Network Connection Problem 2go For BB10

Here's how to resolve network connection problems with 2go for BB10. One might get internet connection error messages while trying to access their 2go account on BB10 devices like Z10, Q10, Z3 etc. Even though there is no network failure and you're using the 3G network mode, certain bugs can bring about inability to access one's 2go account after installing 2go for the first time or reinstalling it on BB10 devices. Usually, an error message of the form 'No network available to connect' is shown and with the steps given below, you should be able to rectify the internet connection problem as encountered on 2go for BBl0.

Two methods as provided in this post can be used to solve this problem. Both have been tried and tested in resolving issues with 2go internet connection on BBl0, where one method works on some BB10 devices, and  doesnt work on some. Same goes for the other method. You can try out both and see which one will work out for you.

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If you haven't installed 2go on your BB10 device, follow the steps below

  • Open Blackberry World
  • Using the search bar, search for 2go
  • Download and install in on your BB10

Or you can download and Install 2go for BB10 from 2go's official site here

How to Resolve Internet Connection Problem On 2go For BB10

Method 1

Step 1

  • From your BB10 device
  • Goto 'Settings'
  • Select 'Network and Connection'
  • Turn on the network connection
When you''re sure the connection has been enabled with the 'H' symbol displayed on the network status bar, proceed.

Step 2

  • Open the 2go app.
  • When the usual 'No network available to connect' message is displayed,
  • Minimize the 2go app by dragging and swipping up (ensure you don't close it completely) .
  • Next, goto 'Network Connection' settings on your phone
  • Turn off the internet connection
  • Return to the 2go app and maximize it (open it)
On maximizing, you should see 'connecting' replacing the internet connection error. 

Step 3

With the 'connecting' message dispalyed, do the following immediately:
  • Minimize the 2go app again
  • Turn on your Internet connection
  • When the 'H' signal showing the full network connection is displayed.
  • Maximize the 2go app and wait for it to connect.

Note: Don't re-open the 2go app before the network 'H' signal comes up. It should be done after the connection has been fully set.

If you've followed the steps given above, a connection should be established, allowing you to login and access your 2go contacts. If you couldn't login, retry the steps a few more times, it might not actually work on your first trial.

Method 2

  • Download and install Android Assistant Here
  • Open the app and click on the 'Tools' menu
  • Turn on the network connection by clicking on the network symbol.

  • Open the 2go app on your device and try logging in, the problem should be rectified.


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