and within some minutes, the process of creating a logo is complete. On this site, you're allowed to create and download six logos for free  and for subsequent ones, they will have to be paid for.
  2. Withoomph

    You can also create a Logo on this site. Even though it's not free, its ability to create logos with  quality design makes it an excellent service to use in creating your blog's logo. Your blog's name or company's name to identify the logo and keywords which will be used as the logo's description are usually required on Withoomp. Thereafter, It automatically generates several logos with different designs using the name you entered. 
  3. Free Logo Services

    Offers a free logo creation service that allows you to choose from different collection of logo symbols, the text, font size. You can also design your business cards and promotional products here.
  4. OnlineLogoMaker

    This is another free logo online maker site. Here, you can choose from 1,000 symbols that have been provided to create a logo for your blog. Also, you can resize your logo as you deem  fit. Registration is required on this site in order to create and download your logo.
  5. LogoEase

    The free logo offers free and paid services for logo design. With the custom logo design, you get to have professionals design your logo and with the free version, you have full control of creating your own logo but with limited features.
  6. Logo Yes

    Logo Yes gives you access to over 20,000 professional design elements which you can use in personalizing the look of your logo. They have an extensive library that is periodically updated,so you're sure of getting a logo design that is in trend. 
Other free Logo creation sites you can try out are:
  1. LogoSnap

  2. Logo Design Engine


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