How to Find Bluetooth Received Files on Z10

Given below, are steps on how to find Bluetooth received files on BlackBerry Z10 which is one of the BB10 smartphones.

The Z10 as a smartphone from BlackBerry running on both the Android and BB10 operating systems comes with minor issues as is usually the case of some phones.

If you can't find files received with Bluetooth or NFC on BB, where the received files cannot be found in any folder after their reception, then we've got a solution to help you fix this. 

But before then,

What causes Bluetooth received files to be hidden on BB10?

Here is one reason:

  • It is due to Bluetooth file transfer bug in some Blackberry10 devices like the Z10, Q10, Z30 etc.

This bug makes these files inaccessible by merely checking the File manager, Gallery, or Downloads folder.

Now, this can be a thing of worry especially when you urgently need the file which you are very sure was transferred to you a while ago.

The same happened to me!

The worst part is,

Even if you try searching for the file, video or image which you've just received using its file name, it won't be included in the search results. 

You'll definitely get a notification message after each successful file transfer these files can be viewed immediately using the notification bar. 

But what happens when you close the file by exiting the file viewer? 

I'll tell you.

At a later time when you need the file, It can't be easily accessed.

So, where do Bluetooth received files go?

They are in a hidden folder on your phone, because your ability to view the file immediately it has been received means the file is on your phone and storage space has been allocated.

Despite being notified about successful transfer of files, at the time of this post's publication, you can't find files received with Bluetooth or NFC on BB10.


This bug will be fixed with time by the periodical BlackBerry software updates. 

But while you wait in hopes for an update to fix this bug, there are alternative means of accessing all your received Bluetooth files on BB10, and given in this post, is one. 

If you can't find files received with Bluetooth or NFC on BB, you can apply the solution below.

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How to Find Hidden Files on Blackberry10

Here's how to locate/find Bluetooth received files, images, videos on the BB10 device.

To begin,
  • From your BB10, Goto the Blackberry World app on the phone.
  • Search and download 'Ghost Commander'
  • After Installation, open the app
  • Click on the Folder 'External SD'
  • Select the subfolder '/downloads'

Here, you will see all your received files which you can share, copy, move and perform other operations.

On trying to send, move, or copy the files directly from Ghost commander app to your Blackberry file manager, it might not be possible.

But to achieve this,

  • Click and hold the file which you want to copy or move.
  • In the options displayed, select the operation you want (In this example, I'll use 'move')
How to Find Bluetooth Received Files on Z10

  • Space is provided to specify the location where you'll like to move the file to. 
  • Type in   /mnt/sdcard/folder
  • Then click on 'OK'.

For instance:,

if I have a folder in my File manager called Music, I'll type /mnt/sdcard/music as the file location I want to move the hidden file to

After moving the Bluetooth hidden file to the file manager, you can now share/send it.


These steps will help you fix hidden files on BB as well as find Bluetooth received files on BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5, and other BB10 smartphones.

Did the steps work for you, or are you still unable to find files which you received from Bluetooth?

Let us know by leaving a comment below and we'll work hand-in-hand with you to resolve it.


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