Allow Search Engines to Index Your Blog Fast

Search Engines Indexing

Steps on how to allow search engines to index your blog posts fast is given in this post. The process of crawling a website by search engine bots is to find new and updated content in order to bring about its indexing. Indexing involves the addition of the site's content to the search engine's index. The time taken to index an updated content or new content varies from site to site. For some websites, their posts are indexed within a matter of minutes after the content was published, and for others it might take hours or some days. Until a website or post from the site is indexed by search engines,it cannot be found by users on searching for it on the net.

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Benefits Of Indexing a Blog Post Fast 

Waiting for Google bots to crawl and index new posts on your blog can take hours, days or even weeks. The reason for this diversity in indexing speed/time is unknown and for many bloggers, this can have many disadvantages. One of them is the fact that when someone copies from your blog to theirs and Google indexes their posts first before yours, it can have a negative impact on your blog. For one, they'll be seen as the original creator of the content since theirs was indexed before yours and since Google dislikes duplicate content, your site could get penalized.

Also a blog post that is indexed fast and on time will start showing up in Google search result pages. If it is well optimized, It'll start getting pageviews and thereby influence the amount of traffic to the site positively. Below are some of the ways you can ensure your new blog post gets indexed fast by Google and other search engines, follow them to improve the time at which posts and pages on your website are indexed.

How to Index a New Blog Post Fast On Search Engines

Link Building:

Building backlinks from reputable sites that gets crawled regularly can help in indexing your site and its content fast. By sharing the URL of the post to these sites, you can help search engines find, crawl and index your content on time. These backlinks can be acquired from sites with high Page rank. They can be social bookmarking sites, commentluv blogs, and forums. Other than getting your blog posts indexed fast, these backlinks can improve your rank in search engine result pages.

Pinging Of Post

Another effective way of alerting search engines that you have recently updated your website or made changes to its pages is to ping the URL of the post to several search engines.This will help in indexing the post fast. There are several sites that offer pinging services and some of these are pingdom and pingomatic.  Also, you can create an RSS feed URL and submit it to RSS aggregators. To generate an RSS feed URL,

  • Visit RSS feed Creator
  • Enter your keywords, post URLs and description. Then create the feed.

On this site, you also can submit the RSS feed you created to different directories. To do this,

  • Click on the tab 'RSS submit Online'
  • Enter the Feed name, its description, and URL of the feed you created in step one above
  • Finally, submit the URL
 You can also use this method of pinging to allow search engines to index your backlinks faster.

Fetch as Google Tool

In Google Webmaster tools,  you can use the fetch as google tool that can enable Google index your blog posts faster. To use this tool,
  • Goto Google Webmaster tools,
  • If you have more than one site, select the one you'll like to use for this process
  • Click on 'Crawl'
  • Select 'Fetch as Google'

  • You can enter individual URLs or your homepage's URL in the space provided.


An HTML sitemap in your blog does not only enable users navigate easily through your blog but it can also help search engines crawl pages on your website. Add an HTML sitemap to your blog by following this link.

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With the methods outlined above, Google bots and other search engine bots can easily to crawl and fetch your site's content for indexing at a faster pace.


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