High PR Backlink Sources

Free High PR Dofollow Backlinks Sources

Usually, getting High PR 9, 8, 7 dofollow backlinks from reputable sources has always been a cumbersome process. That's why in this post, a list of several high PR dofollow backlinks sources has been provided to make the process an easier one. High PR backlinks to any blog/website helps it rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Ranking high in these search engines can drive lots of organic traffic to your website and most importantly, it ensures your blog's/website's success. For better results, these backlinks must be dofollow, that is, inward links on a webpage that are crawled by search engine bots. You have to focus on acquiring these dofollow backlinks and also get them from high PR websites.

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High PR 9 Dofollow Blogs

  • Google Plus 

Google plus is one of the most popular social networking sites. You can get a high quality backlink when you include your website's URL in the link section of your profile. To get a do-follow backlink from Google plus, follow the steps below :
  • Visit google+
  • Go to Profile
  • Click on the 'About' tab
  • Scroll down to‘Links’. 
  • Click on edit, then include your URL
  • Finally, save. 

    •  Pinterest

    Another high PR 9 social networking site is pinterest . With Piniterest, you can easily get a dofollow backlick from  this high PR source. To get a backlink from Pinterest

    • Visit Pinterest 
    • Click on your name that is displayed at the top right corner of the page.
    • Create a new pin or edit an existing pin on a board.
    • Enter your URL in the description area of the pin.
    • Finally, click on Pin it

    • YouTube

    YouTube is high PR 9 video sharing platform with which you can use in getting a high quality dofollow PR9 backlink from. To do this, see this post on  Get High PR 9 Dofollow Backlinks From YouTube 

    High PR 8 Dofollow Blogs

    •  Google Drive

    Google drive has a Pagerank of 8, one can get a  dofollow backlink form it in no time. Google drive allows you to secure your photos, videos, files through cloud storage and file backup. To get a do-follow backlink from Google drive, follow the steps below.
    • Copy the HTML code below into your notepad. 
    • Edit the fields YOUR-URL with your URL and YOUR-KEYWORD with your anchor text.
    • Still in your notepad, save the entered text with .html or .htm extension.

  • Next, Goto Google Drive.

  • Login with your gmail account.

  • Click on ‘New’ 

  • Select 'file upload'.

  • Locate where you saved the HTML file you created on your PC and upload it.

  • After uploading, right click on it, then select the option 'share'

  • Set the sharing to 'Anyone on the internet can find and view'

  • Finally, click on done. 

    • Storify 

    Storify is a high PR 8 social sharing site. You're allowed to share your links/post/stories on this site. To do this:
    • Go to Storify
    • Create a new account
    • Click on ‘New story’ that appears at  the top right corner of the page
    • In the story editor, enter your text description.
    • Click on embed URL and enter the URL of a post on your blog, then click on the search button.
    •  Next, drag the post you searched for to the story editor.
    • Finally, click on publish 

    Piwik is a high PR 8 open source web analytics platform. To get dofollow backlinks from Piwik,  visit the site and drop comments in their blog posts. You can also join the forum and add your link in your signature.

    Just like Piwik, you can get backlinks from the blog Ma.tt. You do this by dropping meaningful comments on post on the blog.

    •   Delicious 

    Delicious is a high PR 8 social bookmarking site. You can signup for a new account or sign in using your Facebook, Google+ or Twittter account. By adding your website's URL in the profile section, you get a high PR dofollow backlink to your blog.

    This is a great blogging platform to get backlinks. While creating a journal on this site,  you can insert links in it or create anchor text using your keywords.

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    High PR 7 Dofollow Blogs

    By commenting on posts on Techdirt, you can get a free high PR dofollow backlinks.

    • Quora

    With Quora, you can get free PR7 backlinks to your blog/website. To do this, sign up and create a profile, then add your link to the profile section.

    Here's another website you can drop a comment on to get a free PR 7 dofollow backlink.

    High PR 6 Dofollow Blogs

    Imgur is an image sharing website with a PR of 6. Create an account on this website, then upload any image and in its description, provide a link to your blog. You can also visit albums tab, then edit your Public Profile by adding your website’s URL .

    Dzone is a social bookmarking site. You can share you blog posts on dzone and in return, you get a  PR 6 dofollow backlink.

    This is a PR 6 edu forum. Just like backlinks from Gov websites, backlinks from edu sites have more relevance than links from .com or .org extension sites. Register on this site, In your profile 'about' section, use HTML hyperlink tag and insert you blog's URL.
    To get a high PR 6 backlink from this forum, register on it, then include your URL in the bio section.


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