DoFollow High PR Article Submission Sites List 2017 [link:www.articletrader.com]

High PR Article Submission Sites List 2017 [link:www.articletrader.com]:  with dofollow attributions as listed below offers webmasters the oppurtunity to submit articles related to their niche in an effort to enhance their rank on search engine result pages thereby  reaching a broader audience than they are capable of doing on their own. With dofollow Article directory submission sites, you can get quality backlinks to your blog, this is because for each article you submit, you get a backlink.

A dofollow backlink which search engine bots can crawl  and index is gained each time your site's link is placed on these high PR sites, hence making it one of the many benefits of article submission.  This in turn influences your website's pagerank, traffic and overall optimizationg of the site for search engines. Other than getting high PR backlinks from these article submission sites, a well written article may bring high targeted traffic to your website.

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For your articles to be accepted or approved on these high PR article submission sites, they must satisfy the submission guidelines as specified on each of the site. Some may require that articles have a minimum of 400 words, have proper grammar, spellings, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure to be approved, while others accept articles with a minimum of 800 words.

The submission guidelines varies from site to site, to increase the chances of your articles's acceptance, go through the guidelines before submitting it. It's no rush and of no use when you submit several quality articles without them being published because you didn't go through the basic step of knowing the site's requirement for approving articles.

 Below are some of the most popular article directory submission sites with high page rank and good Alexa Rank you can use to build backlinks in order for your blog/website to rank higher on google and other search engines. [link:www.articletrader.com]

List of High PR Article Directory Submission Sites List 2015.

    S/NWEBSITE                 PAGERANK
    1http://add-oncon.com                                   7
    2http://hdvconnect.com                                   7
    3http://thinkla.com                                       7
    4http://loadspy.com                                      7
    5 http://wewebware.com                                     7
    6 http://www.blogroll.net                                    6
    7http://www.exclusiveweblinks.com                       6
    8http://www.joanna-marach.com                       6
    9 http://addyourlink.net                       6
    10http://viroclime.org                       6
    11http://nodahan.com                       6
    12http://master.org.in                       6
    13 http://sjlqc.com                       6
    14 http://conferenceoffice.net                       6
    15http://cirdra.com                       6
    16 http://conyerspayless.com                       6
    17 http://hbbu.org                       5
    18 http://handtucher.net                       5
    19http://litetopia.com                       5
    20 http://mhdw.org                       5
    21http://llt8.com                       5
    22 http://flexigest.com                       5
    23 http://pmin.org                       5
    24 http://vietsites.net                       5
    25 http://firstppt.com                       5
    26 http://trafficsimulator.net                       5
    27 http://wvchoops.com                       5
    28 http://vinylcartel.com                       5
    29 http://www.ecctrade.com                       4
    30 http://www.evolvingcritic.com                       4
    31 http://www.realplayerlive.com                       4
    32 http://www.likeddot.com                       4
    33 http://www.xtians.com                       4
    34 http://directorylane.com                       4
    35 http://www.brestlinks.com                       4
    36 http://bobresources.com                       4
    37 http://idahoindex.com                       4
    38 http://dovetaildirectory.com                       4
    39 http://alabamaindex.com                       4
    40 http://monalisadirectory.com                       4
    41 http://www.royalinkup.com                       4
    42 http://www.nctweb.com                       4
    43 http://www.abovealldirectory.com                       4
    44 http://www.sound-directory.com                       4
    45 http://bestseodirectory.com                       4
    46 http://dir.org.vn                       4
    47 http://www.salemcg.com                       4
    48 http://www.ec123.net                       4
    49 http://directoryofglendale.com                       4
    50 http://lushdirectory.com                       5

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    [link:www.articletrader.com] Use reputable sources like the high PR article directory submission sites listed above to promote your website in order to gain more popularity, get huge traffic as well as high quality backlinks to your site/blog.  


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