Free Online Broken Links Checker Tools for Websites

Below, a list of free online broken links checker tools or 404 error page checker tools for websites is given. Websites broken link checker tools help in crawling sites to find dead links. What are broken links? Broken links are web links or URLs in your website that are unreachable. On clicking a link that is supposed to take you somewhere, instead it leads to an undesired location or shows a 404 error message, it is a broken/dead link. They are inaccessible by search robots, lead to 404 error pages that can harm a site's search rankings and bring about a bad user experience. Broken links or dead links in a site's pages can be caused by referring to URLs which further lead to broken links, mistakenly typed URLs that do not exist on the web,  target websites which are permanently unavailable, target web page URL that has been modified and so on.

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Free Online Broken Links Checker Tools For Websites

Effects Of Broken Links On Blogs/Websites

Dead hyperlinks on a website can impact its search engine rankings, user experience, result in lost customers and revenue. Links that are broken will effectively stop search engines from completely indexing your website. The visitors on the website can also be discouraged in going through other pages when they encounter broken links. This in turn reduces the site's page views and increases it's bounce rate.

    Broken Link Check

    This is a free online broken link checker/validator that automatically searches for dead links on your website. In the result returned, you only get to see the broken links on your site without the good links included. Other features include:
    • Scans an unlimited number of web-pages
    • Validates both internal and external URLs
    • Shows the location of problematic links in your HTML
    • Reports error codes (404 etc) for all bad URLs 
    • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX, and iOS

    Dead Link Checker

    DeadLinkChecker is an online broken link checker tool that also scans webpages for broken links or 404 error pages. Multiple webpages or websites can be scanned simultaneously.To scan multiple links, you're required to register for a free account. Included on this tool are options to scan single webpages or full scanning of links on the entire website.The report returned will identify the number of links checked together with any errors

    Visit  DeadLinkChecker

    Dr. LinkChecker

    Dr Link Check is a free online link checker tool with which you can enter and scan your URL for redirected links, external links, broken links, blacklisted URLs etc.

    Visit Dr Link Check


    With Powermapper online broken link checker tool, you get free 30 days trial copy but will have to purchase license before the trial period ends. Powermapper allows you to check broken links for specific website and get such valuable informatoin like Link quality, Errors, Accessibility, Compatibility etc.

    Visit Powermapper

    Online Domain Tools

    Online Domain Tools offers a free website link check for multiple websites. It allows you to check whether your website contains broken links by visiting the web page you specify, then it creates a list of all links on that page and checks whether all links in the list are valid
    Visit Online Domain Tools

    Websites Broken Link Checker

    A website broken link checker free by Small Seo Tools. It scans the links on your website and returns the status of the scan.

    Visit Small Seo Tools

    Try out these free dead link checker tools listed above in order to avoid an effect in your site's SEO Quality.


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